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17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond (Part 1)

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I’m going to permit you to in on a secret: if you’re searching out B2B lead generation strategies, properly, there’s no magic bullet. No button you can push. But you already knew that.

You’ve likely already study a handful of articles, providing you with lists of things you can strive, with out a lot context. Well, you’ll find a list right here too, however I want to try and placed matters into context a piece, earlier than diving into the listing.

If you’re a B2B marketer, or salesperson, feeding the lead machine in all likelihood keeps you up at night time. Qualified leads are the lifeblood of nearly each business, both on-line and stale.

But where are my leads coming from?

Image source: Hubspot

Long tale quick: if you don’t realize wherein your leads are coming from, you’re no longer on my own. The blurriness of today’s virtual landscape can make attribution truely tough. Different devices, humans logged in or now not logged in. Using specific browsers on exclusive machines.

This makes it clean to get lost in a time sink where you’re ad infinitum attempting to find overall clarity when, truely, a while is better spent planning your next pass.

So, with this list I’m now not announcing “do all of this stuff and $$$$”. I’m announcing construct your lead generation strategies around your target market, capability, and price range.

Without similarly ado, allow’s leap in and study online B2B lead generation ideas.

Online B2B lead generation strategies

1. Good ol’ email marketing

Email marketing is one of the great Lead generation strategies

I have lots of conversations with enterprise those who are looking for a few input on their advertising and, usually, it is going something like this:

“I don’t without a doubt have enough time or cash for marketing, what can I do to get greater leads without having to drop a variety of cash?”

My response: content and, most significantly, email.

According to Emma, 59% of entrepreneurs point to e-mail as being their first-class channel for revenue technology. Okay, if you have someone for your email list of subscribers, they’re already doubtlessly a lead.

Content brings in the extent, e-mail facilitates you sort the wheat from the chaff. And, sure, you may use bloodless email outreach to generate B2B leads. Done nicely (study: now not spamming humans), it may absolutely get the ones leads flowing in.

2. If you do cold email, put in the effort

Cold email is probably the maximum abused channel nowadays. Smart email marketers recognise to place within the attempt if and once they use cold e-mail.

The first aspect to paintings on is constructing a excellent listing, and then well cleaning it earlier than even going close to any email gear.

Then, your emails need to stand out.

Don’t be afraid to be one of a kind. Unusual, even. I could lots as an alternative drop in some quirkiness and have a person message me returned, calling me out on the use of “quirky lead generation tatics” than be misplaced against a history of beige noise.

B2b lead generation example

In this unique instance, I said “let’s have a 26 minute name”, rather than a spherical wide variety, and ended up getting called out on it. But the overall reaction price went up via round 10-15% versus the “let’s have a short call” version.

Use photos, gifs and experiment with sample interrupts, something that breaks the normal pattern of a chilly email and grabs their attention.

3. High quality content marketing (think eBooks, whitepapers and webinars)

Content may be great for B2B lead generation strategies, but it comes with an armful of caveats. Good first-rate content arguably requires an order of importance extra planning, sources, and simply hard work than, say e-mail.

High-quality case studies, infographics, eBooks and whitepapers can sometimes take months to put together, If you consist of the time it takes to accumulate information, examine it then package deal all of your findings into something actually beneficial.

Not to mention webinars or podcasts!

4. Better blogging

Blogging is also great for lead generation strategies. A common grievance I pay attention, particularly from income-centered people is that their blog doesn’t generate enough leads. Either it’s not getting sufficient visitors, or it’s getting site visitors that’s now not converting into enterprise effects.

Well, right here’s a slightly unhelpful, however quite essential tip for you:

Be better.

Have a plan, and execute it properly. Stop regurgitating different peoples’ reviews and begin sharing your very own enjoy. Write posts as a person, to be study via different people.

Great content doesn’t happen overnight, however with patience it clearly may be the pillar of your B2B lead generation efforts.

