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How to find the potential customer?


Lead plays an important role in the Marketing & Sale model of the business, but how is the journey from potential customers to potential customers?

First, the potential audience will know the Enterprise through a few marketing channels such as Website, Blog, or Social Network channels. Then, they click on the call to action (CTA) – perhaps in the form of an image or text to encourage readers to take a certain action.

This call leads the audience to a certain landing page (Landing Page), often displayed as a web page created to collect audience information by providing valuable content.

Content (Offer) is usually in the form of Ebook, Course, or Sample document and should be directly related to the wishes of the Potential subject enough to be willing to provide personal information to obtain that solution.

The form on the Landing Page includes a series of fields (full name, email, title …) to collect information of the object in exchange for an Offer. When this object fills in the Form, the Enterprise has 1 more Potential Customer.

As such, businesses need to implement a large-scale promotion strategy to increase visits to their landing pages. Use different tools to deliver successful customer acquisition campaigns.

Content (Marketing Content)

Compelling content is the best way to get someone to visit your website. Specifically, you need to create content that is useful, valuable to your readers, of course you can attach a CTA call-to-action button anywhere within it – the path, the button of the post, and so on. similar so they can easily click on the CTA and be redirected to your Landing Page.

You can use the Grow Steak Ebook template to make creating content for your customers easier.


Email is also a great way to reach out to people who already know your business. If they’re already on your “Subscribers” list, navigating them to the next step like signing up for a conference or scheduling a meeting with impressive “personalized” CTAs will be easy.

Retargeting tactics

Facebook and other advertising tools are helping you to implement this strategy. You can easily set up the audience of advertisers who have visited your Website, and surely the invitation in these Ads will be directly relevant to the reader than ads about a brand they have never heard of. come.


The benefit of Blog is that you can easily “plug in” some invitations throughout the content of the Blog. For example, when you want to have many customers order food on the App of the Enterprise, you can write a summary of delicious takeaways in Hanoi. Thus, inserting a free ordering guide clip on a mobile app will appeal to those who are really interested in this service.

Social media

Social media is an easy way to grab potential customers’ attention with lots of information and presentation of content. You can add call-to-action buttons, create polls or quizzes to increase engagement with your organization. Installing ads on Facebook, Instagram or Linkin also makes it simple to reach many potential audiences.

Trial products (Trial)

At the Consideration stage, there’s no more reasonable way than inviting potential customers to try your product or service. Once they start testing your product, you can continue to engage them with follow-up offers like a 1-month discount or a free next purchase. Alternatively, Businesses still benefit from increased brand coverage and customer interest in your product with this trial form.

Referral marketing

Word of mouth marketing is an incredibly valuable and effective way to participate in a campaign to engage potential customers. A Business is like an Individual, you need to communicate with customers in the most “personalized” way possible, this will spread efficiency in a positive and intentional way.

In conclusion, The goal for long future of all companies , which find the way to make more Potential Lead for their own. Here some approaches to connect with the consumer.

Using some product for supporting make Lead

As I mention above, the way to make more Lead , we must to use the technology for finding potential customer. So, we can use the tool such as pop up, that will appearance in the web based on your setting up. It will be interesting more people and making the qualified lead for the company. This technique was used in long time and brought many efficiency for many corporations.
Having many the pop up product in the market and i want to introduce the new product , which is Leadee.ai. That will help you push your sale and find the potential customer without spending many costs.

Check out product detail follow this link: https://leadee.ai/leadflows/ https://leadee.ai/leadflows/

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