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A guide to using content marketing for lead generation (Part 2)

Have you ever wondered what are leads in marketing? Why is it important?

Content marketing lead generation has various advantages – it’s incredible for raising brand mindfulness, improving commitment on your site and via online media, it offers an extraordinary incentive to your guests and it can build client steadfastness and maintenance. Another extraordinary advantage? It’s an incredible apparatus for lead age. Make incredible substance, advance it the correct way, to one side, the directed crowd, and the leads market will come to you all the more without any problem.

In this earlier post, I have presented A guide to using content marketing lead generation (Part 1).  In this blog entry, I will share my top tips on how to utilize content marketing lead generation.

A guide to using content marketing lead generation (Part 2)

4. E-books

E-books offer another great way of providing value to your audiences. Just like with webinars and online courses, you could choose to sell them for a price, but an e-book can also help you even when you give it away for free. In fact, you might be able to gather more emails, and more information if you do it this way.

If you want your e-book to be successful and generate as many leads as possible, you’re going to need to sell it.

Create a landing page on your website where users will be able to get your e-book and use the opportunity to explain to your visitors why they would benefit from getting it:

  • What will they learn from it?
  • How will it benefit them?
  • What actionable advice will they find in your e-book?

That said, your e-book will need to deliver on the pitch you made for it, or else you will have disappointed customers, who won’t be coming back for more.

Do you remember Next-Gen Lead Gen

Provide them with real insight into the topic you’ve chosen, add many examples and provide them with actionable advice that they can use to further their success. You can also use the opportunity to subtly highlight your skills and how your product or service can help them achieve their goals more easily and more efficiently.

To create e-books, there are quite a few useful tools that you can use, such as iBooks Author, My e-Book Maker and Create Space.

You can also turn your blog into an e-book, easily, by using a tool like Bloxp or Beacon. This is a great option for those who have been blogging for a while and have amassed a good collection of useful, informative content. Make sure however that you edit your older blog posts where necessary, so that they are still relevant, as well as try to edit the e-book so that it flows nicely, with separate chapters, and links between the different blog posts that you are including.

5. Showcase your skills with a case study

Another way to showcase your knowledge and capabilities is to create case studies. Case studies help build up trust in your visitors, as they showcase your products’ or services’ value.

Another way of using case studies, which is great B2B companies in particular, is to write about a problem that businesses in your niche have, and then create a step by step case study about how you’ve solved that issue. This works great for B2B companies, as it helps you show how you can help other businesses achieve the same results you have.

For example, if you have a business specializing in SEO services, you can create a case study about how you’ve doubled your traffic with 10 different steps. And if you are able to add some customer testimonials in there, all the better!

In order for your case study to be successful, create a step by step guide and use screenshots, videos and other visual aids to prove exactly how you’ve achieved your goals and make sure to evidence exactly how your readers can use these techniques to achieve the same results as you did. Here are some of the most important factors that you should keep in mind when creating a case study:

The topic: is the topic something that is relevant to your target customer? Will it help them with issues that they are struggling with? Tell the whole story: make sure to share the story of your study from beginning to end, with all of the relevant steps you’ve taken to achieve the end result. Visuals: try to include as many visuals as possible to illustrate your point, most importantly screenshots

Numbers, numbers and more numbers: a good case study will provide real figures throughout the way. For example, if you’re claiming you’ve doubled your traffic in 10 simple steps, show your readers the evidence by including screenshots of your numbers on Google Analytics. 

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6. The SEO benefits of content marketing

Ultimate guide to link building for SEO content marketing lead generation also has the great benefit of providing lots of SEO value. Quality content will help boost up your search engine rankings, and it can help you get more targeted traffic because of it.

In fact, content marketing lead generation and SEO are very much overlapping practices, to the point where one doesn’t really exist or succeed without the other. After all, SEO is all about the keywords you’re using, links and the relevancy of your content. All of which, content provides.

Whenever you’re creating new content lead, you should always keep search engine optimisation in mind. SEO is not just about tags and metatags or properly indexing your web pages, but also about the quality of your content marketing lead generation, the keywords you use and so on.

When you create content properly optimised for search engines, you will also improve your content. What search engines love usually works for your visitors and readers as well: using useful keywords, breaking up your content with headlines and sub-headlines, adding visual content, it all helps to create a much more pleasing experience for your visitors.

Your content has a huge impact on your search engine ranking – you can check out my guide to SEO for beginners here to learn more about how to improve your content’s SEO and boost up your ranking. But don’t miss research about Live Chat vs Chat Bots


What are some of the ways you’re using content marketing lead generation? How effective has content marketing been for your lead generation? Let me know in your comments and please share.

Hopefully, this all information of A guide to using content marketing lead generation is useful for you.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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