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Check current consumer-based trends in ecommerce UX

consumer base trend

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. According to data available on Statista.com, its revenue has increased from $ 1,336 billion in 2014 to $ 4,206 billion in 2020. The same source claims that the company will reach $ 6,542 billion by 2023. As the mobile share of these sales is on the rise, web designers face various challenges in providing an efficient service to eCommerce consumers. online. In the remainder of this article, you can read more about the current trends that dominate this area of ​​user experience, rightly geared towards consumer satisfaction.

Speed ​​makes a difference

UX designers preparing to move into the eCommerce niche or who have already started there need to keep in mind the importance of speed to the customer. On the other hand, the loading speed of a website and its pages is one of the important conversion factors. As shown in an existing infographic, slow website speed is one of the main conversion-killing features. Hence, UX designers need to get rid of unnecessary details on a website that can slow down the loading speed.

On the other hand, consumers are moving toward faster purchase and checkout procedures. Hence, UX designers should add shortcuts so that registered or logged in users make their purchases as soon as possible.

Highly interactive

Modern consumers have more varied tastes, especially when shopping online. As the number of people shopping with smartphones keeps increasing, there are more and more options for shopping online. One of the most important things for UX designers in the field is increasing interactivity. Contemporary shoppers want to customize the services they use as much as possible. As a result, UX designers should offer a variety of options for registered users, from choosing an avatar or uploading their profile picture to customizing their profile colors and layout.

Interactive design is spreading to the marketing world, from TV advertising and packaging design to digital marketing, explaining this master’s degree in visual and communication design. To match that, eCommerce UX designers need to keep up with consumer expectations and ensure high interactivity through personalized options.

Increase the importance of security

If an eCommerce website owner wants to get repeat customers, they need to constantly convince them of that website’s security features. The Terms and Conditions section is the simplest, but most rudimentary way to achieve this goal. As a survey conducted by Deloitte shows, 91% of Americans accept the Terms and Conditions without reading them. What a UX-designer can do is take out the most relevant pieces and post them on the homepage in a visually appealing way. For example, the return policy, payment method, and security options that you have implemented on your website might be some of the features highlighted in that area. And if the designer can create an infographic or an explainer video, most of your visitors will pay attention to that part.

As a result, your business will leave the impression of a thoughtful and trustworthy eCommerce company, while the UX designer in question broadens their horizons.

Transparency and accuracy

It is extremely important for eCommerce business owners to carefully check all the information they publish on their eCommerce website. From pricing and return policy to payment solutions and delivery terms, it’s important to build a positive reputation. UX designers can be a great helper in this respect. For starters, they need to ensure that all of these elements are done seamlessly in the website design. Checking the location of the prices that come with the product or the checkout features are just some aspects of accuracy and transparency. These processes will help you find the optimal layout of the different sections of your ecommerce website to ensure high conversions and, therefore, sales.

Along with that, UX-designers should notify website owners whenever they discover elements that need to be removed or added to the site. The more accurate and transparent the entire electronic store is, the more trustworthy it is to consumers.

E-commerce is one of the most motivated sectors of the global economy. As the number of sellers increases, there are also more customers. This results in a remarkably diverse market in every sense. UX designers need to understand these trends and adapt to the ongoing changes. Whenever possible, they should proactively approach and test different options to provide consumers with innovative features. High-speed site and outstanding security options, as well as interactivity and transparency will help you win over new customers, but feel free to try and implement other innovative features to reach that level as well as higher customer satisfaction.

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