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7 Steps To Improve Skill of Selling By Telephone


The development and explosion of technology in recent years in Vietnam are opening up a new way of approaching customers: the skill of selling by Telephone. Holding this task at the enterprise is the Telesales division.

In addition to the advantages of time, travel costs, and new sales methods, there are also many challenges that require sellers to overcome. 7 golden keys below will help you get more experience making successful Telephone calls.

1. Prepare carefully the content of the call

Not-preparing is preparing for failure. That is the unchanging principle of any profession. Even if you are an expert in Telesales , you should not skip this stage.

Before each phone call, learn carefully about the customer information and if possible collect information related to the personality, habits, and preferences of the person you will make the call with. Outline your sales book about the purpose of the call, the information you will exchange, and the answers to situations where customers can “catch” you. The more elaborate your preparation is, the higher your chances of succeeding in a phone call will be

2. Practice before acting


If you are a novice, this is an especially important step for you. Remember, when you make a call, you are the representative for the image and brand of the company. You do not have the right to “target customers” for your own mistakes.

You should seek the help of colleagues during practice. Let them play the role of the customer and you like a phone salesman make the Telesales. The comments of colleagues during your practice will help you gain valuable experience to avoid mistakes that may occur when making real calls. And even if you are already a “master” in telephone sales, you should take a few minutes to “imagine” the call you are about to make.

Here are some cases: How to Start a Phone Case Business

3. Let your body relax

Did you know that when communicating over the telephone, the effectiveness of messages conveyed to customers is determined by 86% by voice and only 14% by content you communicate? Hence your posture during the telephone process has a particularly important impact on the final outcome of your sales.

Before making the call, take a deep breath and reward yourself with a happy smile. Sit in the most comfortable position, hold the phone with your left hand, keep the receiver 4-5 cm from your mouth at a 45 degree angle to ensure your voice is delivered most accurately. You should also avoid holding the phone on the table with your elbows or other restrictive movements that are overwhelming your chest and interfere with your pronunciation.

4. Pass the smart secretary

Reaching the people you really want to meet in the company you’re targeting is not easy. The first challenge that you need to overcome is “intelligent secretaries”. Many sellers fail because they do not know how to get through this first “door”.

Clerks or receptionists always have the task of stopping unnecessary phone calls and selecting important calls out of hundreds of calls to the company every day. Your task is to make it so important for the smart secretaries that what you’re talking about. The secret to “deceiving” the girls’ guard is to try to make your problem urgent beyond their resolution. Simply put, you have a partnership you want to discuss with their boss. If you know the name of the boss, mention it to increase the confidence of the secretaries. Remember, keep it short in a strong and urgent voice.

5. Immediately attract customers’ attention


Customers don’t have much time for you, especially communicating by Telephone. Let’s get to the point, don’t try to explain. Immediately impresses customers with a professional, warm, and dignified voice but still shows respect. You tell your customers clearly, you are bringing values ​​and benefits to them.

For example, if you want to offer online training courses, you can say: “Hi Minh, I am Huong from GK Group. I called you with the desire to introduce to the business a solution that allows you to reduce 50% of training costs, save 60% of study time and improve 25% of working efficiency “.

If you ask for a 30 minute or one hour meeting that can be very difficult. Let the client see that you are not wasting their time by asking for a 5-10 minute appointment. Because you need to know, once met, 5 minutes or 30 minutes is the same.

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6. Let your customers choose two in one

As a professional salesman, you must always have a sense of support and advice to help customers make decisions. Help the client make a final decision by choosing either

For example: “So can I meet Minh on Tuesday or next Wednesday? At 9:00 am or 3:30 pm? At the office or at any other place? ”

If the customer continues to reject you, don’t try to persuade the client. Drive the meeting over to another issue or delay the appointment for a better opportunity. For example: “Do you mind, Anh Minh, I just want to meet you to talk to you about a new training solution with you, but you do not need to decide to buy … If you are busy this week, I will call you back at this hour this week. later?”

Whichever method you use to overcome customer rejection you need to remember one principle: Ending each call must pave the way for a call or follow-up meeting.

7. Summarize lessons after each call

Experience is to experience, re-apply and apply immediately. If you want to be a professional telephone salesman you should be conscious of constantly learning from your experience after every call. You can ask a colleague to help you or take the lessons yourself to do better next time.

During telephone conversations, make sure to write down important customer information with your dominant hand in your sales book. Please synthesize and keep the necessary information. Whether you succeed or fail, you have the right to be proud, you are on your way to becoming a professional telephone salesman.


Customers say “no” does not mean they will “not buy” but you must understand that “not right now” or that you are reaching people “do not have enough decision-making authority”. Think about and approach a different, more effective telephone.

Thank you and Best Regard!

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