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12 of the Best Facebook Post Ideas for Facebook Lead Generation (Part 1)

With a day by day active consumer base of one Thirteen billion (1.03 billion on mobile on my own), you know it can help you reach new audiences you can now not have been capable of reach otherwise. It also can assist you get located greater easily in seek, create a community around your enterprise, sell the content you create, and broaden a robust emblem identification. Attracting new leads the use of generation facebook that would subsequently become paying customers — is one of the most interesting reasons to use Facebook advertising. To make certain we are all on the same page, allow’s begin with what a lead is (and isn’t always), and the two styles of leads you can generate on Facebook.

The 2 Types of Leads You Can Capture on Facebook

On Facebook, there are 2 ways you can generate leads: direct leads and indirect leads.

Direct Leads

Direct leads are generated by means of sharing content that hyperlinks without delay back to a shape for your internet site wherein visitors can proportion facts in change for a proposal — whether or not that be an e-book, coupon, infographic, or any other piece of content material. This form is housed on a touchdown page dedicated to that unique offer.

Indirect Leads

Indirect leads are generated by using the usage of Facebook on the course to conversion. For example, if you shared a blog put up that had a call-to-motion to a landing web page at the bottom of the post, your initial Facebook share is supporting direct site visitors to that landing page.

While at once promoting touchdown pages is an on the spot gratifier of leads generated, offering content material without a form makes your Facebook presence a friendlier domestic for content that your fans will want to come again for over and over.

Now, permitโ€™s dive into 12 methods you may capture leads, whether or not they may be direct or oblique.

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12ย Types of Facebook Posts to Help You Generate Leads From Your Business Pageย 

1) Post touchdown pages for gives directly to Facebook.

One of the fine ways to generate leads on Facebook is genuinely to ship people at once to landing pages for lead-generating gives. (If you don’t have many lead-generating offers yet, read this weblog posts for thoughts.)

When you try this, ensure the provider has a compelling featured image that is getting pulled into the Facebook post. To make certain Facebook pulls the proper picture out of your weblog post into your Facebook posts, you will need to first optimize the picture size for Facebook and then add the right open graph tags in your website, which you can discover ways to do right here.

You’ll additionally need to ensure it is clean to the reader wherein you are sending them. If they think they may be clicking into a weblog post and discover themselves needing to fill out a shape, they may get confused or pissed off. Use verbal terms like “Download your ebook” or “Get your cheat sheet” to indicate where you are sending them.

Here’s an example from IBM’s Facebook Page, which reads, “Explore our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report”:

In addition to using clean language, you can want to nix the inventory picture from that image in want of your very own, custom photograph. Even the least design-savvy of marketers can without problems create a custom photo in PowerPoint that includes the name of the offer, similar to we did in the instance below. (Click right here to browse thru and down load our collection of a hundred loose social media photo templates.)

2) Post the weblog posts that generate the most leads.

Another way of generating leads from the content your team is producing is to sincerely choose the blog posts that generate the maximum leads, and publish the ones ones to Facebook. (Learn how to do a blog lead era evaluation here.) The topic and name of the weblog put up will intrigue your target audience to click on and examine, and then they’ll discover a CTA within that publish — ideally excessive up, near the intro — to both a technique to a problem they may be having or to some thing they need to research more about.

Pro Tip: Our social media managers have discovered they may be able to generate extra leads from Facebook with the aid of posting blog posts containing anchor textual content CTAs within the creation. If you aren’t using anchor text CTAs yet, you can want to study up at the observe we did on anchor text CTAs on the weblog and take into account adopting them yourself. In every unmarried post we tracked for that take a look at, the anchor text CTA was accountable for among forty seven% and 93% of a put up’s leads.

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3) Include links to landing pages to your photo captions.ย 

Most entrepreneurs recognize the importance of using visuals like pics and films for your Facebook approach. For instance, Facebook posts with pix see 2.3X more engagement than the ones without photos. To flip those better engagement fees into lead generation opportunities, recollect such as links on your website within the descriptions in your snap shots — specially your profile image and cowl image descriptions.

