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5 key strategies to increase your customer retention

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Today, Customer Retention is the key to surviving in the marketplace like never before. Worldwide, poor customer service (often associated with a high churn rate) cost businesses more than $ 75 billion in losses. What’s more, the customers you lose are more likely to turn to your competitors, helping them gain a larger share of the market.

Retaining customers is not just one way to ensure you don’t lose them. It also helps speed up your growth because acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing customers – 5 to 25 times more expensive to be exact.

Fighting customer consumption isn’t always easy, but it’s understandable that many businesses don’t have the time or resources to test different retention methods. That’s why we’ve come up with these 4 helpful tips on how to prevent your clients from escaping and helps Customer Retention. 

1. Provide fast, multi-channel customer support

Customer service is one of the main factors affecting Customer Retention rate. It’s no secret that poor service will most likely increase your vacation time and it’s pretty clear why.

So it’s clear that you need to provide great customer service. But how do you do that?

Your customer support team must be present on all possible channels. Just appearing on social media to respond to support requests or asking a phone manager is not enough. Today, 90% of customers expect consistent interaction across all channels. In addition, 62% of those interacting with companies on the last 3 channels buy weekly (only to highlight the importance of multichannel support for Customer Retention).

That’s why it’s best to have your customer support follow up and respond to customer questions on the channels they are most active in.

Next, you need to make sure your customer reps are working as efficiently as possible. Ideally, you should have a 24/7 support team. That can be costly, but lose customers as they get frustrated with even more expensive waiting times for a helpful response. After all, most customers are quite impatient – according to HubSpot, an average customer ‘s patience will dry out in 10 minutes – especially during the sales and support lifecycle phases. Additionally, 90% of consumers say that immediate feedback is important when it comes to customer service questions.

2. Collect customer feedback and spot common problems

Feedback is extremely valuable as it tells you exactly how to improve your product or service to meet Customer Retention .

It may not sound like much, but consider this – according to the data, 78% of consumers actually think it’s important that brands listen to what they say and respond accordingly. An easy way to collect customer feedback is through Net Promoter Score® surveys.

NPS are one-stop surveys that ask customers how likely they are to introduce your brand to others, on a scale of 0 to 10. Respondents in the 0-6 range are called The contestant, the customer giving you a 7-8 rating, is a Favorite, and the customer that responds with 9 or 10 is called the Advertiser.

The NPS score is calculated by subtracting the Advertiser percentage from the Opponent and can range from -100 to 100. You can also ask follow-up questions to find out exactly what people love. likes and dislikes in your business as well as improvements they want to be seen.

NPS surveys help you gather relevant feedback from your Customer Retention. Even more importantly, they help you identify and fix key customer problems that could contribute to your disruption.


NPS makes this task really simple, allowing you to review customer feedback and determine the most popular ones. They can be prioritized further based on their frequency, or overlap with both Passives and Detractors, then shared with relevant departments so that reported problems can be fixed in a timely manner.

Feedback can be confusing at times. Group it into categories that will identify areas of intervention that may be useful.

In addition, NPS surveys facilitate customer loyalty tracking. By spotting your brand advocates and following them, you’ll be able to turn their feedback into referrals, thus bringing in more business.

3. Track customer engagement and health scores

Tracking customer engagement is essential to customer retention as it helps to find out which Customer Retention are having trouble with your product or service – especially during a free trial period. With that information, you can ask a group of customers to intervene to fix the problem before the problem starts contributing to your churn rates. In addition, it can even help identify oversold and cross-sell opportunities.

Furthermore, by tracking engagement, you can learn how your customers use your product or service. With that data, you can dramatically increase customer retention for future customers by letting the product development team focus on improving design and navigation.

How do you track engagement? Well, standard methods apply – database setup, database connection with other data sources, tracking key events, and gathering log data about them and assigning Interaction scores for different Customer Retention rate.

This is where customer success software comes into play.

