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How To Create Pop-Ups For Your Website Without Plugins!

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Method 1: Create a pop-up for the WordPress website

To create pop-ups for your WordPress website, you will search for plugins that suit your needs. The normal process would be as follows:

  • Login to the website’s admin page
  • Go to the Plugin menu, select Add new, where you can search for keywords like “pop-up”, or the name of a plugin you know when searching on Google. If there is a downloadable version of a plugin, you can upload it to the website to install.
  • See each plugin, in turn, to see which one suits your needs and has a nice display
  • Proceed to install and set up a pop-up display as desired.

Disadvantages of this approach usually include:

  • It can take a lot of trial and error to find the plugin you like
  • You can slow down the website loading speed
  • Each pop-up can only support some purposes of creating pop-ups (such as creating an email registration form), other purposes require you to continue with the above steps.
  • You can use some of the commonly introduced plugins such as Pop-up Marker, CM Pop-Up banners for WordPress.

Method 2: Create pop-ups on non-WordPress websites


Usually, you will look for a tutorial on the internet on how to integrate a pop-up display code into a website.

This way, although lighter with method 1, means not “wearing lead” for the website, also has a disadvantage:

  • Difficult to do with those who are not familiar with code
  • You will die if you want to customize or edit something on the pop-up, okay if you play it
  • Sometimes the code runs wrong and you don’t know where to fix it, so you can remove it

Similarly, there are even fewer pop-up options than installing a WordPress plugin

Method 3: Create a pop-up for the website regardless of WordPress or not WordPress

You spend money for 1 unit/individual to do this for you, the results will be as you request, if you contact Freelancer to do this, usually you will have 2-3 times to be sent an adjustment request. after receiving the results.

So, why did I start this article by introducing the above 3 approaches to setting up a popup for websites? Isn’t this so obvious?

Of course not!

Now I will reveal to you the fourth way, solving the problems of the above methods at the same time.

Method 4: Create a pop-up for the website without a plugin


Have you ever thought about using 14 different types of POP-UP at the same time:

  • NO need to install the pop-up plugin
  • DO NOT install multiple pop-up plugins at the same time
  • NOT web heavy
  • NO trouble with any code anymore
  • It also costs money ONLY

If there is such a plan in the world, would you believe it and want to use it? And yet, you will not have to create pop-ups and blindly place them on any position, any page on the website, because along with that is another thing that helps you answer the question yourself. Where does that pop-up appear?

Yes, you can do what you just read with just one simple review of this Leadee.ai. But wait!

Before jumping into the trial, you need to understand that:

  • Although you do not need to install a plugin at all, you still have to install a small piece of code (does not affect the website) before you can touch the other 14 types of pop-ups.
  • If you know how to coordinate these types of pop-ups, you can make the most of the effects that each brings.
  • You can see measurement and statistics data from the campaigns that are already running.
  • These 14 types of pop-ups are not designed randomly but are based on proven psychological principles in converting visitors into customers.


Thatโ€™s it. Now, you know how to create a popup in WordPress without plugins and by using Popupsmart instead.

I hope this article is beneficial for you during your website design and helps you create new campaigns toย increase your closing rate. Happy marketing!

Thank you
Leadee.ai Team
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