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5 Attributes of an Effective Lead Management Process

Inbound Marketing is an effective strategy. When we implement it for an organization right here at Imagine Business Development, we will normally see a 2 to 7 instances growth in lead generation within the first 12 months and a five to ten times growth in destiny years.

A 2013 study identified generating high quality leads as the number one challenge for B2B marketers. It’s no marvel that Inbound Marketing, with it’s proven song document, is exploding in use. While Inbound Marketing will honestly increase the technology of excellent leads, it’s going to additionally generate greater low-first-class leads.

In our revel in, of the leads created via an effective Inbound Marketing approach among 50% and ninety% of leads will never come to be qualified in any style.  This charge is relatively established upon the enterprise you’re in, how simply you’ve segmented your marketplace and how powerful your manner and method is.

It’s critical to note that generating low exceptional leads is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. For groups whose message (and offers) appeals to an extensive market, and yet whose actual services and products enchantment to a small percentage of that marketplace, will revel in a fairly excessive low-exceptional lead percent.

At Imagine Business Development, for example, we typically run between a 12% and 16% fine lead rate (meaning as many as 88% of the leads we generate are low high-quality and never input any form of nurturing or pipeline technique).

While in the beginning blush this seems terrible (it surely did to me), our lead velocity boom charge of qualified leads (which at the end of the day is what we care about) is sincerely quite wholesome.

What’s interesting is that when generating leads is among your largest boundaries to growth, you generally tend now not to recall what you have to do whilst your lead speed will increase. We see this everyday, as generally our clients are to start with stuck once the leads start to broaden. As I shared in an in advance post, inbound leads don’t behave like traditional outbound leads, and must be handled differently.

As you embark upon, or decorate, your Inbound Marketing efforts the improvement of a powerful lead control procedure is important to maximise the ROI of your lead technology efforts.

From our enjoy, right here are the five attributes of an effective lead management system:

1) Clear Definitions for Each Stage of the Funnel

It is vital which you definitely define every level of your funnel. For purposes of example, I will spotlight the minimum areas of type and proportion with you a baseline definition:

  • Visits – we define a go to truly as a completely unique tourist to our internet site. We have customers that weave in offline measurements (like exchange display visits, advert impressions, and so forth.) to this metric.  The point here is that there’s no proper or incorrect definition, so long as there is a clean one.
  • Lead – we do not forget a lead simply a lead.  There’s no qualification.  The measurement we use for this is names which might be added to our database. This could both be the end result of a person downloading something online, leaving a enterprise card at a alternate display, a referral, and so forth.  An critical point right here is we measure leads as people, no longer groups.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – these are agencies which have identified themselves as being greater engaged, have the ache which you solve, and meet initial criteria that suggest they will be a fit.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) – those are groups who no longer best have the ache we solve, however meet a deeper in shape analysis that shows a potential fit. Additionally, these are companies where we’ve linked with the right authority level, they display a defined need/ache and are open to verbal exchange.

In our applications we outline categories within every stage of the funnel and provide a extra particular rationalization that guarantees a unmarried definition this is understood and observed with the aid of all.

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2) Clearly Articulated High Probability Indicators (HPI)

Spend the time before prospecting to perceive the HPI that hook up with the 3-5 causes that lead a prospect to shop for from you. From there, you could construct your tale, challenge their thinking and create a stronger impression to be able to result in motion.

Clear HPIs offer focus on your advertising and marketing and income efforts, which permit for extra alignment and greater effective motion.

3) Lead Triage or Lead Scoring Process

I’ve written tons approximately lead triage vs. Lead scoring (and for people who don’t need to study that submit, only a small percent of businesses ought to clearly be doing lead scoring, maximum must be doing triage).  For purposes of space, I won’t repeat all that I’ve written right here.

Suffice it to say that a clean method for assessing both the business enterprise and the touch wishes to be in place.

4) Service Level Agreement (SLA) Between Marketing, Sales (and if Necessary, Sales Development)

An effective service degree settlement, at a minimum, meets 3 criteria

  1.  Provide clear definitions for every level of the funnel (as referred to within the first factor).
  2.  Clearly lays out the protocols of who (marketing, sales development, sales) does what (join, e-mail, call, voice mail) while and how regularly.
  3.  Lays out clear goals and measurements in order to be used to evaluate the development and create accountability.

SLAs can honestly be deeper than those 3 standards, and for the ones greater advanced or trying to scale larger and faster it simply ought to be.  However, in case you don’t have an SLA (and most of the people of groups with advertising budgets underneath $1 million don’t), begin with those 3 standards and evolve from there.

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5) A Defined Nurturing Process

The energy of constructing out a full-funnel is that it builds predictability and scalability into your increased efforts. The frustrating element is that just the fact a person is a “certified lead” doesn’t suggest that they’re geared up to shop for or talk to a shop clerk. According to Gleanster Research, that applies to 50% of your qualified leads, and I’ve visible stats that indicate it could be as high as 80%.


  • Leads who’re nurtured with targeted content material produce a 20% growth in sales possibilities (Source: DemandGen)
  • Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more income prepared leads at a 33% decrease fee (source: Forrester Research)


The backside line is that effective nurturing is a demand in case you need to look the returns out of your advertising and lead generation investments. Hope you feel helpful about this article. Looking for more tips about Lead generation? Stay tuned on Leadee Ai to explore it.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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