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8 great ideas for a Social Network Integration strategy in 2021

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  • 8 great ideas for a Social Network Integration strategy in 2021

Nowadays, businesses need to build a marketing strategy that helps users more easily reach out to content, contributing to promoting interaction, sharing, and promoting brand products. Social media integration also known as Social media integration is one such strategy. In fact, businesses can easily integrate social networks with websites, emails, and other communication channels if they know how to apply the right marketing tools. In this article, let’s explore these right tools with MarketingAI and learn the 8 most important Social Media Integration strategies in 2021!

What is Social Media Integration and why is it important?


Social Media Integration (Social Media Integration) is the act of using social networks as a channel to expand your marketing strategy. This usually happens in two ways:

  • Navigate your social media audience to your website
  • Integrate social media accounts into the website

One of the simplest examples of social media integration is adding social media buttons to your website or blog. These buttons help businesses easily share content on social networks without wasting time to copy and paste the URL

Social media integration accelerates the fulfillment of key goals, such as increasing reach and improving brand awareness. At the same time, this strategy also promotes website interaction and helps build a larger audience on social networks.

Most importantly, this strategy provides more ways to engage with the brand. It can be seen that Covid19 has completely changed the way people interact with the business, more and more people are turning to social media as a daily communication tool.

To help increase brand awareness, businesses need to integrate social networks throughout their communication channels.

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Strategies for integrating social networks into websites

Website and social network need to operate in parallel and seamlessly together, this will help promote the brand as well as increase traffic for the social network accounts of the business. Here are some tips to help businesses integrate social networks into their main website

Add social sharing buttons to your blog

Social share buttons often appear at the top or bottom of blog posts. They help increase the recognition of the posts as well as contribute to sharing the post to other communication channels more easily and seamlessly. Good user experience will be an advantage for your website.

Add these sharing buttons to your posts for simplicity and visibility. There’s no need to add too many platforms to the same post. Instead, should only focus on a few platforms related to the brand to bring higher efficiency. The best place to place these links is at the top, bottom, or along your business website. Some tools support creating this link on WordPress that you can refer to such as: Add This, Social Snap, Easy Social Share and Shareaholic.

Add social media posts to the Website

A simple and effective way to make your website stand out more when applying the Social Network Integration strategy is to add your social media posts to your website.

Here is an example from Ferrari. This automotive brand cleverly turned this integrated idea into a call to action, not only making the website more beautiful but also an effective way to promote Instagram accounts.

By doing this, brands get their social media posts directly. However, businesses can also use brand-related hashtags to display posts from others on their website.

Clothing brand Life is Good adopted the idea with the label’s hashtag #ThisIsOptimism.

And as you can see in the picture above, the photos posted by users with the hashtag of the Life is Good brand will have the opportunity to appear on its website.

Provides options to sign in to the website with social media accounts


Instead of offering the usual login options, businesses can offer website login options using social media accounts like Googe, Facebook, or Twitter.

Not only is it a great idea in a Social Integration strategy, but it’s also a favorite sign-in option by many users. In fact, a study from LoginRadius found that 73% of users prefer to log in with their social media accounts.

Instead of creating a brand new profile, choosing a password, and confirming it by email, it’s much easier to log in with a social media account with just a few clicks.

The study also shows that most people choose to sign in with a Google account, accounting for 70.99%; Meanwhile, only 20% choose to log in with Facebook and 9.3% choose to Twitter.

Integrate social networks through Email Marketing

Here are some effective ways for businesses to integrate social networks into email and make it easy for readers to find your business social accounts and follow them quickly.

Add a share link to the footer of the email

Email is a perfect tool for adding social sharing links. Like websites, businesses can insert links on top or bottom of emails. Usually, however, the share buttons are at the bottom of the email.

For example, the popular Jimmy John’s sandwich shop has attached their three biggest social media accounts to the bottom of the promotional email. Or like many other popular email creation tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact, they also often offer the option of adding a social sharing link to the end of the email.

Use Email encourages subscriptions

One great tactic for integrating social media is to send a bunch of emails introducing your business’s social media accounts to subscribers and encouraging them to follow and click like. Here’s a good example from fashion brand Urban Outfitters:

With this email format, brands can both attract viewers to their Instagram accounts, while also helping promote the brand’s hipster fashion and trendy outfits.

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In general, social media integration is an important strategy that any business needs. It helps increase brand awareness, increase interaction rates and strengthen relationships between customers and businesses

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