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Five Great Ways Mobile Web Design Benefits Your SEO

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With mobile internet accessibility and usability growing year-on-year, it is irrefutable that websites must meet users’ expectations for a smooth and pertinent experience. Besides, 2020 generated significant insights into the relevance of mobile devices to people’s lives. Still questioning the importance of mobile web design for your website’s SEO? To weaken skepticism, Jos Davies, an SEO expert at UENI reveals the top five ways of complementing SEO efforts with responsive web design to improve websites’ performance in Google’s SERP.

1. Site usability

Mobile guests are usually anxious, longing for on-the-spot solutions to their needs – which is not to say that desktop visitors like wasting their time! Google endorses this by saying that 53% of mobile users will bounce off a page that is not loading in less than three seconds.

Within a highly competitive market, quick loading websites manage to stay competitive, while the rest are subject to traffic fluctuation and inconsistency due to a drop in ranking.

Mobile website design enhances optimize websites for mobile search, improving your site’s functionality, and design by scaling the content to users’ devices, thus providing a consistent user experience across all devices.

Since Google is all for serving users the most relevant results, it will at that point support and advance the sites that are giving a decent client experience definitely: substance, plan, and usefulness over all gadgets. 

It goes without saying that a drop in traffic harms sales. On top, an unresponsive website on mobile devices is missing out on valuable opportunities to attract customers and make them convert.

It’s implied that a drop in rush hour gridlock hurts deals. On top, a lethargic site on cell phones is passing up significant occasions to pull in clients and make them convert.

2. Faster web page loading

Mobile Web Design

Starting with Google Speed Update, in 2018, Google uses mobile site speed as a ranking factor in mobile search.

Google’s updates are aligned to client’s behavior: an increase in mobile device use means a paradigm shift for how Google bots crawl, index, and display results in SERP to satisfy people’s needs, expectations, promoting customer loyalty.

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In a mobile-centric world, having a mobile web design is a crucial part of a successful SEO technique. Mobile web design will help you rethink both the layout and the content of your website to offer a smooth user experience from desktop, to laptop, tablet, and smartphone without any inconsistencies.

Failing to do so, your SEO efforts would be undermined and a drop in traffic is foreseeable beyond question with your desktop only and m-dot website versions being removed from Google’s index no later than March 2021.

3. Lower bounce rate

The bounce rate mirrors the percentage of users arriving on a page and choosing to leave before continuing the website journey. Google takes for weighting the pertinence of a page for a given hunt inquiry. 

A high bounce rate will thus generate a drop in ranking, reflecting thin or irrelevant content, or a poorly designed website, just by looking at user’s interaction.

It is as yet protected to state that quality writing is everything except keeping up to speed with the most recent tech experiences, the substance will possibly remain ruler if is appropriately advanced for all gadgets. 

Good content can only do so much, if not upheld by an engaging plan. Responsive website composition does exactly that by changing the format of the page, showing a similar substance, to any gadget.

4. Boosted social sharing

Mobile Web Design

Social media is not a ranking factor, but that doesn’t make it less significant when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. It sure does play an instrumental role in an SEO campaign, complementing each other, and helping you leverage website traffic.

Mobile web design makes content sharing accessible across all social platforms, expanding your audience.

How? By making it easier for site guests to access the same content on desktop and mobile devices, share it with their friends, and on their web-based media profiles. This reveals extraordinary occasions to contact a more extensive crowd. 

More traffic means more chances for your visitors to convert. Now, more than ever, mobile web design is the foundation that makes it possible for you to boost your sales. What if a desktop user shares a link to a mobile user and the website is unresponsive? Or then again, envision your guests battling to discover the offer catch, and basically surrendering. This denies you of the occasion to extend your potential customer showcase and get more traffic.

5. No duplicate content

With the rise of mobile device use, most websites built a separate mobile version, but this approach is frequently raising duplicated content issues. Why? If highly similar content appears on more than one URL, then chances are you’re in for duplicate content issues.

Due to the duplicated nature of the content, Google bots can’t tell which rendition should be recorded, nor on the off chance that one form ought to assimilate all connection measurements, or should they be kept isolated. On top, which rendition should rank for a given inquiry question? In spite of the fact that odds that you will get a Google punishment are low, this doesn’t imply that your rankings won’t be influenced. 

Installing a mobile web design will help solve your duplicated content issues on account of using one URL across devices and adapting the layout and content to fit any screen size while offering a consistent and pleasant user experience.


Google says webmasters do! If Google announces an algorithm change, we follow. And Google recommends mobile web design for a smooth transition to the mobile-first index, with a series of benefits reflected on your overall website’s SEO performance.

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