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How To Create Data Driven Marketing Stategy

Data Driven

According to Google research together with Bain & Company found that leading businesses, regularly control data (data driven) through Dashboards (dashboard) to capture the data changing daily, to bring right marketing campaigns at the right time to customers.

Knowing your customers is the first rule of marketing, and it’s still the most important thing. But in order to be successful in today’s information automation and information age, when the decision and choice right is with the customer, it is the fact that we define customer needs and deliver accurate information in no time. Fast is the decisive factor that creates success for the business.

To target customers accurately, we need to research customer trends and behavior more deeply to take timely actions at the right time, so incorporating data into dashboards increases efficiency. 1.6 times according to research from Bain.

Research from Bain also shows that the top firms in terms of revenue growth in the areas of things have three things in common in thinking and acting.

Data driven marketing and Digital Marketing

Data Driven

These top marketers often incorporate digital technology (digital) into the data (data driven) to understand the customer better, thereby bringing the best strategies to attract customers.

In the US, Adidas has often applied Digital to understand each customer segment, reaching the right time when customers need it, through advertising. Adidas used the strategy of insights audience through e-commerce messages, then unified the data, to make the best marketing adjustments and solutions.

The fact that marketers know how to control their data management through technology, to better capture and understand customer experiences, is an advantage in today’s business environment, when trends are Digital and data Analytics increasingly evolved.

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Control and vision for the future

Data Driven

How do we know where the ad appears? Is the advertisement effective? The effectiveness of the advertisement is the best. All questions are answered by manipulating the data management through the dashboards. The results will be shown most clearly and conspicuously by connecting all customer information and marketing communication channels together to bring out the most accurate data.

Ritual Cosmectics, a global cosmetic company with branches in 27 countries. Used dashboard to get accurate, real-time data that helps the company make effective marketing decisions.

The management of technology marketing is 1.4X bigger than those who do not market with technology

When we begin to analyze the overall marketing strategies for companies, we realize that there are ineffective campaigns, and are limited by a few problems in different advertising channels. But to understand it and improve it, we have to have accurate data.

Therefore, the connection and unification of data driven on the dashboard helps us to manage and capture the changes in each day, each specific stage of all marketing channels. From there the marketers have an overview, to control the data management easily.

Understand and share

Data Driven

If an organization wants to be successful in controlling data (data driven ) on the dashboard, the company needs to connect all of everyone’s activities together, in using the tool. That will help people get the agreed information, making it easier for everyone to act.

Top marketers are 1.7X more likely to refresh their most important marketing metrics and dashboards at least weekly.

Connect the tools to your system, control the data management in the dashboard, then understand and share with customers, which makes it the top marketers in using technology to achieve results. tallest.

Once you get to know your customers, you can discover ways to reach them. And that is the way to go to development for marketing leaders.


Achieving a true data driven marketing strategy can be challenging. Hope this article How To Creat Data Driven Marketing Stategy is helpful for you

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