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5 Famous Sales Skills Not To Be Missed

Sales skills

Sales people sometimes do not understand the necessary steps to sell more efficiently, saving their time and effort. This article will show 5 sales skills that are widely applied in the sales processes of famous businesses in the world.

Sales Methodology – What is the methodology?

Sales skills

Sales skills are how you set goals and then define specific action steps to achieve them.

Unlike the sales process, sales methods or skills are often not applied entirely and throughout the sales cycle. Instead, it only deals with certain arrays.

The difference between the sale process and the skill, the sale method is not only that. All businesses have to build a separate sales process by themselves, depending on the market, segment, product, and brand position in the industry. An effective operating process for one business, not necessarily applicable to another.

But in contrast, all different sales teams, can apply the same selling skills. You can see more 8 Psychological Sales Tricks That Will Unlock Your Selling Potential

If you are still confused, read the summary of these 5 famous selling skills immediately.

1) SPIN sales art

Neil Rackham is the father of SPIN selling skills in his book of the same name, “SPIN Selling”

What does SPIN stand for?

SPIN stands for 4 types of questions that sellers have to ask customers: Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff (incite).

Condition questions are intended to capture a client’s current condition (although some preliminary research is still required before meeting or calling)

Question about the problem the customer is having

Influence question to probe the customer’s attitudes about the consequences of not solving the problem.

The question prompted to convince the customer how this situation would change if the problem was resolved.

Below is an example of SPIN sales skills

  • How is my company’s recruitment process lately?
  • Are you having problems finding quality candidates to replace leadership positions?
  • If a leadership position is not filled quickly, how will it affect?
  • If you had a list of candidates for quality skills, how would it help the HR department and the entire company?
  • Instead of constantly telling customers how good it will be to buy a product or use a service, SPIN’s goal is to provide suggestions to help customers realize this.

2) Conceptual Selling

Conceptual selling is a selling skill based on the idea that by nature the customer is not buying a product or service, they are buying the solution you provide.

This method encourages sellers to ask smart questions based on 5 question categories to understand customers’ buying decisions.

  • Information confirmation question.
  • Ask questions about new information, explore customers’ visual thoughts about products and services, and what purpose they want to achieve.
  • Question attitude to find out customers’ individuality
  • Commitment question
  • Questions about common problems

The most effective selling method relies heavily on the ability to listen, and then breaks it down into three phases: gathering information, providing information, and achieving commitment. All transactions take place in the direction of mutual benefit, if either party is not satisfied, the transaction will not be successful.

3) SNAP sales skills

SNAP is an acronym for: Simple, iNvaluable, Align, and Priorities. With these rules, sellers will effectively reach busy customers, connect what’s most important to potential customers, and make the buying process easier.

4) Challenger Sale – Challenging sales skills

Authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson started “The Challenger Sale” by asserting that every salesman can be categorized in five ways: relationship builder, hard worker, loner, problem solver, and challenger.

According to their own research, those who belong to the sales challenge group, account for 40% of the list of the most successful sellers.

So what do challengers do?

  1. Reach customers earlier.
  2. Hold your stance.
  3. Talk about your knowledge rather than talking about the product’s features or benefits.
  4. Build trust with useful information

5) CustomerCentric Selling – Selling from a customer base

Sales skills

The core of this sales skill is turning the sales person from someone who wants to push the product to a consultant. This sales skills  is shown in 8 factors:

  • Ask about the situation instead of giving an introductory speech
  • Ask related questions instead of giving subjective opinions
  • Focus on the solution instead of the relationship
  • Focus on who makes buying decisions instead of the users
  • Promote product usage instead of just product
  • Try to be the best salesman, not the busiest
  • Empower customers to buy and sell, instead of trying to convince them
  • Sales attitude builds trust


Make sure your reps are ready to sell, and have all the sales skills they need to be a successful saler. You will improve their sales abilities.

You can see more 8 Valuable Ways to Increase Sales Cycle Speed to know more about sales skills 

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