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Find Potential Customers From Many Different Channels

Your website is not a warehouse – Marketers have to use a variety of channels to optimize their search for leads. In this case, a great channel could be a retail store, a website, a social media platform, an email, or a text message. The goal is to make it easy for customers to research, evaluate and order products in a way that works best for them.

That’s why a good mix promotion campaign is needed. In Part 5 (the last part) of the series of Tips to attract more potential customers, Subiz will briefly mention a number of channels that help businesses attract potential customers in the most effective way to answer. to the question: “Where to find potential customers?”, “How to find potential customers?”, “Source of potential customers?”

1. Attract potential customers through Blog

According to a recent HubSpot report, companies that use blogging 6-8 times per month will double the number of customers. This proves that the blog is great channel for attracting potential customers.

In each blog post, insert links to in-post landing pages and prominent CTA call-to-action buttons.

2. Focus on Email Marketing

Many businesses may think that email marketing is only effective for existing customers. This is absolutely not true!

Email is a great channel for attracting new customers. Here are some ways you can use Email marketing to find more leads.

You should focus on the Opt-in campaign (inviting customers to sign up for emails from the company). If you just buy a long email list and spam them, you won’t want to share your email with others. They will just want to unsubscribe. The first thing to keep in mind with email marketing is make sure you have followers who are interested in email from you.

Send your customers valuable offers: If you send out really cool offers, whether it’s a discount, download offer or educational content – it’s easy for the recipient to share this email with you. friends and colleagues over.

Give them the tools to share: Don’t forget to add the “Share to a friend” feature or social sharing button in each email to encourage customers to spread that information. A regular email always integrates these functions.

You can see more about email marketing here : The Importance Of Email Marketing For E-Commerce

3. Make use of social networking sites

potential customers

Social media isn’t just about “liking” funny pictures or posting what you ate this morning. Social media is a great channel every business can take advantage of.

Build loyal followers: The first step is to build relationships with potential customers. Social networking is precisely person-to-person, not business and personal. Learn about online “spectators”, and communicate and share information with them.

Remember social media is a conversation. If your business only uses social media to publish announcements from the company, the effectiveness from this channel will not be high. The goal here is to interact with your audience and be “helpful”. When you post information, don’t always just post what’s relevant to your company. Feel free to share what other people are interested you find somewhere online. People will thank you very much for caring what they want, what they like.

Sharing landing page-related content is the best way to increase leads on social media. Share writing with link to landing page, discount offers

4. Think organic searches

It’s important to advertise your offers on a variety of channels, but getting customers to easily find your site through the “search engines” is just as important. To do this, you need to apply SEO to your landing page:

Choose a primary keyword for each landing page and focus on keyword optimization for that page. If you use too many keywords, your page will lose its importance and authority because search engines will not be able to clarify what your page is about.

Place your main keywords on the main and subheadings. These sections are considered more important.

Put these keywords in your article, but don’t make them “go astray”. Make sure the keyword is related to the content.

Put the keyword above on the image name (for example: tukhoa.jpg) or use it in the ALT tag

Put keywords on the page URL

5. Use the link and the CTA in the offer

potential customers

In a main offer, you can add a link to another landing page for your customer to refer to, as well as place a call to action button on other offerings.

For example, when customers download an ebook, they can find other ebooks through the link inserted in the content.

6.Test, test and test again

Have you ever thought about A / B testing? (A / B testing is a process in which two versions (A and B) are compared together in a defined situation and thereby assess which version is more efficient). The version here can be anything from a banner, website, ad to an email, and the effectiveness is judged on the testers’ goals for these versions.

According to HubSpot research, A / B testing on a landing page can increase customers by 40%. This successful trial will be a huge competitive advantage for your company.


Many businesses scramble to find potential customers‘ phone numbers to get data for their telesales team to convince customers to buy because the phone seems to be an integral object of each of us in life. A useful tip: Encourage customers to leave a phone number for free advice, to register for a new account or to receive certain offers or discounts. This is one of the patterns to get leads for your business. Try it!

Attracting online customers has the power to transform your marketing effectiveness. Use compelling offers, call-to-action buttons, landing pages and forms, and promote it across a wide variety of channels, which in turn can reduce costs while increasing profits.

The above problem is just the beginning. This guide covers best practices for engaging leads, to increase conversion rates, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s continue to tweak and test each process. Be the leader right now!

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