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3 Ways To Increase Performance Of Video Content On Facebook

Video content

Video is the type of content that performs the best, gets the most views, more engagement, and responses than any other content format on any social media platform.

According to a report by Digital Information World in 2019, 78% of internet users watch online videos every week, 55% of them watch videos daily. 72% of consumers watch a video to learn about the product instead of reading the manual.

Particularly for Facebook:

  • On average, more than 8 billion videos are watched daily
  • A post with a video has 13.9% more engagement
  • Every day, up to 75 million users visit Facebook’s video platform

And if video content ย is part of your marketing-mix strategy this holiday season and you’re looking to improve your approach to video content, don’t miss these three Facebook-shared tips:

Facebook offers a unique combination of storytelling tools that makes it one of the best places to express yourself, grow your community, and bring the world closer together with things users love. prefer. If video is part of this holiday mix marketing strategy and you are looking to improve your approach to video content, these 3 tips can help you achieve your goals on Facebook.

Creating video content for any platform comes with a unique set of strategies and tactics for success. On Facebook, you’ll find a deeper community of people connecting around their interests and passions. It’s an authentic and interactive community. Facebook encourages you to stay authentic, consistent, and engage your community. Testing is always the best way to optimize on any platform, and so is Facebook. Here are the three best tactical methods you should consider when creating videos for Facebook.

Draw attention with 3-5 seconds of intro

Video content

The first 3 to 10 seconds of a video really matter! They determine whether users continue to watch and interact with the video or not. Make sure these first moments are visual and content interesting.

This is a fairly popular approach on YouTube and now available on Facebook. By selecting featured content and adding it to the beginning of your video you can improve user engagement and watch time.

Go to Creator Studio> Insights> Retention> Object Retention Curve to find out when users stopped watching videos. Let’s look at retention curves on a regular basis, looking for ways to improve user retention over time that will help you increase your reach on Facebook.

Framing the video – with 4: 5 aspect ratio

How you tell a story with pictures is very important. We live in a world where most users watch video on mobile devices just inches from their faces and often watch in portrait orientation instead of rotating the phone sideways. Frame the videos and leave them in portrait view. Edit your video in 4: 5 aspect ratio for best Facebook video performance instead of traditional 19: 9 aspect ratio

Increase community engagement – comment on posts

Video content

The last key tip is to maximize engagement by replying to comments or directly commenting on your video content.

According to Facebook, joining a conversation in the comments section of your own post can delight your audience and help maximize your reach. Professional comments, sharing your own personal views on a discussion can stimulate even more engagement with your posts.

You can also easily reply to and manage Facebook and Instagram video comments through the Inbox tab in Creator Studio.

In addition, Facebook also shares 5 more tips for creating video content:

  • Increase engagement: Video evokes meaningful interactions and shares real feelings
  • Original content: Original and official video (not shared from third parties or a clickbait content)
  • Related content: Upload videos with content that is relevant and relevant to the interests of your followers
  • Consistency: Create multiple videos that are related to each other to attract repeat customers
  • User retention: Videos of higher quality and longer than 3 minutes tend to attract more views

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Some of these tips are probably somewhat general – of course great video content will always work, the creative element is the challenge you need to overcome. But they can give you some extra points to keep in mind for your outreach, which can help improve your video marketing performance better.

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