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8 Awesome Email Marketing Automation Examples to Spark Your Campaigns

Eager to get commenced with email automation but don’t recognize where to begin? You’re no longer by myself. Email automation is a warm marketing tool that’s proven to boost user experience, sales, lead technology, and more. You can check out my earlier post to explore The Benefits of Email Marketing Automation But you will be questioning, “How can my business effectively use automation?” Good question.

Whether you’re a dentist, tech startup, or fixtures retailer, there are lots of ways you could use e-mail automation to drive purchaser engagement and sales. It just takes a bit little bit of strategy and creativity.

To enlarge at the use cases mentioned within the webinar, we dug into our personal inboxes to locate the first-rate email marketing automation examples. Below, learn the way organizations huge and small are utilising electronic mail automation to connect to their recipients. Use these thoughts to spark your campaign creativity and launch tremendous-sauce automation.

You can get a higher idea of how to use  in your commercial enterprise by way of reading a few commonplace examples of ways different brands use it.

8 Awesome Email Automation Examples to Spark Your Campaigns

1. Email welcome series

A welcome series is one of the most common styles of email marketing automation and is an effective way to save time and construct relationships with new followers.

This technique entails a sequence of pre-written emails that can be customized and automatically despatched out on a agenda whenever someone signs up to your mailing listing.

A welcome series can be as short as a unmarried email thanking the person for signing up, or it could consist of a 12 months’s worth of weekly emails or maybe greater.

2. Abandoned cart email

An deserted cart email is a very common email marketing automation that most e-commerce web sites use.

With this type of automation, the web page mechanically sends out an email to customers that have added items to their purchasing cart but have now not checked out.

The common cart abandonment price is over 68%. This kind of email can drastically lessen this charge by means of acting as a reminder and a activate to buy for customers who have been uncertain approximately their buy or actually got interrupted before they might entire their purchase.

3. Birthday emails

If you acquire your customers’ date of birth, sending a customised email message on their birthday is a exceptional way to lead them to sense valued and build a more potent dating.

Birthday emails may be an effective manner to growth income too. Sending an distinct discount code as a “birthday treat” can inspire clients to make purchases they wouldn’t have typically taken into consideration.

4. Email reminders

You can use computerized email reminders to warn customers of upcoming account expiration, remind them of an appointment, or remind them it’s time for a routine carrier.

Automatic email reminders will now not best save you quite a few administration time, but they can help to encourage repeat commercial enterprise too.

5. Regular newsletters

With automation email marketing in region, you could be more efficient in developing content to your emails as you could write them in bulk and queue them up to drip-feed over the subsequent weeks or months.

If you are looking for the best tools to enhance your business, here is the perfect answer for you 10 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Business

6. Email route

An electronic mail route is a particular kind of welcome collection, even though you won’t necessarily ship it to new subscribers most effective.

Offering a path can be a highly effective way to draw new subscribers, and it can help drive conversions or reveal the way to get the most out of your services and products.

Advanced Email marketing automation

With email marketing automation, you may make things as simple or advanced as you want. You can get quite a few advantages from primary automation, but by way of taking things a bit similarly, you may without a doubt start to optimize your conversions.

7. Segment your subscriber list

Some email marketers hold a single subscriber list and ship emails out to all people on the listing. There’s not anything wrong with this technique, mainly for sending out basic newsletters.

However, segmenting your subscribers based on certain standards along with place, task role, industry, and in which they signed up on your mailing list permit you to to customize your emails for higher click-through and conversion quotes.

8. Create specific touchdown pages for email site visitors

Rather than sending folks that read your emails without delay to your own home web page or a selected weblog put up, you could create touchdown pages designed specifically for mailing listing visitors.

9. Split test your emails

Making small modifications to things like the title of your email or the location of CTAs could make a massive distinction in what number of people open it, examine it, and take motion.

Most email marketing automation software has cut up A/B trying out functionality, so that you can send out two or greater variations of 1 electronic mail and evaluate information consisting of open price and conversion price to peer which version was maximum a success.


Hopefully, these email marketing automation examples sparked your creative juices. Armed with those use instances, think about how exceptional your logo can use automation to connect with your recipients. Automating emails is still on the frontier—there are plenty of unexplored opportunities you may be the primary to pioneer.

While you discover pushing automation obstacles, get your feet wet with any such 8 examples. It’s like how you get better at writing by using writing more—you get higher at constructing automations with the aid of constructing more automations. Get commenced nowadays. Your subsequent great-dependable subscriber is only a nicely-deliberate email automation away.

It’s time to put this inspiration into action to drive sales and results for your business. Leadee’s marketing automation features help create engaging customer journeys in seconds.

If you know any email marketing automation examples, let’s me know by entering comments in the section below

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