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Finding Potential Customer Data Is Not As Difficult As You Think

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Customer Data

For business people, acquiring potential Customer Data is not difficult. You will have many ways to collect data, but you will need to choose the ones that are smart and save your time and effort. So how to find the best quality data source for customers? Read this article to see what you need to do.

Customer Data

How to find potential customers data most effectively?

For professionals in the field of Sale, looking for customer data is always the core issue that decides success or failure in business. Having a high-quality customer data file is always something business people want. And to get it, apply the following ways:

The first way is to acquire customer data

The first way is quite convenient, fast and effective is to buy customer data. You can find the places to buy and sell customer data, where they will have the best customer data, most relevant to your business area. Because their job is to collect user information through many applications and resell it to those who need it legally, you can rest assured you do not have to worry about the law or the privacy of the customers.

The second way, tracking, searching through social networks

Customer Data

Most of now, everyone uses different social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, zalo, instagram, … You should take advantage of those social networking sites to find customers for yourself. How, follow the customer comments about the post to see what they want, what they need, … This simple way provides a free source of customer data based on your tracking efforts. you leave.

Alternatively, you can run ads on multiple pages to collect customer data. This simple way that helps you find the customer list quite easily.

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Third way, follow up on your local newspaper every day

It sounds a bit ridiculous in today’s modern day worship when social networks and online newspapers are popular. But if you ignore the research and search for customer data through local newspapers, you will definitely miss out on potential customers.

According to the senior veterans in the sales profession, the local newspaper is an extremely good source of customers, bringing great efficiency when closing the application. You can follow the names of people mentioned in the newspaper, new business starters, newly promoted, who just received awards, … anyone can become your potential customer. Please. Please write down your information, congratulate them and include information on the article about them, how great it is. Congratulations with company information, slogans and suitable products they are likely to buy or use.

The fourth way, make use of your website and media site

Pay attention to creating your website and communication pages so that your customers are most accessible. You choose a certain reason to immediately access your website or media pages to provide their information immediately. For example, giving them a free ticket, or directing to a certain service to use your service for free. Or simply coupons for you to find potential customers. But remember to follow and take care of them for a long time.

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The fifth way, keep an eye on the sponsorship events

The fifth way that you should consider if you want to find potential customer data is to keep track of sponsored events. Look for sponsored events through press conferences or seminars, or you can also call and ask the organizers if there is a sponsored event. At those events, look for and collect information about customers to help you have a chance to sell your product, and close your application successfully.

The sixth way is to use a solution to identify potential customers by industry

Customer Data

This way, you always have the most up-to-date data source in real-time and leads are identified based on the behavior of internet access from the smartphone. You can reach customers through 2 main channels: 1- End the call via telesales or 2- SMS brand name (send advertising messages).


With the above ways to find customer data, it is not too difficult for you to own the correct quality customer data files. Hopefully, with our sharing, you will have a much more successful application.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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