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How Can Increase The Effectiveness Of Mobile Advertising Campaigns?

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Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising (or mobile ads) is one of the inevitable strongest advertising trends in recent years, when smart phones and the internet have taken the throne. TV is still a costly traditional communication channel in the advertising market, but in recent years, the rise of mobile phone channel is something advertisers have noticed. Facebook and Google are the two main factors driving global businesses’ demand for connecting with customers via mobile phones. These are also two channels that account for 60% of global advertising revenue in 2017. However, finding solutions for an effective mobile advertising campaign for small businesses is not easy because The inclusion of mobile advertising in marketing is likely to be controversial and increase costs. So how to increase efficiency for this type of mobile advertising?

Define goals for the marketing campaign

Mobile advertising

A marketing strategy with clear and correct goals from the whole set and integrating mobile advertising elements to achieve or emphasize your overall advertising message, you will have a strategy. successful mobile ad translation.

Over the past 10 years, the mobile marketing industry has made significant strides. The mobile advertising industry is also not out of the trend, mobile applications and mobile sites are increasingly asserting their importance. Enterprises should seriously think about the integration of mobile advertising in the overall marketing strategy and take advantage of mobile ads in enhancing customer relationship.

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Attract customers with diverse content

When an ad is repeated too many times and only keeps the content and form displayed, it will definitely make customers boring. They will tend to ignore the ads they already know, which causes the mobile advertising to not be as effective as expected.

Instead, it is important to create engaging content and form that is highly interactive with customers. For example, you can allow readers to sign-up to send emails or feedback, and banner ads lead directly to the signup form. With this solution, the number of clicks on the banner ad will surely double.

Advertising plan combining eye-catching information banners, clear call-to-action videos and interesting interactive games will help you connect with customers more effectively.

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Classification of customer groups

Categorizing customer groups by demographic and behavioral characteristics will help your business save money on mobile advertising. The more specific the classification will help your mobile advertising strategy to be highly optimized.

The advice of experts is to focus only on advertising resources on the group of customers that you can best impact at the current business moment. With this strategy, Facebook’s ad segmentation feature will allow you to select a detailed target group based on age group, occupation, interests, place of residence …

Increase personalization in mobile ads

Mobile advertising

Different groups of customers will need to receive different content matching their characteristics. This requires businesses to categorize groups of customers to have a specific ad content strategy.

Ads that are generic and target too many audiences will make customers feel that ads are not for them. An ad on a customer’s mobile device must create a sense of closeness, tailored to the needs of each specific customer group.

This will reduce the waste of banner impressions for customers outside of your target market. Businesses should pay attention to this in their mobile advertising and all their ad campaigns.

Incorporate advertising on social networking sites

The popular social networks today such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter are created on mobile platforms. A mobile advertising campaign will be more pervasive if shared on social networks, and can therefore be more effective and profitable.

A recent study shows that users tend to share content via mobile phones more than computers. Let’s grasp this trend and apply it accordingly to the optimized effective mobile advertising campaigns.


In this approach, shifting the focus from desktop to mobile advertising is a primary step because the present and the future is mobile. So, make sure that you follow suit and ensure that you are tapping the potential of this move and driving maximum conversions for your business.

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