A well concept out content marketing plan presenting an SEO-optimized blog will bring you the visitors and help them in the direction of the lowest of the funnel at the conversion prices you like.

5. Tap into on line social media communities (Facebook businesses, LinkedIn, Reddit)

social media community is one of the effective lead generation strategies

Social media community is one of the effective lead generation strategies

The truth is, social media be a exceptional supply of leads if you understand wherein to look. And I strongly advise looking into online communities on social media platforms where your target demographic hangs out.

More often than no longer though, a number of those businesses will forbid immediately promotional content – constantly test the rules earlier than posting something (on Reddit you could check the sidebar, usually).

So how can you operate these on-line communities for lead generation strategies? Well, search out a few corporations that seem applicable to the trouble you’re seeking to solve. Think “where does my audience dangle out?”. Take a look, go through the publish records – ensure it’s not all junk mail, for instance.

Then get subscribed and start engaging. Post questions, answer other people’s questions. A lot of companies you will simply find selection-makers posting seeking out exactly the form of issue you’re offering. Just direct message them (and make sure to answer to them within the comments, in any other case – on Facebook as a minimum – they won’t see the message).

Let’s take Web Design for example.

I threw “net design and development” into the Facebook Groups search and those are the agencies I found:

Best Web Designing & Development in WordPress And

OpenCart Web Development & Web Designing

There have been a pair extra but they had been non-public (continually worth asking to join although). Of those , within the remaining 24 hours (at the time of writing) there had been four extraordinary requests for internet layout and improvement services.

Literally, capability leads, simply sitting there.

6. Build your own online community

Not most effective can having your personal social network community bring in business leads, it additionally allows you to virtually cement yourself as a concept chief.

My biggest piece of upfront recommendation here although might be—in case you’re looking at this as a lead generation tool—don’t technique it from a branding attitude in any respect. Name it something not related to your organization in any respect.

Post as yourself, construct your personal brand. Your own community is the proper place to proportion precise content and target people who are likely having the unique hassle you’re looking to solve.

What’s more, in case you’re an early-level, SaaS-type commercial enterprise, it’s frequently the best way of nurturing early adopters than you can later come to be your “logo champions” or influencers.

7. Fix your internet site

Your homepage is your store window. It’s your possibility to grab a traveler’s attention and turn them into a customer. While a typo right here and there might not always be the cease of the world, making sure your internet site is absolutely purposeful and masses fast is an absolute should…


And, while we’re close to loading times… It’s likely no surprise that the longer your web page takes to load, the better the opportunity your traffic will simply up and leave before they get to the good stuff.

This is really worth a whole submit on its very own however here’s a short tip. Head to Google’s PageSpeed Insights and notice how your private home web page (and maximum critical pages) rating.

Keep in thoughts that how your web site fares right here has a right away effect on the way it ranks. Which at once impacts your capability to generate B2B leads.

8. Optimize for your mobile traffic

Google’s made quite a few noise over the previous couple of years about the significance of mobile. In truth, the PageSpeed Insights rating absolutely prioritizes mobile overall performance.

The graph below is for advert revenue (in place of natural “site visitors”) however it nevertheless paints a quite clean photo. If your sales and advertising approach is treating cell because the bastard step-baby of computer, then you definately’re missing out.


Even easy stuff, like making sure your web site is apparent and easy to navigate on a handheld tool. Make sure paperwork, you already know, paintings. Many B2B websites on mobile are an assault at the eyes, with myriad pop-u.S.For consent, live chat gear, competing CTAs and interstitials. Yes, you may get away with that on computing device, but on cellular you have got loads much less actual estate to play with.

Maybe don’t forget converting out that display screen-filling lead seize form that looks on every web page with some thing that looks “in-feed” as they scroll via your article or landing web page?


Above is the part 1 of  17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond. If you are looking for part 2, let’s access 17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond (Part 2)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

Thank you and Best Regard!

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