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5 Ways To Set Up Automated Email Marketing Works For B2B

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automated email marketing

If you work in the B2B industry, you probably have had a lot of experience with the lengthy purchasing process. Therefore, it will take a lot of time and effort to communicate with potential customers. So how to plan communication for each specific step slowly nurturing leads to closing orders?

Automated Email marketing is one of the most effective channels in the lengthy process of buying and selling goods. You can automate personalized messages sent to potential customers based on your interactions.

To help you better understand the process, this article will analyze:

What is B2B email marketing

B2B (business-to-business) email marketing is a concept that includes the exchange of information, products and services between two or more companies via voice mail.

B2B email marketing always takes a longer than usual process of buying and selling goods. Therefore, convincing a customer to make a buying decision through B2B marketing will be a big challenge.

Building a lead nurturing process is a cost-effective way to sell multiple orders through B2B email marketing.

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1. Schedule email according to customer behavior

automated email marketing

You can implement an automated email marketing strategy when you have one person:

  • Click on a tag
  • Added to the list
  • Apply on site
  • Click the link in the email …

Activation function allows to set up email marketing automatically when potential customers perform a specific action. The activation function is an effective tool to attract potential customers to have more interactions with the company, thereby achieving an effective email campaign.

2. Set up automatic email response

For immediate recognition of whoever contacted you, set up email auto-response in your web application form.

Respond automatically to let potential customers know that you have received their email, and will reply to them as soon as possible.

You can use the B2B email marketing function for:

  • Confirm registration to receive email from you
  • Customer welcome email
  • Email to find potential customers

3. Building chain B2B email marketing campaigns

An automated email marketing campaign is a series of pre-set subject emails that are sent to your target audience.

Businesses use the B2B chain of automated email marketing to nurture leads, because the B2B process of buying and selling goods is longer than that of B2C.

According to EmailMonday, businesses that use marketing automation to nurture potential customers have 451% higher conversion rates.

Chain mail campaigns help you personalize the messages you send to customers.

Every email sent is in a pre-created and created email thread.

You can use an automated chain email campaign for the purposes of:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Nurturing potential customers
  • Converting leads to customers

Use an automated email marketing campaign depending on your specific goals and strategies.

4. Conditional automation installation

Conditional automated email marketing will let you send emails to multiple groups of people automatically. This function allows sending messages based on the recipient and their previous specific behavior.

For example, let’s say you run an automated email marketing campaign for an online seminar to a B2B audience. You will need to send email invites to attend, email updates to remind recipients, emails with links to the webinars, and an email to those who have signed up but are not participating.

This process seems long and complicated. But don’t worry, because everything will be automated by automated email marketing.

You can set up automated email delivery under the following conditions:

  • The recipient opens the email
  • Recipients click on the link
  • Recipients are on a specific list

This way, your email automation campaign will be adjusted based on recipient behavior.

5. Automatically resend email to people who have not opened email

automated email marketing

This function allows resend the same email but has a different subject. However, only people who have not opened your email before receive this email. This function will increase your email open rate.

For B2B marketing, every conversion that comes from emailing matters, possibly your customers. So, don’t miss out on any opportunities to increase email open rates.

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Applying the tips above can scale up your B2B email marketing performance, and we all know what it means. More sales. Crafting a B2B email series will generate leads for your business. It might also improve your B2B sales performance, but it always starts with understanding your sales process. Make sure to save your time with automated email marketing, and personalize the content of your emails.

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