Customer success software can help track and quantify a client’s health score (incorporating various customer data such as advocacy and NPS, commitments, license usage, commitments business results, etc.). Software that makes it easy for your company to bring your customers to their desired results. Additionally, it helps your customer success team optimize and nurture better relationships to prevent mayhem.

Another great thing about software that succeeds with customers is that it allows your product development team to see what improvements are most requested. In this way, they will have an easier time reviewing and prioritizing tasks, ultimately providing the customer with a better product.

Here are some of the best Customer Retention measurement you can use:

  • Increased vision
  • Totango
  • Successful customers

4. Rely on content based on value

Email marketing is a major way to retain your customers and encourage repeat purchases. Sources say it drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social media. However, businesses tend to fail to capitalize on its personalization and targeting capabilities, opting for automated drip campaigns instead.

Meaning in order to build loyalty and encourage brand awareness, emails must be able to attract readers to open and engage, otherwise they just waste time and money. Keep this in mind, the best electronic communications are the ones that emphasize the value of your product and how it can benefit of Customer Retention rate in the long run.

Whether you provide an accounting service or an assistant software, the principle is simple. Find the value you deliver by offering your offer and bring it to the attention of your customers. Your contributions to their daily activities are your strength. No promotional email can be more convincing.

Educational content is another form of communication that needs to be explored. Based on personalized knowledge sharing, this is the perfect occasion to review the specific needs of your customers and recommend solutions to use your product.

The most effective email campaigns are tailored to the life cycle of the Customer Retention. All you have to do is identify touch points and submit highly personalized campaigns. This way, you will make your customers remember your business as a trusted source of knowledge. Choose content based on value instead of pitching and your efforts will be rewarded with loyalty and trust.

5. Earn customer trust and build relationships

Modern consumers are being bombarded with product choices, so one of the best ways to ensure customer loyalty is to make it easier for them to trust your brand.

But how do you gain the trust of your customers as a business?

One thing you can do is share your product roadmap with Customer Retention. Yes, that’s usually for stakeholders, but don’t forget – your customers have already invested in your business (some more than stakeholders, they consider your service to be as important as for the success of their business).

Remember, of course, that you won’t share the exact route with your clients like the one you share with investors. To avoid any potential problems, remember the following:

  • The itinerary cannot contain any specific release dates. After all, things arise and plans change, so don’t commit a day you can’t be 110% sure.
  • Be transparent and don’t overly advertise. Your customers won’t appreciate being lying. Also, gaining their trust in the short term (because you lose trust if you can’t keep your promise) is not good for customer retention compared to gaining their trust over the long term.

Another good way to gain customer trust is to focus on providing top-notch security and make it clear. According to the study, 61% of SaaS buyers note that their top concern about SaaS and cloud software is the lack of visibility into the security measures used.

Here are just some ideas on how you can alleviate SaaS customers’ concerns about security:

  • Provide appropriate compliance depending on your industry (eg PCI compliance);
  • Recommend GDPR compliance if you have customers from the EU;
    Make sure you can deliver reliable DR (Disaster Recovery) and BC (Business Continuity);
  • Meet as many security requirements as possible (ideally all of them) and provide superior encryption where possible;
  • Include SLAs in contracts your clients sign and clearly state what credits apply if you do not meet the SLA.
  • Once you’ve organized all of that, make sure to highlight all of those spots on your main landing pages, websites, and wherever else you can.

Invest in customer retention

What’s better than getting a new customer? That’s right, keep an existing one. While most businesses dedicate their resources to customer acquisition, retention can deliver results faster and, on average, up to seven times lower cost than in Customer Retention


In an ever-evolving market where competition is intensifying and Customer Retention are higher, building and maintaining long-term customer relationships is a real challenge. Adopting a long-term maintenance strategy is no longer an option but a necessity. Focus time and energy on your key asset – your customer base – and turn user retention into a competitive advantage to achieve your business’ sales and revenue goals.

Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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