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7 Steps To Find The Right Potential Customers To Avoid Wasting Time

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Potential Customers

If you ever feel like something is holding your business back and are struggling to find the right potential customers, you’re not alone. This is a hotly discussed topic today, a lot of businesses are wasting time on customers who don’t have conversion rates. The biggest problem here is that entrepreneurs do not understand who they reach and sell in the first place.

Instead of “throwing money through the window” to earn a meager percentage of potential customers, consider the following 7 tips to be able to find out and find the right potential customers for themselves.

1. How to know which customers are wasting time

Potential Customers

Most businesses get so caught up in finding potential customers for themselves that they forget about those who aren’t ideal. Before you begin to understand what your business needs to pay close attention to, identify the audience you absolutely don’t want to reach. This is important to create a purposeful marketing message and to avoid wasting time on the business. Remember: “If you try to get everyone’s attention, you won’t get anyone.”

Here are a few signs that identify potential customers

  • A client asks you to respond to their email at 7:30 pm on Saturday (Unless you prefer being controlled by a client or trying to meet unrealistic needs, you wouldn’t want to work with that kind of thing. Where is that guest.)
  • A client talks about wanting to hire you but then offers to pay you in a form other than cash or asks for a discount up front. (You can imagine what that kind of working relationship would turn out to be.)
  • One customer says they need immediate results or their business will drown. (In my experience, these clients turn out to be people who can’t be happy to work with. Because they see you and your offer as their life. Don’t accept being a savior. life for someone.

Here is a way to define Find Potential Customers From Many Different Channels

2. Look from the perspective of potential customers

You know who you are, but your customers don’t. To find your potential customers right, you must first understand their vision. Marketing will only be successful if you understand how they see the world every day. We all have very different perspectives, so it is very important to be able to successfully market to understand your customers.

In a phone interview with Desislava Dobreva, the brand strategist and founder of Royalty Branding offers advice on the subject: “The first step is to learn about the customer’s worldview; It’s not about the population or their needs, it’s the worldview. You cannot attract 2 people with different views with the same marketing message or narrative. For example, we have clients: one who is overweight and one wants to lose 20 pounds… Both could be considered as potential customers, but these two have different views. Person 1 is trying to get rid of a negative situation in life, but person 2 is trying to achieve positive results. One is running away, the other is running towards something ”.

3. Find their most intense desire

Potential Customers

Next, uncover the customer’s greatest wishes by answering the following questions:

  • What is the customer end goal?
  • How do they come up with the perfect solution to their problem?
  • Is this a program or a service for you? (This will help you create the right offer or tweak an existing message

Try to use this 8 Copywriting Tips That Help Increase Potential Customers

4. Find the customer’s biggest difficulty

Once you’ve identified their biggest desire, it’s time to flip the scenario and identify the client’s biggest problem. Then, connect each point to your offer to show them how those offers solved the problem:

  • To find the “problems” of potential customers, please answer the following questions yourself:
  • What problems weigh on their minds every day, even affect their sleep and many other aspects of their lives?
  • What issues would they be willing to pay to deal with as soon as possible?

Tip: If you have difficulty answering any of the above questions – if you struggle to find the worldview, desires, difficulties, etc. of the prospect,… Then do a survey with a group of people you believe are your potential customers. Or most of all, looking for data of customers who have used products or services of your business before. To do this, you should deploy customer management software with full contact information, transactions, and detailed labels. This helps to provide accurate data answers to the above questions and in particular, can propose the most suitable marketing plan for each potential customer.

5. Appear in the place where customers are looking

When trying to find their target group, most businesses try to start up and market their business on multiple platforms at the same time. To quickly find that group of customers, make sure you show up strategically on the platforms they are using.

In a phone conversation, David Roger Thompson, founder of The DRT Agency, explained how he applies this strategy to his business by saying: “I chose the chiropractors approach and massively find them on Facebook and even more on LinkedIn. I had only 300 friends on Facebook before I started making friends with chiropractors, and now I have 5,000 friends, 80% of whom are therapists in need of therapy. After that, I had many meaningful conversations with them, resulting in more than 40 calls over the next 3 months. After about 4 free trials, I also found the ideal client group, providing more than 80 referral opportunities over the next 5 months. This is what really happened to me and can happen to anyone.

6. Make sure you match them

Potential Customers

If you want to be a true expert in finding potential customers for you, then you need to become their ideal service provider. This means you need to make sure that your brand resonates with the particular type of audience you want to attract. Your marketing message and brand equity all have to impress those customers.

7. Make use of existing relationship results to find the right potential customers

Instead of trying to find the client group on your own, form strategic partnerships with people who have reached out to thousands of your prospects directly. This maximizes your potentials as well as saves time efficiently finding your potential customers.


Do all 7 steps above to portray your potential customers that can build a successful sales strategy !!!

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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