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How to Create Best Surveys for Testimonials and Ratings

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Why is it important to collect testimonials and customer ratings for your product or service?

The answer is simple: these two types of social proof are a powerful selling tool. There is nothing more convincing than your truly satisfied customers.

What are you looking for when choosing a restaurant? Yes, it is a best survey. When looking for a consultant? That is definitely a testimonial. When choosing a new add-on? Definitely, you are looking for testimonials and star ratings. The concept is clear.

But don’t just use our words. Take a look at the statistics. First, 95% of customers review reviews before making a purchase. Second, positive feedback means higher brand trustworthiness and, therefore, significant improvements in conversion rates. More social proof, more customers.

Social proof benefits don’t end there. With testimonials and ratings, you can enhance your SEO game, improve organic search rankings and make your website “clickable” easier. The list is almost endless: social proof is a valuable asset to your marketing strategy, product development and business, and more.

So customer best survey and product or service ratings are a must for any business. But the truth is, your customers shouldn’t be in a hurry to give you meaningful feedback. And chances are, you don’t know how to start this conversation and what to ask, such as how to make money online

In this article, you’ll find step-by-step tutorials and best practices on how to collect testimonials and rank for a winning survey. Ready? Get started now!

Conduct a best survey together to gather powerful customer best survey.

Using surveys to gather testimonials (and ratings) gives you two main benefits. First of all, surveys help you collect testimonials quickly. They then gave the respondent enough time to think about their answer. On the other hand, the testimonials collected may be of low quality or too short. Here comes the question of how to create a really powerful survey.

best survey (1)

The first step is to identify which best survey will make a difference for your business. Remember all these pointless, boring, or super fun testimonials that don’t describe the measurable benefits of your product or service? Don’t waste your time collecting and publishing them, these testimonials are useless.

Instead, you need a concise testimonial that is sure to win leads about a successful customer conversion:

Use the formula ‘before state -> after state -> call-to-action ‘.

Think of it as a short and focused success story, three to five carefully selected short phrases, 80 words or less.
And most importantly, include at least 3 specific measurable achievements in each best survey.

Second, you should ask meaningful questions to get meaningful survey question. Questions like “Hello, what do you think of my product?” Not enough. Instead, your question should guide the customer through each stage of their experience with your product or service.

Highlighting previous client pain points:
– What happened in your business that made you look for a solution like ours?

– If potential customers find themselves in the situation described in the research question, you will definitely attract their attention.
Identify other solutions:
Have you tried any of these alternatives before? If so, give them a name.
Answers can provide you with valuable information about your competitors. Furthermore, it will motivate your potential customers to stop wasting their time on unsuccessful solutions.

– What are the top three reasons you choose us over your competitors?
Here you will learn how to stand out from the competition and improve your marketing practices.

Discover objections:
– Are there any hesitations or concerns before making a decision to buy a Product / Service?
While you won’t use this information in your best survey, it will help you spot possible weaknesses of your marketing, website, pricing, etc.

Shows benefits that customers have experienced:
– What three specific benefits have you gained from your Products / Services?
– What has changed after using it?
– What do you notice from your experience with Products / Services?
Make sure that your happy customers write a few sentences about how they have benefited. That is an important part of testimonials. There are some alternative questions:
– What key metrics about your business / life have been improved through the use of our products (efficiency, cost savings, etc.)? Please specify number, if applicable.
– What positive changes have you seen after using the Products / Services?
– What has been improved in your daily work routine?
Highlight the most valuable features:
– What are the top three features that you enjoy most?
Insert a call to action:
– What kind of people do you think will benefit most from the Products / Services?
Your potential customers will recognize themselves when reading testimonials including this information.

– Would you recommend your Products / Services to someone else? If so, why? If you wanted to recommend it to a friend, what would you say?
Answer these questions and your clients will compose the perfect call to action. So put these answers at the end of the best survey.

Third, know to whom you will send the questionnaire. In other words, you need to identify the specific types of customers that will most impress your target audience by answering the following research questions: What customers do you hope to attract? What benefits will resonate with them?

Create an effective survey to easily collect star ratings
Star ratings are perhaps the most recognized and widely used, flexible, fast, and convenient way to gather customer feedback. In short, star ratings allow customers to rate their opinions on a 5-to-5 scale. The more stars, the more satisfied your customers are.

Also, the good news is star ratings do not require the creation of lengthy surveys. It can contain multiple research questions (or just one question) while providing an easy-to-answer best survey experience. The simplest and most typical scenario is:

Provide a 5-point scale to answer the main question (or a few of them).
This type of question provides a quick overview of what customers think about your products and services. Here, you can ask how they like a particular product, service or any other aspect of your business.

– On a one-to-five scale, would you be able to recommend our Business / Products / Services to a friend or colleague?
– On a scale of one to five, how satisfied or dissatisfied with the quality of your Product / Service?
Add one or more open comment questions to help respondents explain their answers
– What was lacking or disappointing in your experience with us?
– How can we improve your experience?
– Which feature do you appreciate most?
– What is one thing we can do to make you happier?
– What do you like best / least about Products / Services?
As you can see, star-ranked surveys give you a lot of benefits. They are so easy to produce, it will probably take two minutes to match one or two of the questions mentioned above. They quickly replied: all you need to do is click on the stars. They are easy to analyze. However, there are several key considerations when implementing a star rating survey that will help you avoid turning your research survey  into an overly complex best survey: 

  • Keep it short. So resist the urge to combine questions using the words ‘and’, for example. In other words, don’t ask about your product quality and customer service in a single question. To gather more accurate feedback, narrow the focus to a specific topic in each question
  • Keep it simple. Avoid using too many words. Avoid using specific words (for example, “How do I make conversions through our new widget?”). That will definitely confuse the respondent and they will not reply to you.

8 quick steps to create a best survey

We’re entering the home stretch!

To sum up this article, there are 8 simple steps to create the most best survey and get powerful testimonials and ratings:

1.Don’t put it off.
2.Choose customers who reflect your target audience to send them a survey.
3.Don’t miss the right timing. Ask for a testimonial right after purchase.
4.Ask meaningful questions mentioned above.
5.Adopt crowdy.ai to automate the process of gathering and featuring text & video testimonials and ratings.
6.Send the client a link to the personal survey. Or let Leadee.ai  do it automatically when it comes to star ratings.
7.Don’t hesitate to follow up.
8.When you receive best survey, thank clients personally.


Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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Let’s us know your suggestion by comment below!

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team

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