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8 Tips To Help Write Impressive Sales Articles For Website And Facebook Fanpage

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  • 8 Tips To Help Write Impressive Sales Articles For Website And Facebook Fanpage
sales articles

Currently, the competition on the website and facebook fanpage is taking place fierce, requiring you to build yourself an advertising content that really attracts customers. Here are some good tips compiled by ECP Media that you can refer to to write effective sales articles.

  1. Create highlights for the sales articles

sales articles

A current situation we easily encounter is that many websites, fan pages write “coping” form. The article gives a lot of content but does not have the refinement or the right center of the content, leading to the situation that the article is redundant, lack of value and has no emphasis.

The way to overcome this situation is that for each article, you should only focus on a certain number of keywords and topics. Each marketing campaign needs to have multiple content for different keywords.

As a content marketer, you need to stick to keywords to give customers the most necessary information. The standard content will best support the implementation of advertising campaigns that your business targets to the target audience.

  1. Use animated images

New content is what customers focus on looking for. However, a long, full-text article with no pictures or unrelated images will make the reader frustrated, annoyed and inhibited. Therefore, you need to consider using clear and reasonable images to increase the attractiveness of the article and attract maximum customers.

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  1. Sales Articles need to adhere to certain structures

Many people often do not pay attention to the structure of the article, but this is essential for your content to have a reasonable, tight link together, limit the situation of discrete text, causing the article to lose. value.

Typically an article will include:

Headline – The main title

Headline is the first and most important window for an article. In the midst of a forest of posts, your headline has to stop customers. Because only when they stop will you have the opportunity to navigate, lead and draw them closer to you.

Sapo – Description

This paragraph helps you guide your customers, prompting them to read the entire article. At the same time, helping readers know what they are about to receive, helping them make a decision to read through if the content is really necessary for themselves.


According to statistics, 82% of readers tend to skim Sales articles. Therefore, the biggest purpose of the subheadings is to prevent the customer from reading the entire content of the article but still understanding the intentions that you want to express through brevity, coherence and guidance.

Content developed paragraphs

After reading the subheading, many people will not buy, but almost 100% of customers who buy the product will read carefully every word in this body paragraph. The mission of this section is to highlight many of the benefits, solutions, and demonstrate your sales goals.

End of post

This is the conclusion, intended to promote emotions through a summary of the benefits and solutions that customers have received after reading the above article. This will help you attract customers to your business, establish relationships and trust to sell.

  1. The content needs to be new, unique and attractive

sales articles

You need to create new content about products or services that you are providing, and create your own way. That way, your content will be easy to reach customers. Never abuse, copy exactly the available content that you find on google and then post on your website.

Content creation isn’t too difficult, it largely depends on your ability to research your audience. Try to create content that customers only receive on your website because customers will then share that content and help you market for free.

  1. Posts should be of reasonable length

The length of the post depends on the content you want to convey to your customers. Normally Sales articles are 1000 – 1500 words in length, which will help increase the time visitors stay on the website. And Sales articles with 200-300 words long, the bounce rate is very high. So Sales articles with reasonable length are preferred because they bring many benefits to the website.

  1. Internal links in Sales articles

The content on the website should be interlinked, which is internal links. This link not only helps the content of the article to be valuable, but also helps increase the conversion rate for the website.

  1. Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes are taboo when writing content. To limit these unnecessary errors, you can refer to the following methods of limiting misspellings:

– Write articles as soon as you have an idea but do not care about related issues.

– Should check the article after 1 hour or more to moderate both content and spelling.

– Self-censoring, rearranging content.

– Before posting, check again to make sure the article has no errors.

  1. Have a call to action

sales articles

What you must not forget is to make conclusions and call to action. A cleverly integrated call will increase your conversions, making it easier to reach the end goal of your post.


The above sharing will hopefully help you overcome the most easily encountered errors when writing sales articles for website and Facebook fan page.

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