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5 “tips” to improve writing skills quickly

writing skills

Surely the general purpose of copywriters is to not only sell products but also provide inspiration to readers. And to do that requires good writing skills. So how when your writing skills are still limited? This article will introduce 5 “tips” effective writing skills for people who are not good at writing to help you “catch the right disease, take the right medicine”.

Process is everything

If your content is very attractive but does not meet the needs of your customers, it also becomes useless. Just like when people want to buy fish needing information about a good fish, it doesn’t matter if you recommend them the first type of wagyu beef.

“Knowing the enemy knows me, hundreds of victories wins”

Therefore, you should hit customer insights directly and put them at the center. Perhaps you are currently very curious, so how to know the customer’s insight? Here’s a standard procedure to help you achieve your goal:

1. Customer research

Segment customers in each small branch based on age, preferences, buying habits, … then select target customers and carefully study their characteristics.

2. Create ideas and outline content

writing skills

Before doing anything you have to understand and understand what you need to do. At this stage, you apply the AIDA written formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

First, to get the attention of customers requires you to have an attractive title (Attention). Next is to make the reader excited (Interest) and evoke the consumer’s desire to buy (Desire), ultimately leading to action (Action).

3. Inspection

After writing, you should read it over and over again to make sure that you do not make small mistakes like broken sentences, misspellings or punctuation.

4. Complete the article

In this step, you should ask many people to read your article to get objective advice and suggestions. Get comments from everyone, you will draw more experience and your article will become more complete.

Combine text with pictures, videos

Images and videos are more likely to engage consumers than text. So, we often see a trend like viral videos (viral video) rather than the usual style of writing skils.

Example: Dien May Xanh has been very successful in creating the melody in the advertisement “Want to buy TV?”. It attracted a lot of attention from many consumers and became a cover trend for a long time.

You can see How To Use Video to Boost Brand Awareness to combine text with video 

“Steal” ideas from customers

We often look for ideas from news, trends, … but forget that it is the customer that is a great source of ideas. You need to ask questions to exploit the customer’s wishes and then process that “material” into your ideas.

This way the messages become more intimate and easier to enter the reader. A small survey from people in your target segment is an extremely valuable source of information.

“Selling solutions, not selling products”

writing skills

The biggest mistake of copywriters is overstating their products. We tend to talk about features, manufacturing process of good products and quality, but in fact the reader is most concerned about the benefits they will receive.

You can be proud of your product’s performance or standardized manufacturing process, but customers just want to know how those items affect them. Therefore, you must always put consumer expectations first.

You should only sell the solution, not the customer

Write, wrong and continue

No copywriter does not make mistakes while writing, but most importantly, you recognize the mistake and come up with a solution. This helps you to cope with real-world situations and trains you to be sensitive to problem-solving.

In fact, you cannot create a “masterpiece” from the very first time so practice is absolutely necessary. And best of all, don’t expect your writing skills to change dramatically with just a few practice sessions.


Every success takes time and process, you should be patient with regular writing skills. From there you will draw useful experiences while writing.

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