Whether it’s to a weblog put up, a piece of lead gen content, or simply an “About Us” page, hyperlinks are opportunities for fascinated parents to get to recognize your company higher, and the descriptions of your profile picture and cover photograph are high actual property to do it. In that manner, any time human beings view your cowl image at once, they could access the download hyperlink.

Make sure you shorten your links and add UTM codes so you can music clicks on them. Shortening and tracking features are available within the HubSpot Marketing Platform and in gear like bitly.

Here’s this exercise in motion on Leadee’s Facebook Page:

4) Use motion pictures to promote lead gen offers.

Facebook’s organic reach has dropped to 52% up to now in 2016, way to the tweaks in Facebook’s set of rules to help mitigate the growing amount of content on its platform. But videos are a huge exception here. In fact, posting films has surely helped neutralize a number of that ache for marketers.

Why? To start, Facebook’s set of rules favors video content material. As an end result, video posts have 135% extra natural reach than photo posts. So in case you’re looking to increase your lead gen efforts on Facebook, you’ll need to start using motion pictures to assist introduce and promote the ones lead-generating content material, whether they’re given, occasions, courses, or something else.

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In addition to the text CTA you may upload within the video’s description, take into account to feature a verbal CTA to the video to “check-in” or “download,” both in advance in the video and at the very stop.

Check out how L.L. Bean used a video to inspire sign-united states for their path:

Here’s every other instance from us here at HubSpot, wherein we used a how-to video to introduce a gated offer:

We’ve additionally created movies particularly to promote lead-producing content material like we did here for our professional assessment referred to as The Next Five:

5) Use Facebook Live films to remind humans to check in.

Videos may be quite time-extensive to create. (Not to mention intimidating.) But you don’t necessarily have to tug collectively the time and sources to create a perfectly scripted and edited advertising and marketing video to leverage the strength of video on Facebook.

Facebook Live is Facebook’s live video platform that we could all and sundry broadcast live videos from their cellular tool straight to their Facebook News Feed. The pleasant component approximately those live videos is that they may be supposed to be a little scrappier and greater spontaneous than ordinary advertising movies — that is what makes stay videos special.

What’s more, Facebook Live has demonstrated itself pretty extremely good for engagement charges. Facebook’s initial statistics found out that humans comment 10X greater on Facebook Live motion pictures than on ordinary videos.

So get the communication going approximately your lead gen gives by way of creating a live video to sell them. You might promote an event by means of displaying the setup stay, for example. Or, you would possibly promote a suggestion by means of website hosting an open Q&A on stay video wherein you genuinely have interaction with Facebook commenters stay and on digital camera.

Just like you’d do along with your regular videos, upload a verbal CTA to the video in addition to the text CTA. In a stay video, even though, you will need to repeat that CTA even extra than you’ll with a pre-recorded CTA. Why? Because when you first start live streaming, you may have 0 human beings watching. Even some seconds in, you could handiest have a handful of viewers.

As humans discover your video on their News Feeds, they will join in — but meaning you will need to repeat the CTA a few times to trap people up. You can also upload a textual content CTA in the video’s description.

6) Pin posts that link to steer gen offers to the pinnacle of your feed.

Pinning a publish to the pinnacle of your Page’s Timeline lets in you to focus on what would otherwise be a normal post. It’ll live at the top of your Timeline for up to seven days, and then it’s going to return to the date it became posted to your Page’s Timeline. A pinned put up is signified via a small blue-and-white pushpin icon at the pinnacle proper of the post.

Here’s an example from Apttus’ Facebook Page:

You can pin any type of put up, from text to pics to motion pictures; even live films. If you pin a Facebook Live video, that video will surely show up at the top of your profile with the whole recording, indicating that the Page “changed into stay” at a sure factor.


We hope you found these ideas for ways you can generate leads from Facebook helpful. Remember, though, that Facebook is constantly changing. While the ideas here are a strong start to success, nothing beats testing each strategy for your own audience.

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