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7 Website Design Principles that can drive conversions in 2020

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  • 7 Website Design Principles that can drive conversions in 2020
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Business owners need to increase their conversion rates in different environments. Entrepreneurs often focus on their core business tasks and try to attract more new customers that way. It is important not to underestimate the potential of online conversion. If you advertise your business on the Web, you will attract more interest in your services. This is when website design comes into stage. With this in mind, here is how to improve conversion rates with proper Website design.

Increased usability with white space

Business websites come in all shapes and shapes. There are so many options that business owners might confuse with all of these features. A general rule for business websites is to be user friendly and practical. White space is an important factor in achieving this goal. If you pack your business website with too many images, it will decrease your conversions. Business users want to get the information they want quickly and request the service they need. That’s why business owners need to make sure all key information is clearly visible on their Website design. 

Branding through the face

Let’s face it, in general on the Website design today is the one-way ticket to failure. Business owners have generic websites and offer the same services, like thousands of others can’t expect too much. But entrepreneurs who personalize their online presence are more likely to increase conversions. So you should add some storytelling features to your website, along with some real photos. These images could be from different stages of your career.

Also, be sure to upload some photos of your key employees, along with their positions and achievements. Finally, promote the face of your business on social media. The more personal brands you have, the more likely you are to increase your conversions. Users appreciate this personalized approach. It will increase their trust in your business and ecommerce website design

Winning them in a flash – 8 seconds

Each new generation of Internet users has shorter attention spans. The trend is more obvious for Millennials and Generation Z but the middle-aged audience has been less patient than before. Several recently published studies claim that we can wait up to 8 seconds when we visit a website design templates. This means the website owner needs to capture their attention during this stage. That is why we recommend cutting down on chasing, not having too many unnecessary elements on the Website design. 

Your homepage and landing page only need to contain the necessary information about the jobs, services and products you sell. Also, it’s good to have a crafty copywriter who will put these pieces together in an interesting and original way. For more detailed explanations of your business and how it has evolved, you have an Introduction to Us section and your blog posts.

Use the rule of thirds

The human eye can easily recognize and process image information properly organized. So business owners and their design collaborators need to keep in mind the one-third rule. This rule implies that it is easy for our eyes to see visual data organized by thirds. Therefore, you should divide the images and other visual elements on your Website design.  into three horizontal and vertical dimensions. Important information, such as a subscription button or a purchase icon, should be presented at the intersection points of these lines.

Business owners should incorporate innovative design features to create a new business practice that teaches this master’s degree in design management. The rule of thirds is one of the strategies to further drive the movement and ensure higher revenue for contemporary companies.

Avoid unnecessary hassles

Simplicity is one of the main prerequisites for getting higher conversions. When we think of the 8-second rule and the one-third rule, it’s clear that the website owner doesn’t have too much time. This refers to both their online conversions and their business success. If we know that about 20% of small businesses fail their second year, saying that time is money for SMB owners is no exaggeration for Website design. 

Business websites need a simple and sleek design that will easily convey the business message. The outstanding benefits for the user, the noticeable price and the organization are simply some desirable, simple-wise solutions for website design companies

Respecting visitors’ time

Many business owners upload explainer videos to their websites. Others prepare promotional presentations to attract new audiences. Some entrepreneurs publish various infographics to present their business results of the current affairs of the industry. These are innovative and attention-seizing ways of increasing website conversions. But none of these methods will work if you don’t respect your visitors’ time. Make sure that you create user-friendly content that doesn’t take too much of their time for Website design. 

If you post concise but informative materials on your website, you’ll show that you appreciate your visitors’ time. What’s more, they’ll notice your wish to provide them with useful and relevant information for website design ideas

Limiting the options

In some niches, like eCommerce, more is just more. However, for company and SMB-websites, less is often more. In other words, visitors will get confused if they face too many options on a business website. That’s why we’ve pointed out that you should highlight the main benefits for your customers and your prices. These are the two most important things for your visitors. If you place too many different things on your homepage, visitors won’t know what to look for. Eventually, they’ll leave the Website design , leading to a high bounce rate.

Wrap up

Website design is extremely important for business owners of all niches. You need to keep it simple and visually straightforward but still be authentic. When you cut a long story short and tell your visitors how they can benefit from using your services, you’re already on a path to success. Our tips should help you reach these goals and increase your conversion rates.

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