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7 Steps To A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy (Part 1)

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Between 2013 and 2018, the amount of time that human beings spent watching videos online expanded at a median price of 32% according to 12 months. According to the equal report, Zenith predicts that the common character will spend a hundred mins an afternoon in 2021 looking videos. To put that during perspective, that’s 25 complete days. Marketers want to pay attention to this in the event that they want to devise on developing their video marketing strategy on social media.

Luckily for us, there are numerous approaches that video may be used in social media advertising and marketing. We’re no longer restrained to TV-style advertisements or flawlessly polished educational motion pictures. With the creation of Live streaming videos, an interest in brand authenticity and available editing apps, it’s less difficult than ever to dip your toes into the video advertising world.
Follow our 7-step guide to developing a a success social media video marketing strategy.

  1. Set goals for video marketing strategy
  2. Decide on your platform(s)
  3. Select your video types
  4. Plan content production
  5. Know what post-production entails
  6. Schedule & promote the videos
  7. Understand & analyze metrics

1. Set goals for video marketing strategy

The first step of 7 Steps To A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy is to set goals for video marketing strategy. At the beginning of any new social media undertaking, there’s a want to set dreams. What do you need your videos to accomplish? Where in the advertising and marketing funnel will those videos fall?

If you’re simply beginning out, we advocate growing only some dreams so that you don’t become overwhelmed. An example of the goal for video marketing strategy might be growing logo consciousness. As we’ll speak in a while, this turns into specifically tied to the type of video you’ll produce and tell your destiny films.

For some brands, motion pictures are used heavily for marketing. They may also begin on a product web page on the internet site and then department out to land in a social advert. Others create movies only for social media commercials. This is specially beneficial for direct-to-client manufacturers like Lo & Sons, wherein product films are essential to assist the customer photo themselves with the bag. In the beneath product video, it highlights one function on a bag that addresses a commonplace issue humans face whilst travelling. It’s relatable and brief. The video can not only be utilized in Facebook as a feed submit but also can be promoted as a social ad.

There are 5 levels of a marketing funnel and videos can fall effortlessly into every degree, as long as you develop your video content strategy to deliberately goal those degrees. As you replicate on what your goals are for video marketing strategy, don’t forget wherein they’ll also fall inside the funnel.

Setting your desires and figuring out the funnel level will help you create exceptionally effective calls to action to your video content material.

2. Decide on your platforms for video marketing strategy

Every fundamental social media platform and beyond has its personal shape of video. Older platforms like Facebook provide numerous varieties of films even as newer ones like Snapchat and TikTok rely heavily on one layout.

If you’ve in no way used video on any platform, start with the ones in which you already have audiences set up. According to Statista and information accumulated in February 2019, audiences on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat spend around half of in their time at the network looking motion pictures. Choosing any of those 3 to begin your video advertising and marketing would be an amazing first step.

Another consideration for choosing the right platform for you is understanding what each one offers and what video dimensions can be displayed. This is essential because in case you’d like to repurpose your motion pictures, it’s excellent to pick structures that supplement every different.

Finally, in case you’re looking into recurring series, inclusive of product how-to guides, check networks like YouTube and Facebook in which you can categorize them into playlists. Instagram currently added a sequence alternative for IGTV, too.This isn’t to mention that you could’t use portrait-oriented films on YouTube. It most effective manner that considering that YouTube prefers panorama, anything portrait-oriented can have massive rectangular blocks on each sides. Social media video specifications are constantly being up to date. It’s exceptional to preserve a watch at the most ideal dimensions for your preferred networks.


Bon Appetit’s social media content includes a heavy dose of video, custom designed for extraordinary platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Not only are the orientations extraordinary however the topics and collection additionally vary among platforms. This range of content material ensures that the audience will locate original content regardless of which Bon Appetit social media page they’re on.

3. Select your video types

The next step to create a social media video marketing strategy is to select your video types.

There are many sorts of motion pictures available, and we don’t suggest wherein the movies could be located–social media video may be used for plenty extraordinary purposes to guide your average content material approach. Determining the kind of video that works nice on your brand is an important step on your advertising approach. Not all movies are made the identical and that’s k–what’s most vital is that they’re helping your key goals.

Here are some special types of motion pictures and their blessings. There are lots of different social media video ideas obtainable that you can attempt out.

  • Educational: These are informative and can create brand consciousness for brand spanking new customers. They regularly take a less informal and more polished tone and set up the brand as an professional. If created for modern customers, then the videos will be focused on courses and suggestions for purchasing the most from your product.
  • Behind-the-scenes: These provide a inspect agency operations and employees. They now and again serve to entertain the target audience or give a virtual peek backstage.
  • Interviews: With guest speakers, interviews are a superb manner of introducing your audience to a brand new influencer and vice versa. Handing the digital mic over to a visitor may be a laugh and provide a touch more authenticity to your logo.
  • Entertaining: These consist of jokes, adorable dogs or even pranks. They serve totally to entertain the target audience however can be a tremendous manner of emphasizing your logo voice and building a sense of community among your target market.
  • Testimonials: In advertising and marketing, these videos look like customer highlights and assist to create social proof for your brand. Videos that showcase how a customer uses your product or service and their pride with it perform on a connection level: preferably, a potential purchaser will see themselves in that video and be persuaded to purchase.

According to one study, 48% of purchasers want the video to reflect the precise products or services that they very own or are interested in. If you’re spinning wheels on which type to consciousness on, go together with this one first.

Once you’ve determined which kinds of motion pictures to tackle, it’s time to transport onto planning the real video.


Companies can benefit the whole advantages of social media advertising by means of growing a definitive social media method. Experts agree that a nicely-evolved method produces more effective social media advertising and marketing campaigns.

Are you looking for part 2? Let’s check out 7 steps to a successful social media video marketing strategy (Part 2)

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