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8 Psychological Sales Tricks That Will Unlock Your Selling Potential

sales tricks

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or still trying to acquire your 100 first customers, there will always moments when you could use a few extra sales tricks up your sleeve.

Sometimes your prospects are this close to making a buy, but for whatever reason, you can’t quite close the deal. Well, we’ve put together a list of eight sales tricks that will help convert these tricky leads into customers.

Here’s our psychology of sales tricks you can use to close more deals, faster.

1. Give Your Prospect Fewer Options

Sometimes, less really is more.

Providing your prospect with too many different options makes it harder for them to make a decision – which expands the chances they’ll walk away without buying anything at all.

If your company sells a large range of products, there are a couple of ways you can keep choice loss of motion from hindering your next deal. For instance, research your possibilities early so you know which items you should pitch to them and piece items into classes to improve your contribution.

Rather than pitching every single product you sell to each prospect, learn what you can about their requirements before you call or email them. Whenever you’ve connected, pose qualifying inquiries to expand on this information and limited down the kind of item they’re probably inspired by. At that point, just pitch arrangements that coordinate their requirements. 

One of sales tricks is package select products together so your prospect understands what arrangements work well together. This allows them to make one large purchasing decision, rather than multiple smaller purchases.

2. Leverage Loss Aversion

Even hesitant buyers have a hard time saying no to a great chance – especially if they’re thinking about what they’ll lose by turning it down. You can tap into this by framing your offer as something they’ll miss out on if they don’t make a buy, rather than just highlighting the added value.

When possible, tailor your pitch to describe a missed opportunity relating to each prospect’s particular situation. What is their life or business right now missing without this arrangement? For what reason will they lament not accepting? In the event that they turn down your offer, in what ways will their rivals have a major advantage over them?

3. Flaunt Your Expertise to Build Credibility

The more authoritative you are as the seller, the simpler it is for potential customers to trust your sales pitch. If your prospects are distrustful or don’t fully trust you, they won’t be eager to purchase.

So, how can you establish authority – especially if you’re doing cold outreach? Here is one of sales trips and tips

First off, tell your prospects about the years of experience and expertise behind your product or service. If you sell software, boast about your visionary developers and engineers; if you sell a physical product, talk about the research behind your solutions. Has your brand or product won any awards or received high praise from an industry expert? Work that into your pitch, too!

4. Showcase Social Proof

sales tricks


Another approach to build credibility is through the intensity of social proof. After all, we’re social creatures by nature and most people trust other consumers more than marketers or sales reps.

Popularity signals that something has value. Thus, if a possibility realizes that comparable clients love your item, they’ll see it as more significant. 

While you might not want to quote directly from customer reviews in your pitch, you can post glowing reviews on your website so prospects see them when they research your company. You can also namedrop any notable brands who are customers and provide anecdotal evidence of scenarios where your product produced amazing results.

Another one of sales trips is to work social evidence into your attempt to seal the deal is to allude to the most mainstream choice as a top-vender to control your possibility towards choosing it.

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5. Ask Hesitant Prospects to Explain their Reasoning

One of the easiest ways to poke holes in a prospect’s excuse for not buying is to ask to them walk you through their reasoning. People like to appear consistent, so if you can get your prospect to talk about the benefits of your product or ways it would improve their life, they’re more like to take their own advice and make a purchase ASAP.

A simple, “What’s holding you back?” can get prospects to open up about their reservations. Whether it’s a matter of budget, timing, or product fit, knowing your prospect’s sales objections gives you a chance to reframe their perspective.

Another method is to ask your prospect to rate their readiness to buy on a scale of one to ten (with one being “not ready at all” and ten being “completely ready”). Regardless of their answer, ask why they chose the number they did.

For example, if your prospect responds with a neutral 5, simply ask, “Why didn’t you choose a lower number?” This invites them to explain why they are considering the product and often leads them to realize that they’re more ready to buy than they thought.

6. Use Storytelling to Make an Impact

Storytelling in sales is one of sales tricks, it’s an important enough point to reiterate.

Sharing a relatable customer success story is more powerful than simply listing the benefits of your product. Not exclusively does recounting a story permit you to associate all the more rapidly with your possibilities (by delivering the “trust hormone,” oxytocin), it additionally encourages you inspire your crowd to make an ideal move.

7. Offer Something to Incite Reciprocity 

sales tricks

Giving a potential customer something for free does more than make them feel appreciated – it likewise ingrains them with an awareness of others’ expectations to accomplish something for you consequently. This could be something as essential as offering a restrictive rebate for being another client. 

AlThen again, you may offer to set up a free demo or let them utilize your answer at no charge for a specific number of days. This gives them an opportunity to choose if they need to pursue a paid record and empowers correspondence.

8. Play Off Your Buyer’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

They say the heart wants what it wants – but the truth is closer to the heart wanting what it can’t have.

What does this mean for your sales pitch? That you can use the threat of scarcity to your advantage. Though this is a different tactic than leveraging loss aversion, there is similar psychology behind why it works. 

The “get it before it’s gone” mindset can apply to both products and special offers. This tactic acts plays off of social proof, too, by suggesting that the product is at risk of running out due to high demand.

Make sure your prospect knows if a bonus or discount is tied to volume and expires after a certain number of sales are made. By pointing out that an item will likely sell out quickly or that the offer is time-limited, you spark a deeper desire than if there were unlimited quantities and unlimited time to buy.



Psychology can be a helpful tool in understanding the motivation to buy.

It can tell you what your customers really want, why they make the decisions they do, which emotions drive them, and how they see your brand.

There’s a lot of science that can back up certain elements on this list, but one important thing to remember is that people are unique, and oftentimes unpredictable.

Hope these sales tips will be useful for you

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