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Do’s and Don’ts when looking for potential customers

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potential customer

We all know that finding potential customers is the lifeblood of a sales person, especially those working in real estate brokerage. There are so many people who want to know how salespeople like them do not waste time searching.

Some of them don’t feel there are enough qualified leads, or some have trouble finding motivation to keep a job. This has a great impact on results and revenue, more than that individuals have decided to quit their jobs and have no intention of returning.

In this article, we offer a few tips on the do’s and don’ts when looking for leads, which can be helpful to a friend who is in this deadlock situation. Welcome to read.

What not to do while looking for potential customers

Don’t start with your product or capabilities

potential customer
potential customer

The introduction should focus on the needs of the potential customer. Only then can the broker begin to present his or her services as a solution to their requirements and pain points.

Customer needs are crucial to deciding whether your service is in line with the expectations they set or not. This helps you to capture the attention of your customers, because you have exploited the issues they care about, especially they feel their time spent with you is valuable.

Don’t focus on the results

Finding leads is full of rejection for things beyond your control. Quality products are no longer the only factor contributing to high customer satisfaction because customer experience will be placed on future prices. Don’t treat your clients as a task to complete at the end of the day, treat them like friends and provide them with personalized services:

Calling customers by name: One study showed that the human brain is more active when they hear their name. This means that addressing customers by their own names will bring a close atmosphere that makes customers feel appreciated.

– Stay polite when trading: Whether they are new or old customers, it is a good idea to keep track of the transaction history and make appropriate suggestions.

And finally, let’s focus on behavior, where we can control customer rejection before they make a final decision.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

potential customer

There are actually a lot of brokers who only work for one or two channels. Investing in business is not a simple matter and only revolves around a small circle as you think. To get quality customers, we not only invest time and money, but also invest in each person’s business mindset.

For example, a billionaire in the securities investment industry, Warren Buffett is a person with a very sharp business mind and takes advantage of the lightning. As the book’s author is also a businessman, he invests a bit in each industry. When one industry is in trouble, they can get capital from another industry to support.

As a result, your broad distribution of potential customer approaches gives you more opportunities.

Don’t be like everyone else

Many salespeople who finally receive a decision over the phone are unable to distinguish or make a first impression on continuing the conversation. Some ask manipulative questions like, “Do you want to improve your efficiency and productivity?” Top questions like these will get you nowhere except to quickly turn off the call.

Once you’ve identified your target image, you need to look for what sets it apart from people who have succeeded in that field.

Similar to the process where a brand uses a product’s distinctive characteristics to gain an advantage over other products in the market. This time, you must define exactly what your unique trait is and find a way to convey your personal interests and skills to develop it.

Decrease the value of the lead because the first call fails

potential customer

It can take a few points when the first outreach fails when you actively communicate with your target audience. Some brokers conduct flash calls, where the success rate is based on the rate of phone calls and appointments made in a specific period of time. It’s important here, however, to measure call quality, based on lead engagement and locate the next conversation, even when fewer appointments are scheduled.

Things to do in potential customer search

  1. Take advantage of your account planning process

Specifically, use the process to understand two things about each of the targeted accounts:

– What has that to do with that customer? What is happening internally and within industry?

– What messages can you put together that would fit those elements? This information will provide you with a roadmap on how to prepare your call to find leads.

  1. Centralize your market – think about where you are strong and work to build market share there with solid customers and opportunities.
  2. Focus on what’s profitable – Planning to spend more time selling products and services will make a better profit.
  3. Develop multiple active channels to find potential customers (channels that you actively contact, not with potential customers). See more here Find Potential Customers From Many Different Channels
  4. Change your attitude. Search is an elimination operation. A faster ‘no’ approach so you can keep your leads flooded with quality opportunities.
  5. How to convey the message – Make sure your original message took you forward, not back.
  6. Tracking results – You need to know your success formula and track it daily to learn, adjust and go in the right direction.
  7. Schedule time to find your leads, especially when you’re busy.
  8. Realize that even if you hear ‘no’, you still have valuable insights that can help you refine your approach. Think of Cool-Calling as unofficial market research. It’s an effective way to find out who your best potential customers are and what they think. Listen to what people say and do it.
  9. Be brief. It’s hard for someone to take your call and listen after a few seconds. The last thing you want to do is launch a long and complicated message. Into the matter. Anyway, ignore the insincere “how are you” introductions. Potential customers appreciate directness. State your purpose, your customer’s purpose, and your requirement in as few sentences as possible.
  10. Be “real” – be yourself. Nobody likes a robotic, dry and stereotypical message. Especially in the type of service business where you are looking to build lasting relationships, you will benefit by being yourself.
  11. Please leave a brief but detailed message if you receive voicemail. Provide your name and number, then say why you were calling, and repeat your name and number.


There’s certainly a lot you can do to improve your approach to sales, but the do’s and don’ts are a solid foundation. By following a disciplined process and using an account plan to inform your message, you will certainly improve your success rates in converting leads into potential customer

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Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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