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3 Great ways to boost your e-commerce business

While running an online store that offers great products and having a user-friendly website is important, you can’t underestimate the role marketing can play in increasing sales. In this industry, stiff competition is a reality. Global retail e-commerce business will reach $ 4.5 trillion by 2021. Your store can compete with many other businesses in your country or maybe even companies international.

It can be a difficult problem to solve, but there are a number of digital solutions that can help you reach consumers and boost your e-commerce.

Use of Content Marketing

Today the lowest price is not enough to please customers. Branding and product awareness are equally important. In this approach, marketers focus on creating and publishing content for a target group. One survey found that 72% of marketers admitted that content marketing increased engagement, and similar rates said it increased the number of leads. Here are the e-commerce business models for everyone!

Getting Started With Understanding What is Consumer Needs.

See Google Trends and other reports in your industry so you know what’s trending. Considering what might be helpful for your customers at a given time, i.e. before Christmas, it’s smart to prepare buyer guides with gift suggestions. Get inspiration from the best publishers and you can search for cool topics through BuzzSumo. To find out what Internet users are looking for in the context of your brand or keywords, respond publicly. Thanks to some of those tools, you can get essential information about your audience and create on-demand content.

Today, customers are not passive, they actively seek out the best products and they want to know more about what they buy. Content is arguably educational to e-commerce business help build trust in the brand and build the brand’s image as an expert in the field. Remember that content not only means articles, you can also create infographics as well as videos. When it comes to  video format can be effective for product presentation. That way, it’s easier for customers to make a buying decision when they take a closer look at the product. Prepare a few different forms on the same topic and analyze which one works best- e commerce business opportunities

When you create a great piece of content, you need to distribute it widely so that your audience can get used to it. Of course, some articles are also useful for SEO purposes, but the content has an additional function – it is said to attract people interested in a particular topic and therefore may be interested in real estate, your product or service. Use several channels to reach your leads, like social media, e-mail, Google Ads, and more.

Take advantage of social commerce

Social media is a powerful communication channel between brands and customers. Online stores with a social presence have an average sales of 32% higher than stores without. Basically, promoting your e-commerce business is tough, but there’s still a chance to go viral if you have a great idea. In addition, the social network expands advertising possibilities.

How to use social network for e-commerce?

Use the Facebook shopping feature – it’s a great way to make the customer journey shorter (your followers can switch directly from your Facebook page to the desired product);

  • publish user-generated content and partner with small influencers – these actions provide your audience with social proof that your product is worth buying;
  • engage your followers – consult, hold contests, only give discounts to your followers;
  • product tagging on photos on Facebook and Instagram and e commerce business for sale
  • Target your ads to people who are likely to be interested in your product and use remarketing to reach users who have visited your store and viewed certain products.

RocketLink allows you to track not just the links to your website. In fact, that means you can share on social media a link (powered by RocketLink) to any website i.e. to the 2019 trends article on the platform, popular fashion platform. You can define your audience, so customers are interested in this particular topic – curious about the latest fashion trends. The next step is to create a relevant ad and promote it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google AdWords. What’s more, you can add a call-to-action button to the links you share in e-commerce business

Most importantly is a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes social media. While planning your activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, you will need an excellent calendar to execute it effectively. Kontentino is an intuitive tool for scheduling posts, assigning tasks and analyzing performance. After scheduling a post on Kontentino, you can promote through the Facebook Business module.

Personalize your contact information

Chances are there are personalized advertisements and messages. No wonder – people love to feel special and treat each individual. The SalesForce survey revealed that 62% of consumers expect companies to send personalized offers or discounts based on the products they have purchased. Such an approach seems time consuming when in fact thanks to marketing automation the opposite. Thanks to a number of tools, you can tailor content to your audience and increase your revenue and e-commerce business

Web push notifications are one of them. The idea is to send notifications to subscribers when they use an Internet browser (so they don’t need to visit your website to receive notifications). Your site visitors become subscribers while they accept web push notifications – with just one click. It’s important that you can submit campaigns in bulk, but you can also design scenarios that will automatically send notifications to a particular customer who has taken a specific action on your page.

What can you do through push notification campaigns on the web?

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • save abandoned shopping carts – remind customers of the items they have added to their shopping cart in case something unexpected disturbs their shopping;
  • increase return rates – let your customers know you’re waiting for them after a while they haven’t visited the store (for example, after a few weeks since the last visit);
  • reminders for recently viewed items – you can accurately refer to similar products or other items in this category;
  • send out special offers and discounts at the right time (eg, before your birthday as a gift from your brand);
  • motivate your next purchase – you can send a discount code right after your first purchase for e commerce business opportunities
  • use cross-sell and add-on – this option assumes an incentive to buy more, such as another item from the set.


As you can see, there are many solutions on the market that can help you boost your e-commerce business. Use tools that can drive your efforts and increase your sales. Don’t hesitate to try many marketing techniques. Choose the ones that best suit your ecommerce.

Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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