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6 Basic Principles For Every Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing (also known as viral marketing) is one of the marketing methods chosen by many marketers today. In order to successfully implement a viral marketing campaign, you need to pay attention to the following basic principles.

1.Offering a valuable product or service

Viral Marketing


No one can resist the word “free”, especially for consumers. Whether you use headlines or great deals, you won’t be able to attract the attention of your customers. On the contrary, free items/services are much more attractive. Free eBooks, free software, or a free email service may have fewer features than the official version. However, customers will still give priority to these items.

In marketing, this is called the law of giving and selling. You can apply this method in viral marketing campaigns by giving away free items, services or information to customers. These may not be profitable at first, but they facilitate the spread of your product/service information to more users. At the same time, you also get a valuable email list for future marketing jobs.

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2. Provide easy sharing for others

In order for your message to go viral, you need to pay attention to the way the message is conveyed. You should choose common, easy-to-use and easy-to-share formats such as email, website, graphic images, software … The simpler and more free the form, the faster the message will be shared.

Besides, the content of the message must be presented in a clear, attractive and concise manner as possible. You should not use content that is too verbose, has no highlights or redundancy to avoid the message being “noisy” when communicating.

3. Scale easily from small to large

Viral Marketing

To ensure the speed of the message spread, methods of transmission must be rapidly expanded from small to large. For example, your message is on the website. When users share the message, they will have to access your website. If the bandwidth or capacity of the website is not enough, when the number of visitors increases, your website may crash due to insufficient capacity. Meanwhile, the speed of spread will slow down and the message gradually loses its appeal. Therefore, before implementing a viral marketing campaign, you need to plan to anticipate situations that may arise.

4. Exploit behavior and motivation

Viral marketing campaigns often target users’ behaviors, emotions and motivations. What motive, what reason will motivate users to share your message? This is the question that you need to answer before making a viral marketing campaign. Maybe they share because they feel sympathy with the message content, or they share because they desire to be famous, be understood and loved by everyone. They are motivated by their emotions, by their thoughts and by their behavior. Catch this and you will have a successful viral marketing campaign.

5. Use existing communication networks

Each person has its own social network. On average, a person will have from 8-12 people in the social network such as family, friends, colleagues … depending on their status and roles in society. There are even people who have hundreds or thousands of relationships around.

So you can use your existing social networks to spread the message in your viral marketing campaign. Usually, people on the internet are constantly developing their own networks. Those are the list of friends on social networks, or the email list of associates.

One special thing is that these networks often have very fast interactions. You just need to share a message on your home wall on facebook and everyone will see your post immediately. Therefore, this is a source of transmission that you cannot ignore.

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6. Take advantage of other resources

Viral Marketing

In case your campaign is large and sets a high target for the number of shares. Your social network may not be enough at this point. Therefore, you need to use other people’s resources. You can post articles, links, images… on websites, electronic newspapers or fan pages of others. The more visits your website and fan page gets, the more hits and shares your message is.


Above are 6 basic principles that you need to keep in mind to have a successful viral marketing campaign. What these guidelines have in common is that it is user-centric. What users want, what they want and how to reach them, these are the highlights of an effective viral marketing campaign.

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