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10 Things To Note When Building A Strategy To Attract Customers

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attract customers

Marketers all know that converting visitors into leads is not easy at all. There are billions of obstacles that can jam, hinder potential customers, and as a result they do not fill out registration forms. So you – a marketer must find ways to build a smooth, smooth customer acquisition process. To do that, you have to recognize and remove all the annoying, annoying and confusing obstacles for customers that cause low conversion rates.

Here are 10 things to look out for for a smooth customer transition:

10 things to note when building a strategy to attract customers:

1. Brief registration information form: 

The Lead-Capture form should be very short.

2. Create landing page with the right target:

If the landing page is targeting the right customers, it will be easier for you to categorize customer registration information to their needs and more easily “entice” customers to convert. In case you already have a list of leads and have identified their interests and needs, design a landing page for this customer segment according to those needs and topics.

3. Do not use the navigation bar (menu) on the landing page:

Do not put the menu bar on the landing page, to “retain” customers here. If you place the navigation bar at the landing page, many users will tend to “run around” to other pages on the website. You should only display these navigation menus on the thank you page, that is, when you have successfully converted a potential customer. Besides, you can add a call-to-action button to engage them again with other offers or content.

4. Put only one CTA (call-to-action button) on the landing page:

attract customers 

Just as we shouldn’t put multiple navigation menus on the landing page, much less should we put another CTA with another offer on the landing page. Only put a CTA, avoid distracting the attention of the customer, only mention the offer for the running campaign, and try to attract customers to convert on the landing page, not do it. dilute their attention with another favor.

5. Create clear and optimized CTAs that are relevant to your website and blog. 

Marketers note, not only the landing page needs to be properly designed for the offers, the website and the blog also need to be well optimized for the conversion. The best way is to place the CTA button somewhere on the website or blog posts. CTA buttons lead to certain offers or gifts you give to attract customers. And don’t forget that the CTA buttons are placed to be relevant to the page or content, which will give the client experience a chain of relevance, not try to cram multiple elements into one piece of content.

6. Share landing page on social networks: 

Social media is an effective tool to attract customers, but you have to learn how to use it properly. Because social media users are not on your website, you need to take as few steps as possible to convert them into leads. If you want to run ads on social media, design a separate landing page that is not tied to the company’s official website for that particular campaign. This will help better attract customers, avoid customers being confused about what to do to receive your offers.

7. For email marketing, just put one CTA and focus the content on that CTA: 

Similar to the landing page should only put a single CTA with a single offer, so is email marketing content. Try to convey the value of that offer instead of distracting readers with two or more other offers in the same email body.

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8. Place the fill-out form right at the top of the page: 

The registration information form should be at the top of the page, so that visitors can easily see it and doesn’t need to scroll down the page many times to find a fill. information. You also need to design so that visitors understand that in order to receive incentives on the landing page, users need to fill in accurate information.

9. Motivational words: 

attract customers

Use urging and definitive words in both the CTA on the landing page and in the subscription form. For example, sentences like “Download your Ebook now” or “Sign up to meet a specialist today”. Be clear, do not make customers wonder how to receive the offer.

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10. Design everything as simple as possible, with as few actions as possible: 

Make it easy for users to receive your offer, not to create too many steps for them. Find ways to get them to fill out your form and help them get to the landing page smoothly.

When the form requires too much information, the number of customers who sign up can drop significantly. Your potential customers will think your offer is not really valuable. There are questions that are not really necessary. The information fields on the registration information form should only ask for essential information such as email or phone number and a questionnaire form to evaluate potential customer quality.


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