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9 Marketing Promotion Strategies from Concept to Top Brands Practice (Part 1)

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The Promotion strategy is part of the bigger picture of the overall marketing strategy and is often used the most during the year-end push sale period when the competition in the market is pushed to the highest level. Meanwhile, in order to attract customers’ attention between a forest of similar brands, businesses need to focus on technology to promote products / campaigns. If you are wondering How to promote your business, let’s explore 9 Marketing Promotion Strategies from Concept to Top Brands Practice. These marketing promotion strategies are high-rated and used popularly today. Don’t miss it.

1. What is a Promotion Strategy Definition?

Promotion strategy refers to the planning of long-term strategies and actions for any organization with the aim of achieving specified goals.

These strategies can be inbound (pull marketing) and outbound (push marketing).

A promotion strategy is determined by the plans and tactics that the enterprise implements in the overall marketing plan, in order to increase demand for products and services in important periods, especially at the end of the year. Promotion strategies play an important role in Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) and they revolve around 3 things:

  • Target audience: Who are you selling to, and what their interests are;
  • Budget: How much are you willing to invest in advertising;
  • Action plan: What strategy are you using to achieve your goals and generate sales.

2. The role of Promotion strategies in Marketing?

Promotion strategies play 4 different roles, like a funnel that leads customers to buy:

Build brand identity

One of the most important role of promotion strategies in marketing is it helps build brand identity. It’s about letting the target audience know about the brand. But to build it, you first need to portray your target audience, the people you want to reach.

Make people care

Once a product / service or any campaign hits the market, create high level of discussion and interest around it and get people hooked and drawn into what you want to emphasize. Of course, you have to do it differently from the competitor’s brand, not copy, copy, or make it, do together. The audience will pass by from the first second only!

Create demand for products / services

During this period, the user’s feelings towards the product / service will be raised to new heights. Not just like, care, but will be need and want. You need to push the emotion to the highest level (desire) by letting them see something that can benefit them.

Make them act

Come up with a variety of ways for your target audience to actively interact with the product / service. Put the CTA button on your website, email, advertising, social media accounts or entice them with an irresistible offer.

3. 9 Marketing Promotion Strategies from Concept to Top Brands Practice

Let’s see which Promotion strategies will help to bring in potential customers and turn the audience into loyal customers.

1. Drive more traffic with Content Promotion Strategy

Content Marketing is one of the important marketing promotion strategies that bring the brand closer to the audience. It is a form of “educate” customers, defined for a mutually beneficial situation: Target audience learns how to solve specific problems while the business creates leads and increases sales.

Content Marketing is not just about blogging. It is available everywhere, from online paid advertising, to sponsored ads, websites, digital flipbooks, social media, … Of course, Content Marketing is not just about content jobs. That process starts with a solid Digital Content strategy, followed by continuous promotion, measurement and optimization. This requires a very high level of patience from the businesses.

Some digital forms of content marketing today that businesses can refer to:

  • Blog post : is a fairly popular and effective form. Blog posts are the perfect way to boost website rankings and promote free landing page ads.
  • Infographic : a great form of visual content combining images and data. Infographic attracts users by short text, numbers, data and visual graphics that are easy to imagine.
  • Podcast : People are really good at multitasking. They can both exercise and mental work. Therefore, creating a podcast channel for businesses is a suitable method to make the most of this field. According to Statistics, as of May 2020, 37% of US adults have listened to podcasts, a number that has more than tripled over the past decade. Weekly podcast consumption is also skyrocketing, and some of the world’s top podcast publishers get millions of unique streams and downloads each month. This could be a sign that the brand should invest in podcasts, boost creativity and broaden its range of options.
  • Video : Today, online video marketing is driving a lot of user engagement. It is a means to help them learn something more quickly. Statistics show that 96% of users have watched videos tutorials to understand more about products / services. Besides, video marketing is also an effective method to drive conversions and improve ROI. The proof is that 87% of marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website. So turn text into video for better content communication.
  • Paid ads : As mentioned above, content marketing is everywhere, even in the form of paid advertising. It appears on many websites, social media, landing pages and banners. Paid advertising helps brands reach a wider audience and “set” their products / services wherever you want them to be.

One of the best promotional strategies examples of a great content marketing strategy is H&M’s “promotion-sales” strategy . Inside H&M is their way of providing customers with valuable information about collections and fashion trends focusing on local culture.

You can check out the article of A Content Promotion Strategy to Ensure Maximum Reach

2. Harness the power of social networks 

Although this is also a content strategy, since social media is such a big market, businesses need to have their own strategy in this section. With more than 3.6 billion people using social networks worldwide today, social media marketing is a great way to share advertising content and one of the most effective marketing promotion strategies that you should not ignore.

Of course, not all businesses have to make full use of social networking platforms. Depending on who wants to target, businesses can choose one or a few of these social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Youtube or even TikTok.

Before you get started, let’s see where you should invest this budget and what kind of ads should run. For example, Snapchat or Facebook, Instagram are often aimed at young, novel user files, while LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and commuters. Also, don’t forget that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, so it’s impossible to ignore.

It’s important that the approaches on different platforms are different. On Facebook it should be different from Instagram and on Instagram it should be different from TikTok. Use targeted posts and do display ads to maximize online conversions after analyzing client portraits.

Check out Audi ‘s social media marketing strategy on social media below. At first glance, you can see that their Instagram page is boring. But if you look closely, instead of boring, it is perseverance. Audi applies the criterion ” if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” (If it’s not wrong, don’t fix it) when doing social media marketing. They simply follow what they deem appropriate for the audience. “Simple” but no less attractive. Luxurious images displayed through expensive cars in bright and beautiful light – have ensured success for the Instagram account with 15.7 million followers.

3. Use Email Marketing to Drive Engagement and Sales

There are 3.9 billion daily users of email, the number is predicted to increase to 4.3 billion by 2023.  Using email marketing to drive engagement and sales is one of the effective marketing promotion strategies that you shouldn’t miss it. The statistics also show that email campaigns are personalized to each segment of customers witnessed. Revenue increased 760% . Those are the reasons why email marketing is always a priority campaign at all times of the business, and of course, the push sale season at the end of the year is indispensable.

An email marketing campaign should focus on building relationships with readers rather than spamming them with excessive promotional emails. Also, some things should be kept in mind, such as the value and timing of the message.

From emailing lists, to content quality and segmentation targeting, it’s all about. There are many different forms used when sending email marketing, be it sending newsletters, feature launches announcements, new products, invitations to events or industry news.

If you want to discover How to create a B2B email list to help increase your sales?, you can click the link here.


When planning a Promotion campaign, think about the most valuable feature of your product or service and start planning from there, focusing on bringing that feature to your target audience. Above is the part 1 of 9 Marketing Promotion Strategies from Concept to Top Brands Practice. I hope that it’s useful for you.

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Let us know your suggestion by comment below!

Thank you and Best Regard!

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