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5 Sales Consulting Ways For Salespeople


With the explosive growth of the internet, customers can sit around and do research by themselves. To a certain extent, they can diagnose their own problems and come up with a solution

This makes a significant change in the connection between buyers and sellers. Previously, the scarcity of information and services was an opportunity for salespeople to attract customers, nowadays, if only following old ways, sellers only end up failing.

Facing such a situation, solutions based on Inbound is the salvation for the Salespeople in today’s time. Here are 5 sales consulting ways based on the principles of Inbound Marketing that we think salespeople can apply to consulting a successful sale in 2019.

1. Learn more about your audience.


Buyers can learn about your business’s products or services online without having to connect with salespeople. But that does not mean that Sales will not collect information about its leads. How to consult customers by phone, researching customers carefully before contacting is a very important step in Inbound. Each customer has a unique characteristic and behavior, so it is necessary for the ssalespeople, potential customers, sales consulting to skillfully come up with suitable approaches.

So how to research your customers. Try to visit the company’s website and find out about their products and services. Find strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors. Browse the social media sites to see how customers rate this product.

If you have enough information about potential customers, the rate of successful sales through phone calls will be higher than cold – calling in traditional marketing methods.

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2. Find out why they can buy from you before you even approach them

A person visits your website and leaves information on the form (Image 1). If your business uses marketing automation software you can know the specific customer activities on the website, landing page, the blog of the business. You can even see how often they return to your site.

In this case, you do not need to spend time looking for information as we mentioned in section 1. Because of the personal information of customers, what they are interested in is recorded by the system of your business. receive. From that information, you will have an effective way to advise clients such as: โ€œI see you have downloaded the ebook on [topic]. Are you looking for a solution related to this topic? An asked gentleman opens a discussion between salespeople and potential customers according to their needs.

3. Make sure you care about them, not just appear interested.

You have researched your potential customers and grasped enough background information to conclude they are interested in your product or service. It’s time to use that information to demonstrate your sincere interest in your customers. You must show that your goal is not to sell the product but to sell the benefit to the customer.

Salespeople themselves must always consider themselves as someone who helps customers solve problems, cares about them before and after closing sales so they always remember your image of caring salesman.

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4. Build and develop the image of a leader by thinking (Thought Leader)


A thought leader is business slang for individuals who are perceived as having innovative ideas. Thinking leaders publish articles, blogs on trends, and topics that impact an industry/industry. By building an image like an expert in your field, it’s easier to gain credibility and trust before reaching potential customers. You can get started right away by blogging, writing articles for related topics, and becoming a speaker at a seminar or trade fair. This also helps you get acquainted with potential customers before contacting them, as stated in the first technique.

5. Take SMAHT mischievously

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan uses the acronym “SMAHT” to describe the qualities needed by modern salespeople:

  • Sharp: Understanding your customers is like understanding yourself.
  • Motivated: Always motivate yourself to constantly try to reach your goals.
  • Ambivert: Salespeople need to have a balance between introversion and extroversion in order to be friendly at the same time, but still mentally understand the customer’s perception.
  • Helpful: Learn about the buyer’s industry and specific scenarios to help you as much as you can.
  • Transparent: Gone are the days when you could cover up the truth with your customers. Therefore, always be transparent about everything related to the quality, appearance, price of products and services to customers.


A new era of sales has begun, through 5 principles that will help sellers to apply effective sales consulting for Salespeople

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