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9 stupid marketing strategies to boost the growth of your SaaS business

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Marketing SaaS can be tough, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. While conventional businesses use traditional marketing strategies to sell products and services, on the other hand, SaaS businesses face a unique set of challenges.

For example, SaaS companies cannot rely on one-time purchases to increase sales and sales. They have to retain their customers because many SaaS products operate under a recurring subscription model.

In this post, we’ll talk about nine great marketing strategy that will help drive the growth of your SaaS business:

Engage customers with a free trial

Offering a free trial is one of the best ways to let users experience the benefits of your product before buying. After experiencing your product, they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

That’s why you have to think about how you can encourage a free trial user to buy your product later. This is kind of marketing strategy

One way to do this is to send your free trial users an email reminder before their first trial ends. The email contains a list of features they can experience with a paid subscription, along with a clear and actionable CTA.

Makes it easy to subscribe for maximum conversion

Every sign-up form has the same purpose – for everyone to sign up for the service. That’s the most important factor on your website because that’s where conversions happen. That is use as marketing strategy

Chances are, a lot of users dislike long and complicated signup forms. That’s why you need to come up with a clear and simple registration form and keep information requests to a minimum of digital marketing strategy agency,

Provide a great customer experience

Of all the SaaS marketing strategy out there, this one is perhaps the most important. One way to provide excellent customer service is to make it as personalized as possible.

For example, you can send your users a personalized welcome email after they’ve completed the sign-up process. You can also email as soon as you notice that your active customers are starting to drop.

Alternatively, you can offer a live chat option on your website to respond to customer inquiries as they interact with your site. Doing so helps them better navigate your site and find answers to any type of query they may have in marketing strategy planner

Leverage the power of content marketing

Brands and businesses from all over the world are increasingly tapping into content marketing to build brands, attract more people to their websites, and generate more leads.

One great thing about content marketing is that it has dual payback power. That is, its value increases over time.

Content helps drive leads, while other forms of marketing strategy like pay-per-click and online advertising will only do so if you keep spending.

That’s why most businesses consider content as an asset, while online advertising is a rental thing. That difference is something most SaaS marketers should consider.

Generate organic leads through SEO

Here is the best way for marketing strategy.
The quality of your organic traffic plays an important role in SaaS marketing and that’s where SEO comes in. SEO helps you generate high-quality leads that convert easily.

Invest in paid advertising

As we mentioned before, SEO and content marketing are more cost-effective when it comes to generating leads. But the thing is, if you’re not getting enough organic search traffic, then paid advertising is a great strategy you can incorporate to generate more leads for your website.

You can test different versions of your ad copy and analyze what works well for your brand. For your ads, you can use industry-related keywords so that they will be displayed on all relevant search engine queries. Also, make sure your ad is conveying a value proposition that captures your target audience.

While PPC campaigns can be a bit expensive, many SaaS marketers still prefer using it because it’s scalable. Meaning, you can easily increase or decrease your ad spend if needed. That is marketing strategy

Encourage customers to introduce

According to research, a referral is the most effective type of prospect.

However, for this marketing strategy to work, you need to offer customers the incentives they recommend and deserve a referral. It’s best if you also offer a rewarding and incentive referral program if they recommend your product to others.

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Try to sell more and cross-sell

Other great marketing strategy to increase your revenue are cross-selling and over-selling. Premium selling is selling a more expensive product to a customer, such as a full year subscription instead of a month. Meanwhile, cross-sells are encouraging your customers to buy add-ons with your main product.

However, it’s not easy to sell off and sell off because people behave differently at different times. That’s why you still need to research their past behavior and persuade them to buy more.

You can also ask your sales and marketing team to target specific customers, trying to sell more loyal customers who sign up over the long term.

Recommended on the SaaS review sites

Customer testimonials enhance your overall SaaS marketing strategy and campaign. In fact, according to one study, reviews influence a person’s buying decision to buy a particular product or service.

So, why not encourage the most satisfied and loyal customers to leave reviews of your products? You can check out SaaS review sites, test the performance of your software, and review user comments there.


Creating a solid SaaS marketing strategy for your product can be challenging. Hopefully the tips we’ve discussed in this article will inspire you to get started.

Depending on your niche, product, and audience, some SaaS strategies will work relatively well compared to others. But as long as you have a solid foundation in these SaaS marketing strategies and know who your target audience is, you’re on your way to success.

Also, always test, analyze, and optimize your strategies to see what drives the best results for your business of digital marketing strategy agency

Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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