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How to Never Run Out of Social Media Content Ideas

Do you often draw a blank when considering what social media content to create and percentage?

Effective content material advertising may be hard, specifically when you feel you are tapped out of content ideas while posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or another social community.

Whether you curate content material or write your own, with those pointers, you may hold new thoughts flowing to make sure you always share fresh, applicable and exciting content material in your audience.

10 Tips to Create Interesting Social Media Content

1. Frequently asked questions out of your prospects and customers

The high-quality source of social media content material you’ve got are the questions your leads, prospects and customers ask.  These questions at once replicate the current desires and challenges your target market has.

Addressing or imparting an answer for one of these demanding situations will make sure you are creating content your marketplace is searching out and eager to eat. You may even create a content series primarily based on a unmarried subject matter.

Ninja Tip: Create a record to preserve tune of questions your prospective or present customers ask you. Make a be aware of the maximum normally asked questions – this content can be in maximum demand.

2. Visit on-line boards (Quora & Reddit) for social media content thoughts

Another awesome location to discover questions asked by means of your target marketplace may be found on on-line forums such as Quora and Reddit.

Look for common or pressing subjects posted through those in your goal market.

3. Check out Google News seek

Google search is splendid, however Google News search is mainly effective, in particular for locating compelling, applicable and contemporary content material ideas.

Here are two mainly helpful styles of Google News search:

Basic key phrases search.

Search using applicable for your goal marketplace basic keywords (e.G., in case you target logistics corporations, you could seek the time period logistics).

Geography-related search.

Local organizations can benefit from trying to find content material applicable to their areas as well as topics of interest to their target market (e.G., in case you live in Amsterdam and target generation corporations, you could search the term Amsterdam era).

4. Use Twitter lists for social media content material thoughts

Your Twitter newsfeed can become overwhelming when you start following heaps of human beings.

How do you stay in touch with people, agencies, corporation and influencers that matter most to you?

Twitter lists are the solution!

Twitter lists are a high-quality manner to curate content material. They come up with a snapshot of the maximum recent tweets from a group of human beings, companies or agencies you handpick.

Here are 3 approaches you may use Twitter lists to curate content and subjects that your network will be interested by:

  1. watch influencers for your industry, and percentage their content material
  2. preserve music of individuals who percentage your content
  3. assessment accounts of most important information resources on your industry, and proportion their content.

5. Search #hashtags for content material thoughts

Searching with hashtags is a available manner to locate content on subjects of cost or hobby on your target marketplace.

Search on social platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter on your subject matter by way of virtually including a # (hashtag) before your keyword(s).

If you are a B2B commercial enterprise or looking for greater professional or commercial enterprise-associated topics, use LinkedIn to do your hashtag searches.

6. Check out the loose key-word research equipment

Once you understand the overall topics or key phrases your target market is maximum inquisitive about, you could look for man or woman subjects and unique keywords you could create social media content material for, the use of one of the free (or paid) key-word gear.

Some tools will offer you with most effective a simple listing of key phrases or topics until you pay for his or her premium plans, that could encompass an expansion of other useful facts and capabilities.

But in maximum cases, the basic key-word lists are all you want to inspire new social media content ideas your network is interested in.

Examples of these tools include:

7. Analyze competitor content material with Ahref

A handy tool to locate both curated content you may share as well as ideas for brand spanking new subjects to write about is Ahref.

This device allows you to find the first-class-acting content material on any subject matter as well as content material operating for your competitors.

Analyzing your competitors’ content can provide amazing insight into popular subjects your target marketplace is interested in. It also can show you the topics your competition may also have skimmed over – topics you can write in more element approximately or troubles you could provide a greater whole solution for.

8. Set up an RSS feed with Feedly

Feedly is an extremely good device to speedy and without problems evaluate posts from your favorite RSS feeds (web sites) as well as to look thru the feeds you create with keywords (a paid function).

This device allows you to create lists of websites to follow so that you can live updated in your enterprise, new traits and, of route, the keywords associated with the topics of high interest in your target marketplace. You will find each content material hints to create new content material as well as valuable content material you could proportion along with your community.

9. Make your vintage content material new again

If you’ve got been doing content advertising for some time now, you must recall updating your vintage, out-of-date content.

Quite often, antique subjects are nevertheless vital in your goal marketplace. They simply want to be up to date to be clean and relevant again.

Use Google Analytics or different analytic software to look what old content pages are still being ate up. Filter with the aid of the remaining month, 12 months or several years to peer what old content pages are nonetheless getting precise visitors and might advantage from an update.

10. Take gain of seasonal subjects

Take advantage of holidays or special anniversaries of essential international occasions to create or curate content material on social media.

This could make an top notch complement to the opposite content material you share, even though you would do this most effective occasionally. For the largest impact, find out which holidays or international occasions are of finest interest to your goal market.

Note: whilst creating social media content primarily based on seasonal topics, avoid posting whatever debatable or polarizing as this can harm your private logo.


Whether you are creating your very own social media content material or curating others’ content material, make sure to include your personal opinion or attitude.

This is vital as it’s far YOUR attitude with a purpose to make the content material you share particular and unique. Your personal contributions will even help human beings get to recognize, like and consider you, growing your credibility. Such credibility is essential to your fulfillment as people purchase from humans they realize, like and consider.

Where do you go to locate social media content ideas? Let me recognise inside the remarks underneath.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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