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How to Set Up a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Lead Generation

Leads make the world go round. Or, at least, they keep your business ticking along pleasantly. A successful company has a healthy lead generation game and doesn’t depend entirely on references to generate business. Leads are indispensable for encouraging your primary concern. 

Social media has demonstrated to be somewhat of a hotbed when it comes to generating new leads. 39% of marketers have received leads through Facebook, while 30% have made progress on Twitter. They’ve fared far better on LinkedIn with a 65% achievement rate.  

But what ingredients do you need to set up a successful lead generation campaign? A good strategy is a must, so are tools that help you do things more efficiently. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about lead generation and how to do it the right way. 

What Is a lead?

Lead Generation

In layman’s terms, a lead is somebody who shows an interest in your product or service. They normally once they’ve interacted with your brand in some capacity. That might be from providing data for something like a newsletter or signing up for a free trial. 

Leads come through various channels, for example, marketing and sales departments, or different products and services you provide. The majority of leads that channel through after a lead generation campaign are often qualified. This is on the grounds that they have just demonstrated some type of sign that they’re interested in your offering. 

Using Social Media for Your Lead Generation

Lead Generation

All the essential social media networks offer lead gen techniques, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. How you catch leads shifts and relies upon your objective. Sharing connections for gated substance can be an extraordinary method to use web-based media, as can short and smart promotions that reverberate with crowds. 

Running competitions and implementing live video transfers found on the various stages are also bona fide methods for attracting leads. Social media gives you a lot of room to be creative when it comes to lead generation.

6 steps to setting up a successful lead generation campaign

1) Know your audience

Knowing your client is imperative to ensuring that you have a well-run business, and it’s the same when it comes to your target client. The quality of leads matters more than the quantity. It’s better to have five transformations from 30 high-caliber leads than three from 100 low-quality ones. 

You will make substance to pull in drives (more on that later), so you’ll have to inspect your present clients and best customers to illustrate the ideal lead. Understand what drives your crowd and their standards of conduct on the web. Basically, you need to make a dossier on your ideal client.

2) Set goals for your campaign

The essential target is to convert leads into sales. But getting to that stage requires mini-goals that will help you achieve your last target. Decide how you’ll measure the early impact of the campaign: is it based on the number of leads you attract? Or will you focus more on revenue spend per lead?

Sometimes focusing on spend per lead provides better results, as it’s more direct than just searching for the most leads. Work out the estimation of your normal client with the goal that you have a thought of the number of leads you have to change over for the mission to be fruitful..

3) Create content

You’ve decided on your ideal customer, so now it’s time to make content that transforms them into leads. Social media offers an approach of ways to attract leads and get them to take action, from supported stories on Instagram to highlighted tweets on Twitter. 

Whether you’re getting people to respond on social channels or promoting a link to a blog post or video, make sure there’s always a strong call to action. he ultimate objective should see them enter data that qualifies their possibilities as a lead, and you can just do that by making extraordinary substance with a reason.

4) Implement a post-click landing page

What happens when somebody interacts with your awesome tweet, reads your blog post or clicks through from your Instagram Story? They go to a greeting page, which is the place where you can start to catch their own data.

The landing page ought to provide an offer, whether it’s a new ebook, a course, or a free product demo. TThe client inputs their own data (typically an email), so, all things considered they get the offer and become a certified lead. Now, your business group can start reaching them.

5) Be quick to follow up

You want to be quick when contacting your leads. The reality is that most won’t become customers, but you’ll stand a higher chance of converting if your brand is still fresh in their minds. This is the stage where your sales team should get involved.

So how do you judge the length of time to respond to a lead? If your offer was a promotion or free trial, you’ll want to contact them as soon as possible. If they downloaded a piece of informational (like an ebook) content, it might be worth giving them a few hours to read and digest what they were sent.

Either way, the further processing of collected leads is crucial. To ensure that, using the right tool can help you achieve the best chance of a good result. With Zoomsphere Leads Manager, you can keep track of all your leads and assign them to colleagues (or yourself), making it easy to track and efficiently respond to leads.

ZoomSphere shows you exactly the same data (name, phone number, e-mail, country, …) you choose to collect when creating the lead form in Ads Manager. The number of displayed forms is unlimited, you can go through your whole lead history.

6) Measure your results

Once you’ve gathered all your leads, you’ll need to check and record results. Doing so is essential for future lead generation campaigns,  as you’ll have a gauge to quantify against. Investigating results encourages you pinpoint what worked out positively and where you can improve. 

Log everything, from the number of impressions to everyone who became a qualified lead. Not all that you attempt will work – particularly on the primary endeavor – however having a record of every one of your activities causes you better get results and how to improve later on.

What Else Do You Need for Success?

You will need to equip yourself with tools that compliment your lead generation campaign so that it’s easy to measure leads. This is particularly true if they’re coming from more than one place: eg, some leads might funnel through multiple social media channels.

Using a lead’s supervisor lets you gather every one of your leads in a single spot, which makes it simple to follow up on.


Lead generation is key to building your brand and increasing business. It should form a vital part of any marketer’s strategy, on social media, and further afield. 

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