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Effective B2B marketing channels cannot be ignored

b2b marketing

Currently, the developed technology brings a myriad of effective B2B marketing channels that businesses can choose from. However, it is also because there are so many options that make businesses confused about which channel to invest in. Even many businesses also choose to invest in many channels leading to budget spending.

Industry characteristics and the nature of the competitive environment of each business are different, so the B2B marketing channel that is suitable for each business will also be different. Knowing where and when to invest in your marketing budget will help you get more conversions, thereby building a more complete and effective marketing plan. In addition, each channel has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the optimal channel to best fit your B2B marketing goals and strategies.

One thing to keep in mind is that some B2B marketing channels today may not be as effective as they used to be. You need timely updates to remove ineffective channels and invest in higher performing channels instead.

Below is a summary of the most effective B2B marketing channels chosen by many businesses. Consider choosing the channel that best fits your B2B marketing strategy and goals

1. Email marketing

B2B marketing

If you are looking for a highly effective marketing channel, email is a solution worth considering. Email marketing is always in the top tools to create the best leads. Email is the channel that generates the largest revenue for businesses in many different industries, especially manufacturing and logistics.

It’s important to get the right content to the right customers at the right time. Note that the most important goal here is not sales, but the first step in demonstrating your value to customers

2. Content marketing

“Content is king” is still true of the current marketing trend for B2B businesses. This is one of the most effective and seemingly indispensable B2B marketing channels in marketing strategies. Many statistics have shown that providing content in any form like blog, newspaper or video is very effective in finding potential customers.

Content is increasingly developing in the direction of diversity and attracting more audiences. Videos, photos, podcasts and websites are increasingly popular and used more widely by marketers to convey messages to customers. Regardless of what your business is in, content will help build your brand. For example, a company specializing in healthcare should provide articles about common symptoms to build its voice with customers looking to learn about health problems

3. Social network

Social media is an effective b2b marketing channel

While social media is not a direct channel for customer communication, it is an effective means of connecting customers with brands.

You need to learn carefully about which social networks are best suited for your business. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn are great at expressing ideas and promoting brand names. Social media also helps you to understand your customers’ problems to come up with timely solutions for them.

4. Organic traffic

SEO is always at the top of the most effective B2B marketing channels. B2B marketers see customer initiative as the first step in the customer consideration process. This is when the customer has a few options and is considering the most suitable brand.

Let your website nurture leads, and let customers consider buying decisions instead of forcing them to buy right away like B2C. The website is a very important tool. You need to put your site on the first page of search results to maximize its effect.

5. Direct marketing (Direct marketing)

b2b marketing

Direct marketing is an effective marketing channel b2b

Direct marketing is a stark contrast to inbound marketing. Here you will directly contact the customer and advise them to sell the product. Phone marketing is one of the most popular methods of this strategy. After finding your target customer, calling them is the next step.

6. Event organization

Organizing events for marketing sounds outdated, but in fact this method is still bringing a source of customers for many businesses. Especially, in the field of technology, customers want to experience the true features of the product through events and seminars. Thereby, you can also expand relationships and more engage with your potential customers.


Above is a list of effective B2B marketing channels that you can choose from depending on the characteristics of your business.

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