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How to make your team more productive in 2020 ?


Productivity is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets contributing to the overall health of any business out there. At the same time, since productivity can be a rather elusive concept, promoting it isn’t the easiest task. Even so, being equipped with the right resources and tools can definitely help your team. If you are really wondering how to be effective in 2020, here are a few things to get you started.

What is productivity and how can you improve it?

Reading all of the productivity definitions can give you a headache. However, the classical method describes it as “one way to measure efficiency”. Sound ambiguous? Well, at least at this particular moment, it’s important to remember that the key to improving productivity is getting more done with the same amount of resources. These resources can vary, but one thing remains the same: make the most of them for labor productivity.

To make you more efficient in the long run, we’ve put together a few tips and tools to make the whole process easier. Here they come.

# 1 Sharing is caring

If you work in a team, you probably already know the importance of communication. Equally important as a seamless flow of information, is certainly a transparent working environment. By ensuring both, you can easily boost the productivity of your team and how to increase productivity?ย 

By being concerned with internal communication and giving the opportunity to share relevant insights with each other, you essentially eliminate the possibility of your team members performing the same task or Execute them without enough information.

However, in this case, the use of communication & project management tools will be needed to facilitate collaboration on your team. Otherwise, exchanging any important details “directly” will be a challenge and certainly time consuming.

Useful project management & communication tools:

Stackfield – it allows you to clearly and efficiently manage your projects, stay in touch with your entire team, as well as upload and download related files and resources, just to state name a number.

Troop Messenger – if you are looking for a single communication tool it is a very powerful yet user friendly tool. It allows you to manage all your office chats without compromising on privacy.

Shared contacts for Gmail – sharing is interested, remember? If you use Gmail to communicate with your colleagues and customers, you should definitely try this tool to share your contacts whenever needed.


#2 Less is more

Nowadays, you have a lot of software at your disposal. These tools have the potential to increase your productivity – however, using multiple tools, devices, and storage space can also cause great chaos. At the same time, there is no one-tool-fits-all solution, so using a variety of simple tools is essential. There’s nothing wrong with that – but what can really improve your workflow is choose the available solutions wisely and integrate the system whenever possible.

In fact, tool integration can do wonders for your productivity. For starters, it saves you a lot of time and effort as there is no need to switch systems anymore. Instead, you simply take advantage of all the benefits of your software while keeping everything in one place. You may have stored some data in different tools – so why not try integrating all of them in?

Useful tools with many features and / or integrations available:

For example, CloudTalk has many features that can help you facilitate all calls to your company and improve team productivity while you work.

Gist – supposed to be an all-in-one platform that truly facilitates customer support. If that’s what your team is focused on, you should definitely give it a try.

Kontentino – is a social media management tool that is proven to be a game changer when it comes to streamlining the entire social media content scheduling process due to its many powerful features.

# 3 It’s easy

Here’s the problem: to be (and maintain) effective, you can’t complicate things. If there is any opportunity to streamline your tasks or even the whole process, you should take advantage of them.

Take dull tasks and ineffective meetings as an example. There’s no need to waste time on them – instead, make sure there is a clear purpose and plan behind any meetings and tasks you join. Yet again: there are tools for that.


Useful tools for scheduling your appointments with:

Harmoniously – if you’re having trouble scheduling meetings on your team (or with your client, because of that), the tool can make the whole process much easier with Productivity

# 4 Switch-friendly

What really drives productivity is get the most out of your resources, right? Then pay attention to a powerful resource your business already has: your website. For example, bringing in new high-quality leads could hurt your team’s productivity in the long run, which would be a good enough reason for your website to be slightly changed (if it needed it). ).

Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are tons of tools out there that can help you increase conversions, generate new leads, and basically give your team something to work with all the time. The key to finding out what works best for your business is to examine them thoroughly.

Useful tools for testing:

Leadee.ai- it may not sound like it at first, but showing any kind of social proof on your website can have a magical effect on conversion rates – that’s exactly what Leadee.ai can do. help you.
On the other hand, Chatbofying makes it possible to create your own chatbot and engage your (potential) customers with just a few clicks. Can use the productivity tips
LiveSession takes a slightly different approach – it allows you to verify your website’s visualization with user session records.

# 5 Stop and listen

Whenever you deploy new tools and techniques to improve productivity, you must have your team involved. Otherwise, these simple tools won’t do much if no one is willing to use them. However, it is also important to remove potential obstacles that could affect productivity.

Basically, if possible, you should allow all members of your team to report and resolve problems whenever they arise. There can be a lot of things your team annoys and piling them up is more frustrating than productivity. However, once you do so, don’t forget to really listen to those comments and get feedback. In many cases, simply listening to your group is enough – but be prepared to act nonetheless.

Useful tools for identifying and solving problems on your team:

Sherlock Waste – is a perfect tool for this purpose, as it helps you engage all employees in identifying and solving problems in your business. This way, you have all the details to make sure no issues remain unresolved.
Use the right tools to help your team be more productive by 2020


As you can see, the right tools can easily empower your team and increase their productivity in the long run. The key is to find the right ones that best suit your needs – although some of them can come at a substantial cost. However, you should always treat them as an investment. Especially because you will definitely see a rapid increase in productivity tips!

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