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Automated email sequencing might increase your SaaS customer retention rates, but how?

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  • Automated email sequencing might increase your SaaS customer retention rates, but how?

The internet has a ton of advice on engaging users. We all want new users at our SaaS company. That shouldn’t be surprising. After all, more users means growth for the company. And company growth equates to more revenue. But it doesn’t make sense to have users if they leave us after a month or so. And even the best players can leave us to join the contest unless we take care of them after the first time they log into our app.

Sadly, the Internet has very little to say about convincing users to stay. It’s time to shed more light on customer retention. Today, I want to show you one of the customer retention strategies that can help you combat disruption at your SaaS company. And it’s all through one communication channel you use Automated email. 

Why is email a good channel to retain customers?

We check email every day. We use it to communicate with our colleagues, customers, and brands. We validate our account by email. Likewise, brands use email to nurture their marketing leads. So what is stopping them from using it to talk to people who have already purchased their SaaS solution?

Think about it.

Email is one of the few easy means of communication, that why need Automated email. 

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Email is easy to expand

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to design a scalable Automated email process. Take a few hours to write a series of emails you want customers to receive and then add them to the email campaign as you would add your leads.

The good thing is you can add more and more customers to your email chain. And you can add multiple emails to a single thread if needed. The size of the email is really unique if send automated email

Email is easy to automat

The right tools will get the job done for you. That’s why email is great. You don’t need to manually write emails and follow who needs to add or remove from your list.

You can easily integrate your cold email tool with a CRM or Google spreadsheet, where you’ll make a list of your inactive customers. Just one click and everything is set up and send automated email

You can now have an automated customer retention strategy by Automated email

Email is easy to personalize

With email, you can talk to the customer as you, because the channel is more direct. You can write a message directly to them and show them. They reply back to you on your personal inbox. You stay connected one to one.

And if they see a personalized, targeted email in their inbox, they’ll be more willing to take your advice and tell you why they’re inactive, even though they’ve choose your tool. That is Automated email

Therefore, you can reach your customers by email. And you can easily understand their changing needs, which is crucial in a SaaS company, a business that requires continual improvement to stay relevant to their customers. They give you feedback on your solution and you can verify your hypotheses regarding the company’s growth. Direct feedback is invaluable for that, isn’t it?

Email is easy to follow

If you’re interested in getting a response from your customers, it’s not that easy. Add another email to a thread, and you have it. The follow-up email, is a great way to prove to your customers that you’re not sending out another marketing stuff but a real personal message to help them. Automated email reply will hepl us to sold with problem

What to include in a follow-up email? Explain the value of your product. Ask them if you tried to do X or if they had trouble with Y. Make it natural and easy with Automated email.

How to design automated email chains to retain customers

It’s easier to say how an automated email thread shouldn’t look like. This is because we have different customer groups within our SaaS companies.

As I mentioned, email is a one-to-one communication channel. Take advantage of that and create a highly personalized email thread. Now, I will tell you how to do it.

Segment your customers

Take the quantitative data you have about your customers and try to identify the different segments. You can use the data you have in the CRM or ask the salesperson to give you some statistics.

At Woodpecker, we segment our customers into business types, such as SaaS, software homes, digital resellers, and more. However, you can divide them based on their activity within the app. You make friends with automated email reply

If you’re going to create a customer retention email campaign, segment the customer before you write the email. Each customer group may use your product differently. And a separate email thread tailored to their issues will add a personal touch to your Automated email.

In general, break down your customers and prepare a different set of emails based on the problems they may have.

Use blog content to keep them engaged

Did you know that you can use your content to engage customers? In fact, as a SaaS company, you need to convince your customers over and over that they need you. Always consider them as testers. Use your blog to show them your tool usage history or potential barriers to success they might encounter and automated email sending

At least that’s what we’re trying to do at Woodpecker. It works because our customers reference our blog before they use our app. They search there for answers to their problems. Even more so, they email us a topic suggestion for the next blog post.

That is really great. And in fact, it’s very easy to do. I stay in touch with our support team to stay up to date with customer issues. It also works in a different way. Support team members came to me to ask me to write a blog post or Automated email

Of course not all customers are. Some do not read our blog. And those customers are often the first to flirt. So we send them an email with helpful blog posts for beginners.

You can go one step further and prepare content for different groups of customers. Then, link to it in your email so they know that you wrote it specifically for them.

Ask them questions

A conversation is normally a two-way conversation. So it could be your email. To welcome email conversation, ask your client a question in your customer retention email. However, you need to be creative, because something as simple as “Do you like stuff?” won’t cut it.

Remember that any question you ask will be an official part of your Automated email, so please connect it to the rest of the text.

Leave room to personalize

If you decide to use Automated email,  you can personalize every email on a large scale.

Sent your emails when they were active
Here’s a pro tip I haven’t found yet. But I will share it with you. Using your app activity data, see when your customers are most active. Next, schedule your email delivery at peak times. You can catch them at the right time.

We have a lot of customers from different countries, so it doesn’t work. But if you offer a local solution, it’s definitely worth a try.


Will you try Automated email? 

I would love to hear your feedback and results!

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