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Benefits of Live Video? 5 Ways To Use Live Video Marketing for Businesses

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Live video

Live video is a great way to give your followers insight into your business. We all want to know what’s behind a brand’s carefully edited images, and track and see the people behind the brand who created it and got to know them.

According to Social Media Today, people spend 3 times longer watching live video than regular video. What does that tell you? The word “online” itself really has a meaning related to urgency, newness, and high news. While the news media is using daily live live broadcasts on news reports, you can also use live video streaming tools, to reach out to your followers.

Brands around the world are using live video as part of their online strategy, to communicate online with customers, exchange opinions, request feedback and also use them to disclose information. Exclusive behind the scenes.

Why do people like live video?

Live video

They provide authentic feelings. You are no longer a distant business, but a truly group of people working to deliver a great product / service. When you go live, you let people see who you are, no Photoshop, no Video Editing. People love authenticity.

That is what allows for real empathy and connection.

  • Transparent. Everyone knows you have nothing to hide. Everything you do is honest and open. Plus, people know that you’re willing to share everything you have with them.
  • Live video fulfills an inner need we’re all curious about: wanting to know what happens behind the scenes. People love to know behind-the-scenes facts about their favorite brands, meet the real people behind it, and figure out its secrets.
  • They provide the opportunity to connect more deeply with their favorite brand. You’re not the only one who wants deeper connections with your customers. Customers also yearn for a closer relationship with you. We all develop emotional relationships with the brands we love, so it’s natural to want to connect and learn more.

Benefits of Live Video Marketing

  1. More natural accessibility

Facebook distinguishes between live video and regular video, so Facebook uses different algorithms to reach your followers. Luckily for us, live video has an easy-to-know, privileged status that stands out on the News Feed when someone goes live. After the live broadcast, the video can still be stored on Facebook and reviewed. And then, it will be treated as a regular video.

  1. Increase interaction level

According to Facebook, people comment 10 times more on live video than regular videos. That means more people will express their opinions, ask questions, and give you valuable feedback data on more live videos.

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  1. Live video has its own notification system

On Facebook, people who joined a page or recently interacted with someone get an instant notification when they go live. Instagram is similar. Plus, YouTube will send you notifications whenever the channel you subscribe to is live.

  1. Great user experience

Live video broadcasting provides better user satisfaction as it is happening in real time. It allows followers to communicate with account holders live video streaming, via Comments. They ask questions, suggest discussion topics and can therefore change the direction of debate.

Live video Marketing can help you connect with online customers in a way that no other medium can. It has the potential to help you change your business perspective from a boring monologue to a conversational, two-way atmosphere where customers are welcome to participate in the brand’s everyday life.

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5 ways to use Live Video

Live video

  1. Organize Webinar (Webinars)

Webinar stands for web-based (web-based) and seminar (seminar, conference). A Webinar is an online broadcast event organized by a company / business, transmitted to a group of people on a computer via the Internet. The live webinar session allows participants to interact with the organizers’ recommendation through a computer microphone or chat window to ask questions, or express their opinions on a certain issue. Several webinar sessions are recorded for playback similar to a video clip.

Webinar is very popular in the world and is a tool that allows companies and units to save costs and improve efficiency in their organization’s activities.

  1. Broadcast business events

There’s a lot going on in the brand’s life. Whether it’s a new product launch event, a conference, a talk or an employee party, you can stream it live on Facebook, Instagram or another platform.

This year, Google announced the change of AdWords to Google Ads via YouTube live video. Everyone can be live video and be one of the first to know about this big change.

  1. Launch a new product / test a new product

Online video is one of the best decisions marketers can make to get people’s attention and introduce a new product. It can both generate buzz, allow immediate feedback, and you can see an increase in sales in just a few days. Join us to watch the live video of XiaoMi Pakistan’s new product release on Facebook below:

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  1. Answer the question

Whether business or personal, there are quite a few questions that your followers really want to ask you. From questions about brands, products, services to personal questions that are posed, broadcast live to answer and actively share is the most effective and free form of connecting with fans. .

  1. Invite famous guests

Inviting industry influencers, experts or your live video stars will completely capture the attention of your followers and increase your chances of sharing. If you are a beauty brand, you can invite a Beauty blogger for a Live Stream broadcast on Facebook or Instagram. If you are a marketing news website, you can invite a famous marketer to chat.

After you’ve decided what type of live video you want to have, keep reading some of the tips below to produce the most successful and interactive Live Video.

Tips for successful live videos

Live video

  1. Post the teaser

A few days before the Live Video stream, post a teaser or Video teaser to announce your upcoming live event, tease off a few essentials and ask everyone to create calendar reminders. But, be careful not to disclose important information. Instead of posting too much revelation, try to get people curious about it.

  1. Make the script

No video is produced without a script, not even a live video. Plan your live video carefully with a complete scenario that anticipates possible scenarios. Create a topic frame, list a few points you want to discuss, add some important information to cover. In live video, try to stick to your plan to avoid moments of loss of control.

  1. Keep authenticity

Advertisements tend to make everything look perfect. But with live broadcasting, your goal is to connect with people. So keep things authentic and allow your customers and followers to see the human side of your brand. And no human being is perfect. Please keep everything natural and authentic to attract love from viewers.

  1. Everything needs to revolve around the audience

Everything needs to revolve around your branding audience more. You want to connect with people, but your followers won’t watch your video unless you provide something, for example some kind of value, information, entertainment or award.

You can engage viewers by announcing prizes at the end of the video. You can provide products / services related to your brand. For example, if you are a lingerie brand, you could give away a set of luxurious scented candles. If you own a restaurant, you can organize mini-games to give movie tickets after dinner.


Live video streaming is a major shift in the way consumers interact with businesses, brands, and each other. People are becoming more and more comfortable getting on camera and engaging with others on camera.

Donโ€™t miss out on this major trend. Create a plan right now to include live video in your business marketing strategy. Capitalize on live streaming while itโ€™s still in its infancy before all the big players gain the online real estate and it becomes harder to get into.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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