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Marketing automation offers the opportunity for small businesses to compete with large organizations by helping them achieve greater efficiency with less manpower and time. Contrary to popular belief, automation doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of this software offers a monthly service for a reasonable price.

Lead conversion (understood as the conversion from potential customers to customers who agree to use the products and services provided) is a difficult task and also a measure of marketers. Getting traffic to your website is a separate task, and only 1-2% of that traffic leads to conversions, and sometimes even less. The conversion requires that the websites and their content be optimized, with the visitors constantly engaging in the site so they won’t be interrupted by competitors. Automation can help you do that.

In this article, I will share with readers five marketing automation tools to increase lead conversions.

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Managing online campaigns, collecting lead data (understood as customers responding to or interested in your business’s products), and finally sharing leads with your sales staff is a process. Castle. While you lose a lot of time between the steps in that process, your prospect may be dissatisfied, or worse yet, robbed by a competitor.

A well-integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management), like Zoho, can help you better profile, manage and nurture leads.

On this tool, you can scan for business cards collected at events and immediately upload them to automated email campaigns. Your website visits and form filling are automatically generated on a CRM tool, and you can generate email threads to those leads to increase lead conversions.



People spend 30-40 minutes a day on social media, which makes it a great platform for capturing leads (Source: SocialMediaToday). But it is difficult to make an impact on social media, as your competitors are not just other brands but also the posts of friends and family.

Good social automation tools like DrumUp can help manage multiple social media accounts, reach out, and increase your target audience conversions.

Using this tool, you can schedule posts weeks in advance on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and set up posts on a repeat schedule. You can also manage content related to your niche, grab influencers’ attention with #tags and @mentions, and reach a wider audience on social media.


The buyback behavior of existing customers is an important part of each company’s revenue. The more customer acquisition rate, the better your revenue will be since the cost of acquiring new customers is more than the cost of looking after an old customer.

A good email marketing tool like GetResponse can help you retain consumers.

Designing email marketing templates is not easy, especially if you are not skilled, but with this tool you do not need to design but can use the template library based on existing platforms. Create email, you can try A / B test (2 version test method) with email and landing page on the tool and set up auto reply email to keep leads interacting with you.



The actual invoice/payment step is very important in the lead conversion process. If your leads have problems with the checkout process, you will most likely lose those conversions.

A good vending tool like InfusionSoft can help you ensure performance without interruption in the final transition.

On this tool, you can create and automate contact management, bill tracking and payments. You can also capture new leads and ask them to test the shopping experience you have created.


Social media also has many people willing to buy from you right away, but finding those people can be tricky, as most social media platforms (except LinkedIn) don’t exactly support the Search leads.

A good search engine like Socedo can help you with lead generation (the process of attracting and gathering potential customers’ contact information) on social media.

Using this tool, you can identify leads based on their ‘social media data’, which is essential to know about the intent of the leads from their actions and behavior on social media. You can also contact these leads via Direct Messages on Twitter.

As the world seems to be moving towards humanistic marketing, it can be noticed that some brands are worried about relying on automation. What brands overlook is the competition that exists in today’s market and how to survive without automation is not only difficult but also limited.

Another important difference is between relying solely on automation and using it as a tool to enable one-to-one communication. Some approaches cannot be managed manually and need to be automated.

This is not a specific channel. Brands send email newsletters automatically, send social media posts and pay communication-related to ensure efficiency and 100 percent response rate. Without automation, you run the risk of losing your email, reacting too late, or facing brand clutter. Read The Benefits of Email Marketing Automationย 

So automation is essential, but the messages you create and put on automatic must be under your control and the responses you can write to people who interact directly. with your brand.ย 

Another advantage of automation is that it reduces the manual burden, devoting enough time to dealing with more important issues – like guiding your team, creating strategies, and interacting directly with customers. .


In a nutshell, automation is key in lead conversions, as it ensures an almost one hundred percent reach rate and a total improvement in the results you get.

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