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17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond (Part 2)

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Driven by means of a number of rising technologies and an influx of latest insights, b2b customer conduct keeps to evolve at breakneck speeds. Understandably, B2B entrepreneurs are hard-pressed to recalibrate their lead generation strategies in this ever-transferring panorama.

In this earlier post, I have introduced Part 1 of 17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond. And now, let’s discover part 2.

17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond (Part 2)

9. Hunt down competing leads

What do I mean by competing leads? Well, for example, say you had a lead that fell through—an agency based in New York.

If you’ve got a little bit of technical or analytical skills, you can create competitor reports. These are based on the profile of that particular business and build a targeted list of who you can go after.

10. Better quality (and more) backlinks

While I am still on the topic of SEO (search engine optimization) tips that can help you land more leads, I’d be foolish not to mention backlinks. Backlinks is also rated as one of the best lead generation strategies to drive more leads.

And, well, backlinks are, arguably the single most important factor when it comes to how your content ranks.

A few of the most common ways of getting backlinks, are:

  • Guest posting: offer to create content for other blogs, then use that to link back to your own site.
  • Broken links: use a tool to find anchor text containing your keywords where the destination URL is no longer available. Reach out the author and point out the broken link while suggest your own as a replacement.
  • Relevant outreach: reach out to bloggers, content creators, B2B marketers etc who’ve done posts containing products or services similar to your own and ask to be included. This happens a lot with SaaS companies creating “best of” lists. In my experience, if you start chatting with them you’ll have a very strong chance that they’ll add a link for you.

11. Google search ads

Google search ads is one of the top-notch B2B lead generation strategies, right? Everyone’s throwing their cash at Google to get their brand to that all-important top spot. This must be because it delivers an awesome return on ad spend, right?


Turns out just 6% of keywords in the average Search Ads account have ever delivered a conversion (form fill, chat, call, etc.). That’s 94% of keywords in Search Ad accounts sitting there, doing nothing.

Well, they’re doing worse than nothing actually. They’re costing money.

So, why would I suggest you use Google Search Ads to generate leads for your business?

Well, if you can nail the 3 T’s of Search Ads: Time, Targeting, and Tracking, you will end up with an extremely powerful lead generation engine powering your business.

12. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads and other PPC display ads

Much like their text-based counterparts, banner (or display) ads across almost any channel can be a viable B2B lead generation source and it’s high-rated as one of the effective Lead Generation strategies but they take a good deal more effort.

My advice is this: if you have a single-person marketing team, and a handful of sales-people, steer clear of sinking a lot of time and money into display ads.

If you have some budget and want to try something with a relatively low-effort, then the first step could be retargeting your site’s visitors with some high-quality, lead magnet content.

And if you want to go all-in to trying PPC as one of the effective Lead generation strategies, consider getting a marketing agency specialized in paid acquisition to help you out.

13. Give away your product or service

While it wasn’t their core product it was useful enough for people to be willing to hand their contact details over for and, this is the important part, share a link for the tool itself.

The first tool they gave away was a website grader, then they rolled out more and more. This, of course, was paired with a pretty feature-rich trial, that was just extensive enough for an early business to be able to build their sales pipeline with.

Then they nurtured these leads, with seemingly endless content, to convert them into paying customers. That’s why,

14. Launch a super-basic MVP

This one is mainly aimed at early-stage, SaaS businesses but not exclusively. There are plenty of examples of service-based companies, like agencies, switching over to a product.

Launching a really pared down version of your product early kills many birds with a single stone.

You can start generating qualified leads. You get to test product-market fit. You get to figure out what sort of features you should prioritize based on the actual needs of your potential customers.

An example that springs to mind is web-based video SaaS, Loom. When they first went to market, it was super-basic, with just the features you need. It was free as well, with their argument being that they didn’t think the business landscape was quite ready for them to start asking for money.

It didn’t stop them going out and gathering up leads though.

Next, let’s take a look at some offline B2B lead generation strategies.

Offline B2B lead generation strategies

All of the ideas and examples so far have been online. But what if you want to do things in the real world? Maybe you’re a single-person show and don’t have an army of marketers to help you? Or you don’t have the resources to build a detailed 6 month content plan to start generating high-quality leads?

Well, you can always hit the pavement.

15. Just show up

There’s a great anecdote about how fellow Estonian startup-turned-unicorn, Bolt got their first customers in the early days.

Their founder, Markus Villig needed to find taxi drivers to add to their platform, a ridesharing app. So, every day he went down to the taxi ranks in Tallinn and started knocking on cab drivers windows, asking them if they wanted to sign up.

In some cases, he got some pretty hard no’s, but he persevered. He got his early leads that were vital to the ultimate success of the business.

Markus Villig, youngest founder of a billion-dollar company in Europe.

Image source

The point is sometimes, whether you’re a very early-stage startup, or a more established business, sometimes there’s a lot of value in just turning up. You don’t need to necessarily sell on the spot, you can just get them signed up for more info.

This in particular is a great example of how you can turn the standard “marketing first, then sales steps in” approach of the sales funnel. The whole process should be owned by both sales and marketing together.

In this instance, sales tactics would work better to harvest the new leads. Then, marketing can step in to do a bit of nurturing, building up trust, before sales steps back in to seal the deal.

16. Pick up the phone

Cold calling may seem a bit, well, icky to some, but I wouldn’t discount it as one of the potentially effective lead generation strategies. Start with using an email finder plugin to make sure you have the most up-to-date contact information.

Research your prospects before picking up the phone, so you can answer that all-important question:

“How is this thing going to help me?”

Ideally, you should have some sort of script, at least to open with, and use it as a sort of guide throughout the call. Think of less a script and more as a kind of cheat sheet,

Then as you get more experienced, you’ll be able to be much more dynamic on each cold call.

17. Go to better events (and do them better)

Going to events maybe is one of the potential lead generation strategies

At the time of writing, events are pretty much over for this year for most of us. The global pandemic completely decimated everyone’s calendars.

But I doubt they’re all going to go away forever. A lot of events will probably move online. Now is the perfect time to really dig in and figure out what events you should be going to when they start to open up again.

Lead generation is most businesses top priority when going to events. In this, it’s vital that your sales and marketing are both working in perfect harmony. Both need to share insights with each other to figure out which events to go to.

Depending on your industry, actually closing deals on the floor at a tradeshow might be a bit of a stretch. Instead, use it as an opportunity to get sales to have a conversation with prospects, then pass their details onto marketing so they can nurture them, if they need it.


Generating leads and increasing B2B sales is tough, but it’s now not not possible. In truth, it’s a lot like being a chef in a bustling restaurant. There’s a bunch of complicated elements that make up a successful recipe, or sales approach. All of that have a wonderful “flavor” that works. The trick is to use the proper amount, on the right time, and for the right audience. Hope this article of 17 Lead Generation Strategies and Examples That’ll Work in 2021 and Beyond is helpful for you.

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