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How To Create And Implement a Successful Customer Acquisition Strategy For potential customers

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potential customers

In fact, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing that customers will pay attention to your products.

Customers only really pay attention to certain products or services when they are interested. To better meet the needs of their target market, businesses always have to improve their search strategy and attract potential customers.

The first thing you need to notice a change is “content”. You must create compelling and convincing content that is capable of converting your ad viewers into leads.

Inbound Marketing’s resources

What is the main resource needed most for the marketing strategy? What are the secondary resources supporting the campaign? What are the “spices” or “grains” of the campaign? Most businesses think the main resource for their marketing campaign is their customers.

Customers are essential for any business. However, the customer is not the main source but the final resource. We can only get the customer when we have fully prepared the necessary resources. Think of it this way if you want to apply inbound marketing to your business’s marketing campaign.

Strategy to attract 4L customers

Content is a key ingredient in any business’s customer acquisition strategy. Content is essential for all forms of marketing like SEO, PPC (paid advertising), and social media advertising.

Approximately 96% of B2B customers want to read the content of industry leaders and will decide to buy. Persuasive content is the golden key to help your business assert its value, with leading experts in the field.

1. Lead Capture (racket of potential customers):

potential customers

In your opinion, how many people who have visited and viewed content on your website will come back to visit again? Probably only half of them if you don’t keep any of their information. And email is the best means of communication for you to invite customers to visit your website again. Of course, not everyone is willing to leave an email or personal information on your website. Users now define the call to CTA as “Sign up here” as a call “Let us spam your mail with spam, advertising mail”. So think more strategically if you want to rack your leads this way.

Nicholas Kusmich, a marketing strategy consultant and Facebook Ads expert, offers a new rule of how to get user information to visit the website. Kusmich gives the following two golden rules:

  • Give before receiving
  • Each step in the marketing process (advertising and promotion) must bring some value to the customer and correct that process.

Kusmich elaborates on this concept in the article The Only Two Digital Advertising Rules You Need to Know (roughly translated: 2 golden principles for the digital marketing era). We’ll talk to rule one first. Years ago, like smartphones, email was something of a luxury. Information or content is sent to the recipient in seconds no matter how far away. Everyone thought, “Err, I did not understand how I lived like that?” Because today we can read news and information quickly anywhere.

Speaking of the “Sign Up Here” CTA button, a lot of us have to have a browser that blocks pop-ups or scours our mailbox to get rid of spam. And we begin to swear that we will never press that damn “Register” button again. So, if you are a marketer, change that old strategy and apply a new method right away. Lead Magnet (magnet to attract potential customers).

2. Lead Magnet (magnet to attract potential customers)

potential customers

A successful Customer Lifecycle requires marketers to optimize the process of converting website visitors into leads. Attracting traffic and attracting customers is completely different, and sometimes doing it incorrectly can cause all of your efforts to crash: you won’t get any information from your customers!

The best way to do this is to take advantage of lead magnets. Lead Magnets are tools that provide value to visitors to your website by exchanging their contact information. Lead magnets are documents or anything of value that you can bring to your users, through which they can trust your information with you. Businesses can use lead magnets like OTP-in emails, subscriptions, likes, and social media subscriptions, which are great ways to track a user’s interest. And this means that customers voluntarily leave you with personal information as well as consent for you to monitor their behavior towards your content.

Some types of magnets attract potential customers and bring value to customers:

  • Instructional video clips
  • Free trial
  • Webinar (online seminar)
  • Ebook
  • White paper
  • Useful tips
  • Make an appointment with an expert on the topic the user is interested in

These magnets not only promote the effect of attracting users, stimulating them to leave personal information such as email addresses but also help users to be wiser with the content you bring.

3. Landing Page Conversion Techniques.

Another method to convert visitors into leads is a landing page. A landing page is the landing page, where users will “land” after clicking an ad or clicking on your link through a certain marketing channel. Landing page is a separate link, never attached to the website of the business, and is usually used only for a marketing campaign in a certain period only.

The purpose of the landing page is to acquire leads and nurture leads. Thereby, customers will fall deeper into the later stages of the sales funnel. There are 2 types of Landing pages:

The landing page attracts customers that are used to collect user information, and you will have to give them something to get this information. Use the strategy “Give before you receive”.

Click-Through Landing page is used to entice customers to buy a particular product or service. This landing page provides information about the product/service you are selling and customers will proceed to order here.

The landing page should always have a CTA button. Don’t confuse customers with information piled up about the company or its products, shorten and focus on the specific goal you are looking for through that landing page. Try to get rid of redundant information for your campaign, just leave a unified Form or Call-to-Action for a landing page.

The most important element of the landing page is to convey a compelling offer in your ad. Assuming your ad says “50% off electronic items today”, you need to make sure that your customers are sure to receive that offer.

One of the most commonly used is to place the CTA right above the ad’s title and landing page. Also, let the fonts, colors, and images used in the ad almost match the landing page.

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4. Lead Scoring (Evaluate the potential level of customers):

potential customers

Lead Scoring is a component of marketing automation that allows you to prioritize leads based on customer engagement with the content you share and determine who is willing to buy. Lead Scoring helps you define exactly what customers care about if you install them properly.

This technique is used to quantify reactions when potential customers are exposed to your content by scoring different types of interactions. An example of the types of customer engagement and customer growth:

  • Download an Ebook – plus 5 points
  • Watch a product video – plus 7 points
  • The job role is not good – minus 10 points
  • Fill out the form – plus 7 points
  • Not registered list – minus 7 points

Surprisingly, 79% of B2B marketers don’t set up lead scoring campaigns. Lead scoring gives you a realistic view of how your customers are responding to your marketing strategies. The campaign also shows you who are willing to buy from you but have never contacted you.

This approach strategy is based on a scoring scale to recognize and analyze the most potential customers of the company. The biggest benefit of this strategy is to save time and money for businesses when targeting the target market and taking advantage of sales opportunities. When you get to know your most potential customers, you can communicate with them with confidence because you have made sure they are interested and understand your business’s product or service.


The strategy to attract potential customers plays an important role in every marketing strategy of the business. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer, how many sales websites have you ever visited and never come back? Obviously, those websites are not only unable to get your attention at the time, but also unable to reconnect with customers in the future, right?

So, determine what the top priority factors in your marketing strategy are to have a foundation to build an effective and successful customer outreach process.

With the funnel-relevant content set, you can start adding lead magnet, lead capture, well-designed landing page, and lead scoring to optimize customer acquisition and create better performance in Inbound Marketing strategy.

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