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5 Ways To Get Potential Customer Data For Free Of the 4.0 era

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  • 5 Ways To Get Potential Customer Data For Free Of the 4.0 era
customer data

Why must know how to get customer data of 4.0 era? Because 4.0 is the digital era. Most things in life now have the Internet involved. Online marketing is no exception. But unlike in the old days, when we wanted customer information, we had to distribute leaflets, come home to consult. Now, we can collect customer information including full name, phone number, email, … via the Internet. However, not everyone is willing to give personal information to a stranger. Therefore, in order to find the source of quality customer data, it is necessary to use intelligent methods.

So what are you waiting for, LeadUp has released this article for businesses who are struggling to find the best method to find the best quality customer data source. Let’s get started!

customer data

Method 1: Retrieve customer data by calling for email registration to receive incentives when accessing the Website

This is the method that is considered to be the easiest to use and the most effective in the ways of getting customer data. Ask yourself this question, “When shopping, what information attracts you the most?”. There may be many answers to this question, but for sure, the promotion will always be in the Top 3 answers. If not, then obviously you’re a shopper and you won’t be among the potential audience of businesses.

This method of getting customer data is considered highly effective because it hits the psychology of being attracted by the discount messages from customers. Success in the online market is largely based on the understanding of the customers of the business. Once you have a clear understanding of what customers are often attracted to, it is only sooner or later that customers come to the business.

In addition, there have been many professional marketers who have researched and gave results: up to 80% of customers will sign up for email in exchange for discount codes or gifts from brands. So why not use it for the Website immediately?

This method of getting customer data is effective, but there is still a bit of risk. Simply because not all customers are interested in entering the Website, there is a pop-up window in the middle of the screen asking for Email, phone number while they have not read any information on the Website. . So use it properly to ensure the highest efficiency.

  • Pop-up window displayed after customers click on a product of the Website to announce promotional content for that product.
  • Pop-up window when goods are on the cart page to stimulate customers to sign up Email to receive offers immediately.

You can see more about pop-up: 5 Reasons Why You Want to Use Website Popups

Method 2: How to get customer data through the purchase registration form

customer data

If you have a new product going to be released, this will be an extremely effective method. Please make a purchase registration form (Can do on Google Form, no more than 5 minutes). The main content of the registration form is for customers to pre-order products before the main order date along with some special offers for them.

Example: If your product is due to be released next August. So at the time of July please create a registration form, with the main content is Pre-order new products – Offer for the first 100 people to register. Limited promotional content always excites customers, making them more willing to provide information to become lucky.

Method 3: Retrieve data from customer information when viewing news

With this method of getting customer data, one condition, not difficult but not too easy, is that you have to build a reputable news/business blog. Blog category on each Website still has a lot of applications for Marketing in general and to get customer information in particular.

Almost all major businesses in the world have at least one main blog resource from the website and many more blog networks. That is why the credibility and quality of the content of those businesses are very high. And with a source of high-quality, reputable content, customers often will not hesitate to leave information to be constantly updated on new news.

When you have a lot of reputable content, this is usually measured by the blog traffic per month, the number of posts Google Indexed, or the User’s Time-on-site. Or to be clear, pay attention every time you update a new article, how long does it take Google to bring that article to the SERP. If only after a few hours have been indexed, then that means your blog already has a considerable reputation already.

And when your Blog has gained the necessary credibility, you can begin to make small requests such as: Sign up for an email to read the full content of the article, or register to receive/download documents … called a WIN-WIN policy between businesses and customers, one side is the customer with more knowledge and the other side is the business will have more customer data to use for upcoming Marketing campaigns

Method 4: Get customer data from social networks

customer data


Age 4.0 when any business must have at least two things if it wants to be successful. One is Website, the other is Facebook Fanpage. Besides, depending on the type of business, there are also Youtube and Instagram channels. However, without one of the first two things, the reputation of your business in the eyes of your customers has also decreased somewhat.

A Fanpage on Facebook is a community of users, which means community data. Build your business’s Fanpage into a useful community with users. From there use the Facebook Insights tool and some other tools to analyze user data.

Most of the current professions have groups/societies, also known as separate Groups on social networks. Let’s analyze the current industry of the business, then there are social groups on social networks. Then join in and start making discussions related to essential issues. Certainly, the customer data obtained from these groups is not small.

Method 5: Get customer data from Marketing tools on the Website (Calling, direct messaging, ..)

In addition to the above ways to get customer data, there is another way to get the customer phone number when accessing the Website. That is to use marketing tools to collect customer information. These tools will often help customers to leave personal phone numbers, or message directly to the Website Admin if any questions need to be answered. Often these methods are most suitable when implementing business promotional events, as customers will often need to understand a lot of information about promotions in order to finalize purchases from the event.

One of the marketing tools to help get customer data quite well and effectively today is Alo Right from Thuengay. Alo immediately is a tool to help businesses get the phone number of customers accessing their website and from there, businesses can call back to customers to advise on their products and services.

Alo Immediately has satisfied a large number of customers and most businesses using Alo immediately showed very positive results: Increasing 350% of customers who leave phone numbers.


To obtain customer data for the business is not an easy task. Simply because customers are not always willing to give personal information to an organization. So the ways to get customer data are not 100% sure. However, the above methods usually get the best results out of the free customer information methods. So, try each one, combine them together to come up with the method that best suits the business.ย 

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