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How to Design Your Website for Conversion Rate Optimization

There are a number of ways how a website could help your business grow. But having an internet site on my own does no longer guarantee greater customers. Well-mounted groups know that their web sites ought to be turned into income machines to draw and convert customers. According to the latest survey by HubSpot:

“The first five seconds of page-load time have the best impact on web site conversion costs. Web site conversion fees drop by a median of 4.Forty two% with each extra 2d of load time.”

There is no 2d chance for a primary impression, they say. And it’s miles the layout of your website that should snatch its visitors from the very first second and in no way let them go until they convert. But how would you be making your website “work” for you in this manner? Let us display to you the layout basics.

1. Images

Images play an outstanding role in every website. They are used to easily attract and interact with site visitors, although that isn’t always usually the case. You must understand the way to use photos nicely to maximize their capability.

Here are a few guidelines on the usage of pictures efficaciously on your web site:

  •       Pick Images with Human Faces

When you operate a photo of a person on your website online, it gives your site visitors empathy and a strong connection.

“When we see a face, we are automatically precipitated to feel something or to empathize with that character. If we apprehend content material on a website — consisting of a hassle, predicament, addiction, or something else — we experience linked and understood.” (Not Just Pretty: Building Emotion Into Your Websites through Sabina Idler)

Take a examine how PayPal use this method on their landing page:

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  •       Optimize The Images

When developing a website, it’s far critical to optimize the images which you use so they’ll no longer affect the loading speed of your site. Moreover, studies have proven that even a one-second delay in web page response can reduce your web site conversion rate by 7%.

The idea of optimizing snapshots is to make your snapshots mild by compressing them without affecting their best. Some of the photograph optimization equipment that you can use  loose are:

  1.  Tiny PNG
  2.  Compressor.Io
  3.  JPEG Optimizer
  4. Optimizilla
  5. Kraken.Io
  6. Ranking Easy
  7. Resize Photos
  8. Compress Photos
  9. Convert Image
  •       Use Hero Images

To make things clear, hero pix are not snapshots of a superhero. A hero picture is a massive net banner picture positioned on the pinnacle of the internet site. They are generally located inside the historical past with a line of textual content or name-to-action buttons.

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  • Bonus Tip: Make positive that the photos you use are conscious of offer a great person revel in on your traffic.

2. Typography

According to Wikipedia, typography is the art and technique of arranging kind to make written language legible, readable and appealing whilst displayed. It includes the usage of typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing, and letter-spacing, and adjusting the space among pairs of letters.

Do what number of fonts are there? The solution — nobody knows. This is the motive why selecting the right font mixture isn’t an clean undertaking.

So, here is some font pairing gear to help you decide which combos have to you operate:

  1.  Type Connection
  2.  Google Type
  3.  Font Pair
  4. Type Genius
  5. Type Wolf
  6. Beautiful Web Type
  7. Fonts in Use
  8. Just My Type
  9. Typ.Io
  10. Blender
  11. Font Combinator
  12. Typotheque
  13. Adobe Typekit
  14. Matcherator
  15. Typespiration

3. Whitespace

Did you ever wonder why Google doesn’t maximize the space of their website? That is because they’re the use of the energy of whitespace.

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Whitespace also referred to as poor space, is a part of a website this is left blank or empty. You can use this to your touchdown page so visitors can focus on the decision-to-action and boom your web site conversion. Whitespace does no longer always mean that your website online’s heritage has to be white. You can play with colors or maybe use a picture as a history. The purpose is to make it easy yet supply the great consumer revel in.

Remember: A muddle-unfastened website catches your visitors’ interest. Browsing a neat and nicely-prepared site is a pleasing revel in for them.

4. Colors

Another essential element to recollect while growing an internet site is shade. Keep in mind that colors have meanings so something hues you pick have to replicate the message that you want to deliver to your target audience.

For instance, most of the banks within the United States use the shade blue because it indicates acceptance as true.

  • Black – In physics, black isn’t always a coloration, even though it also has a mental impact on someone. It symbolizes energy and electricity however it can additionally constitute death, unhappiness, and evil.
  • White – Generally, white represents purity and innocence. Hospitals use white to create a sense of sterility. However, it is able to also represent something bloodless, bland, and remoted.
  • Red – This color arouses our feelings. It can be associated with love, exhilaration, and self-belief. On the terrible side, it symbolizes aggressiveness and anger.
  • Blue – It is the color of the sky, an ocean and is most desired by way of men. The color blue symbolizes calmness, serenity, stability, and reliability. However, it can also represent unhappiness consequently the term “feeling blue.”
  • Green – It is the shade of the woodland and regularly represents nature. Green method tranquility, optimism, and top good fortune.
  • Yellow – Just just like the solar, yellow represents brightness and warmth. It is the maximum-attention getting color and that is why it is typically utilized in road signs and symptoms. However, it could additionally create eye strain due to the amount of mild that it displays.
  • Purple – It is the shade of lavender. Purple symbolizes royalty and wealth, although a few can also interpret it as amazing or artificial.
  • Brown – It is an earthy and herbal color. It indicates resilience, dependability, and protection. It can also suggest unhappiness and isolation.
  • Orange – Similar to the shade yellow, orange is likewise used to attract interest. It represents warm temperature, excitement, and energy. It is often related to Halloween.
  • Pink – This coloration has a relaxing effect. It is associated with kindness, nurturing, and femininity. You have to keep away from the use of this shade if you do no longer want your brand to look too female.

Bonus Tip: When you can not determine which colorations would be first-class to your web design, you may use A/B Testing or Multivariate Testing. It will assist you to realize which color converts higher.

5. Mobile Friendly

In order to maximize the web site conversion on your website, it’s miles very vital that it ought to be mobile pleasant. Due to the upward push of the use of smartphones, human beings nowadays get admission to websites in more than one display –desktops, drugs, and cell telephones. Keep in thoughts that 8 out of 10 people use the net thru their smartphones.

Use the subsequent gear to realize your website’s responsiveness for one of a kind display sizes:

  1.     Mobile-Friendly Test by using Google Search Console
  2.     MobileTest.Me
  3.     Mobile Friendliness Test Tool by means of Bing
  4.     MobiReady Mobile Friendly Checker
  5.     Urlitor
  6.     Browserstack
  7.     RankWatch
  8. PageSpeed Insights with the aid of Google

Remember: mobile-pleasant websites rank higher than those that aren’t.


When engaging in web site conversion rate optimization, you have to take into account that net design performs a massive role in turning your site visitors into profit. Follow the guidelines that we’ve furnished above to prevent an excessive jump rate on your website.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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