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How to Use a Lead Qualification Bot to Enhance Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Nowadays, groups need tight income and advertising alignment to conquer out their competition and hit their desires–no bots approximately it. Well, definitely, local lead bots all approximately it! With the rise of internet site chatbots helping possibilities all through the buying manner, marketing and sales teams have a brand new method of tightening alignment to gain their shared desires. Read in addition to discover ways to put into effect a bot strategy for a lead qualification that advertising and marketing and income groups will love using HubSpot’s Conversations and Bots tools.

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Step 1: Define your enterprise’s qualified lead.

First, A pillar of true income and marketing alignment starts with a comprehensive definition of a qualified lead

This is shared between both teams. That’s right: in a perfect world, the Lifecycle Stages of Marketing Qualified Lead and Sales Qualified Lead ought to be no distinctive from every other on paper. Naturally, however, a few MQLs that circulate HubSpot might be a higher suit to buy your commercial enterprise’s services or products based totally at the information accrued on their contact record and beyond engagements with the website. Sales reps ought to ought to sense secure most effective accepting the ones leads they need to actively pursue by means of changing the lead from a MQL to a SQL at the Lifecycle Stage assets.

The high-quality manner to determine what a certified lead looks like to your business is to take a twofold technique. First, listing out the ought to have in shape characteristics that a qualified lead must have and ensure there may be contact belongings to save that records on each touch file on your CRM.

You might consist of properties like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name, Industry, Job Title, Persona, Team Size or Budget. During this step, it’s additionally critical to create any custom houses specific on your business within Contact Property Settings which will save that custom statistics on every touch record transferring forward.

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The 2nd a part of your qualified lead definition must encompass an movement

This is a prospect takes to signify they may be in an energetic shopping for system. It’s a terrific idea to audit your internet site and make a list of all of the pages a lead would possibly have interaction with to expose they’ve raised their hand to speak with a income rep on your organisation, permit’s call this an MQL indicator web page. Examples of an indicator web page may consist of a Request a Consultation page, Request a Quote, Contact Sales, Demo Request, Free Trial, View Pricing, or Product Comparison web page among many others inside the Decision degree of the Buyer’s Journey.

The aggregate of fit traits and interaction on any one of these MQL indicator pages you’ve just indexed out should yield a great first-rate lead for advertising and marketing handy over to the income crew for similarly qualification. An example of a exceptional lead based totally on our twofold method may seem like those:

First Name = is understood AND

Last Name = is known AND

Email = is known AND

Phone = is known AND

City = is thought AND

Company call = is thought AND

Job Title = is known AND

Interaction on Demo Request Page


First Name = is understood AND

Email = is thought AND

Phone = is thought AND

Country = United States AND

Company call = is understood AND

Persona = Operations Ollie AND

Interaction on Request a Consultation page

Keep your MQL definition handy due to the fact we’ll be referring back to it inside the later steps.

Step 2: Set up your team’s Conversations Inbox.

Before we are able to translate our MQL definition from theory right into a technical filtering machine on our internet site, we want to installation the vital gear in HubSpot starting with the Conversations Inbox. Conversations lets in a group to filter touch interactions through electronic mail, stay chat and local lead bot interaction right into a shared inbox that lives inner of HubSpot. Depending at the incoming query or request from a touch on the internet site, the Conversations Inbox makes it smooth for the right HubSpot person to take ownership of that interplay and reply to it therefore–while every person has visibility into a way to excellent assist a prospect or customer, all of us win in the long run.

To installation your Conversations Inbox, navigate to Conversations>Inbox, locate “Email” on the left hand aspect and click the “+” button to attach a brand new email alias. If you don’t already have a group alias installation in which all inbound requests from the internet site get filtered, you’ll need to do that outside of HubSpot first. Creating a new alias using Gmail is the option so one can maximum without problems combine with HubSpot however if you do have a shared alias set up in a separate electronic mail client you have got the choice to forward all emails from that patron over to a brand new Gmail account that you create. Walk thru the setup steps to completion to complete integrating your inbox with Conversations.

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Step 3: Set up live chat on your website & target your MQL indicator pages.

HubSpot’s stay chat messenger additionally has an clean setup. Again, navigate to Conversations>Inbox and this time discover the dropdown for “Inbox Settings”. Choose “Chat” and you may be delivered to the Chat settings wherein you can customize how the chat capability works across your web page pages. Choose the orange “Create targeted message” button on this display screen to carry up the stay chat setup wizard.

