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8 Copywriting Tips That Help Increase Potential Customers

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potential customers

Through the survey, 59% of B2B businesses believe that email is the best channel to generate revenue at a low cost. But have you made use of this marketing channel correctly and effectively? Do your email marketing campaigns deliver high open rates and conversions? Did the content of your email really engage readers to make them take the next action?

Here are 8 email writing techniques to help you successfully convert customers’ behaviors, resulting in higher business efficiency:

1. Edit your email at least 3 times

One of the biggest problems that email marketers often encounter is the tendency to create emails quickly without paying attention to check for errors from spelling, grammar to content to see if it is appropriate.

You really need to pay more attention to this factor. Repeat editing at least 3 times to make sure the content you submit is perfect. You should:

Write a rough draft

  • Use it to create 2 more variations
  • Create a refined 3rd copy
  • Evaluate the user’s needs

If you’re not interested in the final draft, so will your recipient. Keep making edits until you create a version that you’re sure to bring in conversions from your lead group.

2. Create a catchy title

Email subject is the key to email open rate of customers. Provide an attractive subject line that determines the success of your email marketing campaign.

The title should be invested in time. Like the Headline in Content Writing, the title should be short, concise, convey the message of the email to the reader. The headline is about 6 to 11 words in length is appropriate. It should not be too short to be harsh, nor should it be too long to lose visibility, especially on the phone screen.

In the midst of mass marketing content to consumers, among the dozens of emails that customers receive each day, they only pay attention to your email when you hit their mentality. You should use impressive provocative phrases, personalize emails sent to users, use numbers like “anchor” in the reader’s mind.

3. Standard email content structure

A structured standard email is email consisting of three parts: Header, Body and Footer. Your email structure also needs to follow people’s reading: top to bottom and left to right.

Header and Footer are designed at the beginning and end of the Email in the template for specific campaigns. Information in Header includes logo and company image. Footer information outlines why customers received this email, unsubscribe links to prevent them from marking spam, website addresses and sender information.

The Body section includes the main content that attracts potential customers. Body main content includes text, illustrations and part Call – to -action.

The proper structure of the email is necessary to hold the interest of the recipient and ask them to view the content in the desired order.

4. Email length is not an issue

potential customers

Length is not so important when creating emails. What is more important is the quality of the article. If you can convey the message in two short paragraphs but you stretch it into seven paragraphs, then that is a problem.

Email content should follow the message. The message always needs to appear first, otherwise your customer will not take the next action on your email.

Communicate enough to motivate potential customers to act according to your wishes. Your email should be as focused as possible. Sometimes leads need a little more information and encouragement to switch behavior. So, focus on the benefits they get.

5. Personalize Email

Personalization is a special criterion in Email Marketing. Personalization is manifested by calling customers’ names, personalizing the email content for customers to see themselves in it.

Besides, the vocation and use of language also needs to be appropriate. Using first, second, or third person can make a big difference in potential customer responses. Please consider and choose carefully to have a perspective and address the right subject and match with the content.

It is very easy for users to click on unsubscribe or even flag spam emails if they can’t find the right content they need. The only way to attract potential customers is to show sincerity, be helpful, and call customers’ names in your email.

Remember, email is a personal method of communication, so personalizing it is a big plus for sympathy.

6. Call to action attractive

potential customers
Text sign showing Call To Action. Conceptual photo Encourage Decision Move to advance Successful strategy Man holding megaphone loudspeaker speech bubble message speaking loud.

Depending on the different purpose, should choose different call – to – action. Suppose, you want customers to buy something in a promotion, register for an event, you should direct users to click on that landing page, …

The 4 most important issues to call for action:

  • Use only one CTA button

Don’t force your prospect to choose between two or more actions. Keep their attention focused on a single thing and each CTA button should have a clickable target.

  • Include the secondary CTA only as linked text

It doesn’t matter if you add a secondary CTA, but it can’t be a node like the primary CTA. Write your second CTA content in one sentence and stick with a link. Especially important, always set the secondary CTA with a font smaller than the primary CTA button.

  • Focus on what potential customers are getting

Don’t use a CTA to tell potential customers what they’re doing, but instead let them know what they’re getting.

  • Place the primary CTA at the end of the email

The ultimate goal is also to encourage potential customers towards buying. Placing your CTA at the end of your message can work best because you’ve previously created compelling content in the main body to make the customer more assertive about the purchase. The CTA is the key driver that drives them to click and complete a purchase.

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7. Use the “bucket brigade copywriting” method.

It may be an old fashioned approach, but its effects are still considerable at this point. This is a tactic that helps keep potential customers reading your mail longer, causing them to focus their attention from content to content, and ultimately understand the message you convey.

What you need to do is:

  • Create a stream of content that focuses attention and promises a solution to the problem
  • Provide a solution
  • Create one more attention-grabbing problem and continue the promise of a solution.
  • Provide solutions

Just like that again and again

8. Ask questions for customers to choose from

This is one of the copywriting tips that can bring a lot of value to you. Let’s take a look at the following example to get an overview of this strategy.

Let’s say you’re selling stationery and trying to convert leads who added a product to a shopping cart before they abandoned your website. You’re creating an email marketing campaign that aims to convert their buying behavior and populates a list of 4 questions at the top of the email like this:

  • Still want to order your selected items?
  • Do you want to save money on school supplies?
  • Are you ready to complete your purchase?
  • Would you like to receive all your items in one go?

Ok, now let’s go back to each question and determine if your prospect gave a “yes” or “no” answer.

The first sentence doesn’t motivate your prospect to say yes

As for the second question, of course, everyone wants to save money.

The third question does not indicate any benefit to potential customers. So the answer is also “no”.

The last question implies a convenience that most potential customers will find appealing and answers “yes”.

Every time you put a question in your email body, try to see if the prospect agrees or not. If not, delete it and start over.

Once you get these customers to give a “yes” answer, it also becomes easier to convert. Deep down, they begin to feel that you understand them and that their barriers to shopping will begin to decrease as well.


It would be great if you could implement these methods into your next email campaigns. Just remember, never get discouraged after your first attempt, focus on your potential customers and get them to follow your actions. Aiming at the above, maybe your Email Marketing campaign will be very successful and increase conversion rates quickly.

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