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5 Effective Lead Nurturing Tool For Smart Marketing

lead nurturing

On the mention of “lead nurturing,” the very first thing that normally comes to mind is “emails.” Of course, email remains one of the most additionally and effective ways to communicate and showcase our products to our audience. It is also one of the most economical, as it conveys the lowest cost-per-customer-acquisition rates amongst all marketing mediums out there.

However, with everything continually changing daily, the habits of our target audience are not left out. In this manner our strategies and techniques to sustain them through our deal cycle must go with the same pattern and change also. It is not, at this point feasible for organizations to keep up that direct circulation way for content as they should now adjust to where their intended interest group “lives” on the web, exploiting more channels and savvy programming.

A good question you should want to ask is if multi-pronged lead nurturing approach actually works better. The response to this is “Yes!” it does. What’s more, it additionally conveys a superior lead to client proportion which is a solid marker of accomplishment. In this review, we will be uncovering 5 of the best lead sustaining devices for brilliant advertising to advance your business.

1. Social Media

lead nurturing

The power of social media cannot be overlooked as it has done a lot of wonders for smart marketing. Fundamentally since it has the ability to improve something that most businesses are interested in, which is the capability of engaging in a 1 on 1 conversation with their target audience. Also, it is worthy of note to know that with the billions of messages being exchanged daily on social media, it can easily be counter-intuitive. So how then can we take advantage of social media for effective lead nurturing?

You can make use of what is usually called “streams.” This includes monitoring social activity based on keywords that are related to your business with the use of powerful marketing software. A typical example of a keyword focused stream is one that is just created for sales and gets tweets on Twitter that are related to your business, like “product x & y differences” “advice on product y” etc. T This will give you an occasion to slide in and have a discussion with the individual straightforwardly and give an answer for their issues.

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2. Timely follow-ups

According to research carried out, the odds of a lead getting qualified are about 21 times more when the users are reached under five minutes contrasted with the following 30 that an inbound lead converts on a typical website. This is sufficient to show the importance of timely follow-ups. A lot of businesses are not making use of this effectively. The reason for mechanized lead supporting is still most assuredly the absolute best approach to change over leads into a qualified deals opportunity.

3. Remarketing / Retargeting

lead nurturing

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can introduce your service or product to contact on other online social networks just after they have signed up, or downloaded your free eBook? It will surely be great, and a lot of online companies have made this possible by spawning a smart marketing strategy that is called “remarketing” or “retargeting.”

The first thing you need to know and understand about remarketing is that it costs some token. Therefore if it is not within your budget to increase your spending a bit, this might not be a good option for you. But this tool has gone a long way in proving its efficiency by increasing the conversions for a lot of B2C as well as B2B companies since more than 96% of web user’s first-time visitation does not convert. Remarketing can be utilized by following the accompanying tips.

Boosting your audience: This can be possible through numerous ways that include ‘”look-alike” contacts,’ “contact list segments,” “pixel interactions” as well as “targeting marketing contents.”

Choosing your medium: Carefully picking the network that will suit your remarketing strategy best. Choose if your crowd is a major Twitter or Facebook client. 

Start and Optimize:  Now that you know about who precisely you are pursuing, the substance they need, just as, the medium, it’s an ideal opportunity to set the ball rolling. It very well may be of favorable position for you to monitor your advancement week by week. You ought to guarantee that all messages and pictures are all around streamlined to consistently improve your ROI just as your presentation.

4. Offline marketing

lead nurturing

While inbound marketing methodology is still a very compelling strategy, one cannot rule out the effect of a well-targeted and executed phone call or direct mail. This works well when your target audience communicates well to more tactile marketing initiatives. You should always ensure that all your offline activities are tied to some online component to make them measurable.

For instance, if you organize a trade show, you should ensure that all the attendees fill out some landing page form making use of an iPad to gather their information instead of just having a sales rep collect their card. Indeed, you should attempt to concoct a short work process that quickly sends a subsequent email and furthermore associate them with a nearby rep in their general vicinity.

5. Smart content

The idea of smart content can be supposed to be one that is moderately new in the world of digital marketing and focuses on the general idea of personalization. However, smart content does much more than the usual first name / last name thing.

Your site guests, just as your contacts, all have some particular attributes just as properties, for example, their occupation job, lifecycle stage just as their area. There are a few programming out there that can use this data to give them custom substance, just as pictures dependent on this data. 

This further brings about trust in your website in the mind of the user, and there is a higher likelihood of further engaging with you. For instance, you go to the site of a national plumbing company, and just as you get there, it brings information on their local offices that are near to you which will save a lot of digging on their website. As you can guess, it will aid your contact with them and prompt them to request for an estimate.


The process of lead nurturing sounds complicated, but it’s well worth the effort. It will take some time to get everything implemented, but after some small tweaks to your lead scoring, email copy, and other details until you start getting the conversion rates you want.

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