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5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Rental Vacation

vacation rental property

1. Great kitchen supply

Vacationers want food preparation and dining to be a simple, comfortable experience. Investing in a modern, functional kitchen with all the necessary equipment can really enhance the value of your vacation rental property. Hostel tenants instead of staying in hotels often prefer cooking and entertainment, so a pleasant, orderly, spacious kitchen is sure to get your appreciation.

Make sure nothing is missed, from stocking up high-quality cutlery, cookware and bottle opener to an espresso machine, faucet and kettle. Installing a high-end kitchen may not be cheap, but you will definitely reap a return on your investment.

2. Make your bedroom a place to relax

Add a touch of luxury to your rented bedrooms with high-fiber Egyptian cotton linens, pillows and down blankets. Invest in new, well-made mattresses and hotel-quality pillows, while also ensuring plenty of extra blankets and pillows.

For student or work rooms, you can install blinds to block out distracting light from the nearby streets. Install a bedside table on either side of the bed, including a light like a lamp for reading in bed. Add a small workstation with multiple source points and good WIFI connectivity. Even while on vacation, most people need to check on their work or update their social media. Investing in a bedroom with a fully equipped private bathroom increases the value of your vacation rental and will help attract more guests.


3. Clean up and add character

You can also easily improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your home and they don’t have to be expensive for vacation rental. Ensuring your windows, gutters and exterior cladding are clean assures visitors that the property is well cared for and will also make it look much more appealing in your promotional photos. Depending on the theme and décor of your home, you can invest in a number of claim trees, such as low-maintenance cacti, to grace the front door or wooden-style shutters. Attractive cottage for your window by vacation rental

4. Invest in your outdoor area

Don’t forget to take care of your backyard space! Creating a great outdoor seating area will make your rental property stand out. People travel often because they want to enjoy something they don’t have in their own home, not vacation rental. So,  creating a unique, comfortable outdoor area can be a great card.

A beautiful stone wall with a built-in fireplace is a sure winner – everyone loves to sit around comfortable chairs watching the fire dance. Again, this will be a huge investment, but the classy and novel value this space can add to the value of your vacation rental management property is invaluable.

5. Make Use of Social Proof

Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful tool. Good reviews, high star ratings and – on social media platforms – approval signals like “likes”, “hearts” and “shares” can greatly influence your decisions. potential tenants.

‘Social proof’ is when users assign higher value to a product or service, simply because others have left positive feedback. A good social reputation is a strong signal to others that the owner is so proud of their property that it has been renowned for its cleanliness, comfort, etc.

As for any rental property, and especially if your property has a special difference, such as near the beach with stunning views or sunny interiors with clear glass windows. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling updates, social network accounts for your vacation rental property is helpful. Social media can serve as a portfolio style reference page and also allows you to see instant feedback on your assets. Instagram is a particularly well-suited platform for gaining social proof, as it focuses on images.

6. Touch the small details

If your budget can’t afford luxury changes, a new quality paint can do wonders in vacation rental.  For best results take time to correctly prepare your surface. Choose bright, pleasant colors: even shades you might not choose for your own home can bring your rental home to life. One idea is to paint the front door bright red, and make sure the name or number is painted or installed in a visible contrast color, such as gold, so that your visitors can easily find their destination. Hire someone to mow the lawn and tidy garden, as first impressions are so important.

Finally, be competitive – pay attention to the needs of your potential customers. Include the little details in your description of your vacation rental– even things like describing where the sun shines in the middle of the day or which room is suitable for indoor plants. Listen to suggestions and you will enjoy satisfied guests who will spread great feedback on your rental property and evolve vacation rental reviews


Positive feedback increases the value of the vacation rental and also helps increase your occupancy rate. Using an app, such as Leadee.ai, on your website is a great way to build trust and increase your rental conversions. Establishing yourself as a reliable, reliable accommodation provider will take time and effort, but will ultimately lead to steady growth in occupancy rates and having vacation rental pros. 

Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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