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Best Lead Generation Tools for Small Businesses

Lead generation

Almost every marketer is looking for great lead generation tools to find more customers and make more sales

Lead generation isn’t only introduced customers to visit your website, you have to make them take your desired action such as buy what you have to offer. 

In the world of marketing, lead generation refers to collecting information from your visitors so you can turn them into loyal buyers.

This might sound like an easy job on paper but it can be quite complicated unless you have the right lead generation tool.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best lead generation tools to help you grow your business.

1. Adoric

Adoric is our number one pick for a variety of reasons. The tool works by creating a customized way for every guest. Unlike most lead generation tools out there, this doesn’t only help generate leads but also helps to convert them.

It’s feature-rich and supports a variety of components including design, communication, analytics, and tracking. You can use it to create multi-step messages to optimize your transformations. It also supports forms and can be connected to a variety of CRMs.

With this tool, you will have the option to make customized messages and contrast various components with find what functions as it underpins A/B testing, pop-ups, geo area, objective following, and so on 

Our software is ideal for all kinds of clients and is very easy to use. Above all, you can sign up for a free account and see how it works.

2. Leadfeeder

Lead generation

Leaderfeeder has a 2-week free trial. But you need a paid plan to get more functionality. This app will help you find out who visits your site and what they do so you can decide who to target. This app can increase your conversion rate by providing contact information for visitors.

It’s a B2B lead generation tool that’s best suited forB2B companies. It will not be wrong to call Leadfeeder a complete tracking software.

It watches out for who visits your site as it gets associated with Google Analytics and gives cutting-edge results. 

The application is anything but difficult to utilize however may not be reasonable for large destinations as it very well may be somewhat delayed now and again. On the addition side, it can give data on guests who never gave their subtleties.

3. Prospect.io 

Lead generation

Prospect is most popular for automating repetitive tasks but it can also be used as a reliable lead generator tool as it allows users to find emails to add to your list.

It’s a little expensive at $99 every month or $74 every month in the event that you pursue a year, however, we feel it merits the cash. The tool can be integrated with popular CRMs like HubSpot, Close.io, and Salesforce. It likewise has a Chrome Extension that can assist you with discovering expected customers with simply a tick of the catch.

4. Hunter

Lead generation

Hunter is one of the most fun email marketing lead generation tools. This type of tool can be great for both small and big businesses.

You can use it for free (up to 100 requests) or get a paid plan – starting as low as $39/month.

With this tool, you’ll be able to find someone’s email just by typing their name and company.

5. HubSpot Marketing

Lead generation

Here’s another free tool that makes it easy to nurture, score, nurture, and capture leads. It offers a bunch of features you can use to gather information. They include chatbot, popups forms, live chat, chatbot, and traditional forms. 

6. Intercom

Despite having a limited number of features, Intercom has several use cases. Its on-site chat and the messaging feature can be very useful. 

You can use it to engage with your guests and collect their data while also answering their questions to convert them into buyers.

The app lets users analyze visitors’ in-app or on-site behavior and set up triggers to make support, retention, and onboarding easier. 

The cheapest package starts at $39 per month but the most expensive plan, which comes with some additional features, goes for $999 per month.

7. MailChimp 

Lead generation

MailChimp is among the most popular and widely used email marketing tools. It is free; however, you can spend about $10 per month to get more features. It is a perfect lead generation tool for customers. Besides, it’s fast and affordable. 

The software features a uniquely intuitive, drag-and-drop application that makes it easy to create emails that can be sent to thousands of users.


We have covered some of the best B2C and B2B lead generation tools. While they’re all great, if we had to pick one, we’ll choose Adoric as it’s a complete marketing tool.

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Let us know your suggestion by comment below!

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