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10 Online Lead Generation for Professional Services

Professional services firms have been relatively delayed to adopt online lead generation techniques. It’s not surprising given that numerous commonly used online lead techniques such as contests or sweepstakes are simply inappropriate for many professional services firms and their clients.

Further, numerous professionals still hold the mistaken belief that the only way to generate new client leads is through referrals and networking. Hello… the world is changing! Another model of business improvement is as of now creating huge progressions of qualified leads for some, proficient administration firms.

Online Lead Generation Techniques that Work

Like traditional lead generation, the new model is established on demonstrating expertise and building trusting relationships — but these goals are accomplished online. While online marketing will continue to evolve, here are ten proven lead generation techniques that are working for proficient services firms today.

1) Search Engine Optimization 

Lead Generation

Many potential customers want to learn how to solve the challenges they face. If a prospect is even remotely computer literate (and these days what executive doesn’t have a computer or a smart phone?) one of the first things they do is Google their question, problem or issue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives you the tools to match qualified leads with your online content. And if you play your cards right, you’ll end up on their short list when they are looking to buy services.

2) Pay Per Click Advertising

Another proven method to get on your prospects’ radar is to purchase your way onto search engine results pages for relevant keywords. This technique gives you greater control over the keywords with which you want to be associated. As the name implies you only pay when someone clicks on your link. Many times, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) leads are of higher quality because the potential client is often searching for a specific solution. In addition, PPC is totally identifiable and typically less expensive than traditional print advertising. That’s an attractive combination.

3) Lead Generating Website

Most professional services websites are not designed to generate leads online. As a matter of fact many are almost “anti-lead generators.” Jargon-filled, firm-centric sites abound in the professional services — and they are completely passive and unhelpful. If visitors do not understand what you do or what problems you can solve for them, they will go elsewhere. Contrast this with a lead generating website that is designed to make it easy for clients to understand your value proposition, download valuable information and request a proposal. The effect on online lead age can be sensational.

4) Online Networking

I could have called this technique “social media,” but I needed to make a point. The essence of social media is not which platform you choose. It’s the quality and reach of the networking you do. While the style of interaction may vary from Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook, it is still about making the right connections with the right people. Online networking can deliver reputation and referrals associated with traditional business networking. Hope to get results in proportion to the level of your investment of time and attention.

5) Webinars

Lead Generation

A webinar is the online equivalent of a seminar or other educational event. The lead generating webinar is typically offered free of charge. Since it requires enrollment, you can collect basic information on a session’s attendees. Like its offline cousin, a webinar should be educational — not a thinly-veiled sales pitch.The way in to an effective online course is to choose themes that are of incredible interest and incentive to your optimal objective customer. After some time, participants come to believe your firm and will probably think of you as when they have a pertinent need.

6) Industry Research Reports

A proven online lead generating strategy is to offer executive summaries or full research reports on the industries you serve. You benefit in two ways. First, these documents are an excellent lead generator. Second, they help your validity and reinforce you online brand. Be certain your exploration themes are of extraordinary interest to your objective customer gathering. Moreover, these exploration studies can be a great vehicle for cooperating with an exchange affiliation or a noncompeting firm to lessen your promoting cost and increment your believability.

7) Online Marketing Videos

Video is everywhere today, and for good considered. It is an ideal marketing medium for professional services firms. Nothing builds credibility like a flagship client explaining how your firm solved their problem. It’s almost like automating the referral process. Video can be used to present your firm, explain complex services or introduce your team. In each of these roles, video can play an important lead generating and lead nurturing function.

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8) White Papers or e-Books

One of the most widely online lead generating techniques, white papers can build up credibility and generate qualified leads. You can offer the white paper on your website (either available free or behind a registration screen), or you can distribute it through third-party services. White papers also make great pay-per-click offers. A variation on the white paper is the e-book. Commonly more than a white paper, it serves a comparable capacity. On the off chance that you digital book goes into extraordinary profundity regarding a matter, it can produce a lot of buzz and build up your standing.

9) E-newsletter

If your e-newsletter offers high-quality, educational content, you can generate a significant number of new leads when people sign up. And your e-newsletter is a great way to nurture the existing leads on your list. Many firms also use e-newsletters to announce new services and make specific offers. To build your subscriber list, offer a free e-newsletter subscription on your website or in your email signature block. Just remember, the better your content, the more people will read it and remember  you — and the less likely it will be deemed spam.

10) Blogging

Lead Generation

I left publishing content to a blog for last on account of its remarkable function in online lead generation.  To be honest, blogs don’t generate a lot of direct leads. However, writing for a blog is likely the best driver of prompts your site.  Because a blog allows you to create a wide range of keyword-laden content that can be found in the search engines, it can draw a lot of qualified prospects to your website (this assumes that you host your blog on your website — which I strongly recommend). You can further promote your blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Without a blog, your SEO efforts will be handicapped.


These ten online lead generation techniques alone could become the cornerstone of a robust marketing plan. Add in traditional marketing tactics, such as face-to-face networking and tradeshow marketing (if appropriate), and you have a formidable strategy for building preference in the marketplace. Online marketing and traditional marketing make a powerful combination.

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