  • You’ll first be induced to set up an audience to show a focused chat message whilst a visitor sees the messenger icon appear at the pages of your website online. Since we’re specializing in income and advertising alignment, we’re going to set up a targeted message to reveal all people that visits our MQL indicator pages. Choose “Everyone” for the Audience step unless you’d want to target specific visitors to our MQL indicator pages. Progress to the subsequent step.
  • Next, the targeted chat message setup asks us to limit the message to either our whole internet site or we can pick out precise pages on which to reveal the message (that’s why they’re referred to as “centered messages”). Here’s where our MQL indicator pages are available in to play. Clear out the default domestic page URL that appears by way of default in the text box and paste inside the URL of your first MQL indicator page. Hit the OR button and persevering with including on your different MQL indicator pages till you’ve delivered all of them. Move to the subsequent step.
  • Continue by using selecting a “Welcome” message with a view to appear to lure a person to attain out through stay chat on every web page. Think of a good message however remember that this will in reality be taken over by means of a local lead bot to assist us qualify our website site visitors earlier than placing them in touch with income. Choose a person or group the message need to come from and move to the next step.
  • The very last steps of the technique involve choosing which groups need to be routed the incoming conversations from these pages and additionally publishing the centered chat message live at the internet site. Be sure to direction these conversations in your sales team that’s been formerly installation in HubSpot. You can discover ways to installation teams right here if you haven’t already.

Step 4: Set up a Lead Qualification Bot for your MQL Indicator Pages.

HubSpot’s Bots device works much like the Workflows tool in that you could installation automated actions based on a trigger event. When a consumer engages with the live chat messenger, a local lead bot may be induced to send a chain of computerized replies, accumulate records or carry out different at the back of-the-scenes actions. Think of a bot because the automatic first line of protection to help a vacationer out if they are searching out a resource, solution a question or are trying to get in touch with a live rep. A lead qualification bot can without a doubt accumulate essential pieces of records from a tourist, contact houses which you tell the bot to ask for, so a income rep can higher qualify if that is a feasible lead earlier than introducing themselves.

A lead qualification bot is precisely what can assist better align sales and marketing groups. Up up to now, we’ve created a targeted message to reveal on all of our MQL indicator pages, essentially assisting us goal traffic which can be inside the decision degree of their consumer’s adventure. The remaining step is to set up a lead qualification local lead bot on these pages to behave as an MQL filter out for filling in any gaps in our lead’s in shape characteristics earlier than handing them over to a income rep.

To set up a lead qualification bot, go to Conversations>Bots, click on the orange Create Bot button, choose Lead Qualification Bot and straight away supply a call in your newly drafted bot. Clicking Create Bot will convey up a drafted series of pre-programmed interactions the bot could have with any web site traffic.

It will begin by way of collecting their Name, Email, Number of Employees, Location and Job Title earlier than handing the lead off to a live agent, or income rep. Here’s wherein customization is available in: you can edit the pre-programmed steps to either upload a purchaser question, remove a question, edit the language a bot uses when interacting as well as insert contact tokens to reference in its speech to dynamically populate recognized statistics about the visitor and offer a personalized contact. Be careful no longer application the bot to invite too many questions earlier than regarding a rep–much like filling out a form, your web page traffic might also get fatigued from giving too much information and decide to surrender. Ask the most critical questions a income rep may want answered to offer them with as a good deal detail earlier than the agent handoff takes place.

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The final step of your bot go with the flow must be a handoff to a live agent or a message telling the lead that a person will reach out them rapidly. You can pick for the bot to routinely assign new chat leads to a queue of Unassigned chats for income reps to take over, to an individual income rep or to a crew of sales reps to percentage. When you toggle the On/Off switch of the local lead bot, the gadget will ask if you want to pick out a focused message to accomplice with the local lead bot. You must pick out the targeted message in your MQL Indicator pages that you created in Step 2. Choosing your focused message will straight away place the bot stay on those pages to begin qualifying your website site visitors according to the MQL definition shared between your advertising and income teams.


And there you have it! We commenced with the concept of fleshing out what a certified lead is for each of your advertising and marketing and sales groups and ended by means of putting in place a local lead bot to assist us to gather statistics from our traffic and qualify them for that identical definition of quality. There’s really nothing extra pleasant than automating what used to be a tedious challenge, specifically in relation to getting rid of friction between advertising and sales. Just take into account parents: damage vintage ha-bots through building new chatbots. Thank you, I’ll be here all night time.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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